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[Music] today I looked upon the cliffs where hilltop stood I can still see it’s hanging roofs against the cypress trees [Music] but hilltop is no more there is only a scar of jutting rock where once it’s windows glittered in the California Sun my aunt and millions house still stands next door I was a welcome guest within its role but to me will always be a house of fear I was afraid that Sunday morning in September I was afraid before the doorbell rang [Music] Olo made it where is he where’s cool yeah why what’s wrong it’s a wonder you weren’t murdered in your bed dr. Hartley told me this morning algorithm staying they talk another day what is it major what’s matter all right you’re still writing me then I’ll handle this where’s his room it’s there just leave this to me I’ll take care of Kali well are you in there he’s gone he can’t be he said last night well I mean he must be around somewhere I searched the place from top to bottom would anyone mind telling me what all this excitement is about who’ve been harboring a dangerous man oh man wouldn’t it be fair to Jeff if we went until we find him and then he can speak for himself by all means find him but where what’s the one thing I look in the garage and keep his cars away just what the doctor hardly tell you yeah Jeff you in there Jeff Jenny you all right major badger [Music] get them out in the air I mean yeah I mean yeah Hernandez primary shoulders everything we get him out here if only I had listened to doctor if you had only listened to him on the train it was something wrong even then something terribly wrong I should have seen it in your eyes the first time we met hello Jeff oh hello patient in Los Angeles or were you just doing the town Oh medical dinner at the Biltmore last night were you been up to I spent a couple of days at the General Hospital those dizzy spells again nothing serious I hope when I need a doctor I’ll come to see you I was getting some technical stuff for the Veterans Hospital I’m working on tonight here somewhere that Ben Shephard donated the land for it that’s right join me a cup of coffee and no things I’ve just had breakfast I’ll see you later then Oh Jeff yeah I don’t like those recurring periods of depression of yours lunch come in let me give you a checkup one of these days morning Elmer oh good morning sir how about a little breakfast thing start me off with some black coffee yes may I [Music] [Music] oh sorry [Music] go ahead throw it I’ll just say the train from being wrecked by the wrong shoulder of you shove it well by showing proper respect to the powers of darkness powers of darkness what have we here disbeliever let’s see what the TV’s say about you York officer well thank you [Music] there’s a trick my grandmother taught me she learned it from an old witch in Iowa and so you’ve been drinking coffee everything that’s beside the point I see your name scribbled on the bottom of the cup it starts with an L doesn’t it dad’s not carbonate tea leaves never lie I see it now L and your name is Ellen isn’t it okay you’ll not be so quick to scoff now will you now let’s see where you’re from I see a large body of water not so large the notion that the next thing to it uh what could that be Lake Superior it’s a largest lake in America and you’re from Lake Superior from Minnesota now we’ll go into your destination it’s pine cliff of course you wouldn’t be on this train but we’re at Briarcliff I see here an old woman than the letter A now let me see the old woman is standing in the garden and she’s talking to her neighbor so you’re going to the city she says what train will you be coming back huh Saturday’s train he said and you’ll have a pleasant companion she says for me nice Ellen is coming to visit me and she’ll be on Santa’s train you see the tea leaves never lie and into the tea bags but how would I know right there to immediate sure now she says just look around the parlor car and the prettiest girl there that would be Ellen Foster you’re realized when Angie you’ve obviously kissed the Blarney step piston she says aware dummy watch Bob and just from what part of Ireland do you come [Music] good morning sue Rd mystical Allen mr. Shepard here yet he’s in his office thank you I think this would be an ideal site for the beach club routine yeah it certainly would been yeah oh come on India are we bring the road in here divide this section into two acre lots hold out this area for the golf course hiya Ben hello Jeff how was the trip fine thank you I bought a little present while I was in Los Angeles followed in an antique shop I deaf parent it’s a map of an old Spanish land grant say that is an antique is the bar a territory my grandmother’s grandfather he lived right there that was before California with the state wasn’t then it certainly was I keep forgetting how long your family lived here only since 1820 come in pardon me mr. Shepherd what is it bag a suit told me you were in here did you take any blueprints with you when you went down to the city no what why the rear elevations are missing they can’t be I put them in a file Thursday well they’re not there now ma I’ll help you look for him see you later Ben thanks for the doc Jeff glad you liked it Jeff these beginning all flips and mind lately doesn’t him boy works too hard maybe so but hey that’s quite a map isn’t it ought to beauty look here’s our Beach that’s the old Spanish name for it comes to Del Rey a coast of King [Music] now don’t be afraid of him he won’t hurt you well I hope you didn’t tear your coat no no it’s it’s all right I don’t know what got into me never barked at people came to think I was an intruder oh yes of course that must be it is this a privacy oh no just that there was someone who used to son here beside this rock I’ll forgive him this time I must say you own very particular dog I don’t only be tactically old me shamrock and mr. O’Grady mr. O’Grady isn’t that an odd name for a Japanese bullet air of on Drayton Steen on these papers I translate I guess I ought to go home I’ll walk along with you [Music] women amazing house don’t you like him yes I think I do it looks as if it had wings as if it could take off and fly across the sea that the effect I was driving for when I built it you build my house testing belongs exactly where he’s done yes I think I ought to blend with its environment it’s building a valley and she crossed between trees on top of the hill it ought to be part of the sky as I put shamrock up I’ll walk the rest of the way with you nice of you to insist isn’t it I’m beginning to like your house more and more you can’t take it all in is the first class Eddie no it’s like some people that way I guess you have to know little while Thank You friendship yes I suppose that proved me too we don’t have houses like that Minnesota do you want if I take a closer look at I thought you said you were late Oh another 10 minutes low matter [Music] may I go in why of course [Music] well I just don’t know what to say carefully Thank You Kari all right yeah [Music] what none usual picking by Dell Lopez the Mexican modernist thank you what he called doesn’t have a name what does it suggest you well it’s not real but then it’s not not realized it might be a garden is a dream might be or she dreamed of the girl who belonging the guy that’s pretty good and then she became more important than the garden and perhaps that’s why she’s out of proportion perhaps she did perhaps that’s why a woman gets out of proportion to a man I really don’t know anything about Modern Art there isn’t anything to know about it it’s like music its form doesn’t have to copy nature to please the senses what does it we were talking about odd I was talking about figures are you interested in figures I have a speedy honor you have a what civilian an Italian sculptor I bought one of his courses with my first fee like steel if I would wave it over by the window come on I’ll show it to you this is my good luck charm it’s called bowtie the Chinese got us a chance W autos Oh terribly sorry can it be mended no it’s beyond many well I mean you may be worrying about me I suppose I should go home yes I suppose you sure [Music] goodbye hello miss Foster is out of media I didn’t see her go out mmm oh hello I made it were you afraid I would love no I assure you could take care of yourself I was getting laid and I was afraid you’d forgotten about the dumpster country club tonight course not I just ran into mr. Koh Helen on the beach and I stopped by his house for a glass of sherry you were inside Yotam y-yes you don’t disapprove do you after all I’m a little old to need a chaperone but no one’s ever been inside hilltop before no one except Jeff funny you bit the for his bride then there’s a mrs. Kohan no living with children died before the wedding how awful aunt Amelia yes then what was she like Vivian she was the most beautiful girl you ever laid your eyes on she was been shepherd’s daughter been champing they know is most apparent if that’s why for such a perfect match Jeff was a protege of his more like a son and when he fell in love with Vivian and was delighted of course he had dogged Vivian especially after another I shouldn’t talk about a mother was such a scandal poor been auto mania he said that Vivian Shepherd was killed was it was an accident Jeff told Ben it was bad luck to her party before the wedding but Ben insisted so many people there Jeff and Vivian stole away in her car five minutes later she was dead and a collision at 12 mile drive you never can tell with private tragedies people have had canyon I mean when you first meet them seem so light-hearted on the train it can be that way sometimes and mathematically strange like never inviting people into his home and never mentioning Vivian’s name tell you one thing we’ve been pretty worried about Jeff but the way he’s been acting well how would you expect him to act after shock like that seeing the woman he loved killed right in front of his eyes to wonder he didn’t go out of his mind don’t get so excited – I’m sorry and don’t get too interested in Jeff go Helen there were other attractive men in boundless men one many want horror on Amelia well after all he has had a tragedy in his life it’s only a year ago every better get dressed yes [Music] now I think he looked great big California warmer I’m through the window what I had in mind or the personally important or incubi recreation is Beth I am thinking of you billion times he walking with me in the moonlight by the tagged I’ll give you a rush I never encouraged daggone there’s no future in them well in that keeps being loved No thank you thank you the old Prime Minister down yeah let’s go down the bar I even know our local hero charming fellow yes he is doesn’t fall madly in love with him everybody else does it says you mister said oh I think you just ducky did you children enjoy your dog they’re just ducking keys you must sit down and have a drink with I thank you and I do hello hello welcome home dodo thank you good evening I meet Ellen foster business Ares dear how do you do how do you and dr. Hoffman well yes we met on the train my name is Barrett to you I know a pool stage ever you to stay right window to move we can bet as foster the only dance I know is a waltz where you risk it with me I’d love to God [Music] and how are things at the separation center did you have a good time Reno is delightful I’m you feed my discharge papers yesterday you’ll get your copy in the nail no that calls for a celebration doesn’t it it certainly does in that case I’ll take you down the bar buy you a drink oh really oh come now it to the live people we well should get the can’t do any harm and I think it ought to be a lot of fun now that we’re not married anymore [Music] what do you think your chances are then I built more hospitals in the South Pacific in one year than the average architect will see in a lifetime the only competition I’m worried about Talbot and Talbot no not that I can’t compete with them professionally but they seem to know how to play the political side of it well that won’t count here I hope not anyhow haven’t dead it to you for a crack at it I really suggested the paying by the local architect to submit plans Jeff you’re looking pretty seedy sure you have been working too hard well it’s been a pretty hectic week man but we finished up tonight plans are all wrapped ready for mailing in the morning hello Ben you old darling hello dodo hello Jeff as McMahon of yours looking for you upstairs who’s that a girl by the name of pasta you seem to made quite a score aren’t you speaking to me Jeff certainly don’t know how at time our congratulations in order they certainly how it’s hard being a new freedom and feeling but I think I’ll go upstairs Ben that’s getting a little crowded down here [Music] too long I’m completely dog [Music] do you know it’s called don’t forget me oh I remember they dated a lot my to you yeah plated last fall something the matter no I didn’t eat my dinner I guess you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach excuse me here bud such a little animal and yet he’s got an appetite as big as mine well Jeff doesn’t act well may be left-handed but he looks so worried last night I’m supposing evil and there’s no one to take care of him after all dear Jeff’s a big boy now oh how nice were invited to been fearful next week he gives one every year I think I’ll walk over and make sure he’s alright who ban oh you mean Jeff [Music] look at right front legs shattered I hate to have to destroy him how did it happen I don’t know I don’t know how it could have happened you better wait for me outside [Music] did you see which way he went oh man what man was hiding in the bushes didn’t you see him no I only saw some branches momento [Music] I’ve never seen lovelier Rosie what are they called Matador I believe they grow on the bush out on a terrace Matador of course after the color of the bullfighters game or the both blood Jeff I’m so sorry about shamrock [Music] you better go now you’re not safe with me do you understand bones I don’t want to be safe please go I’ll call you baby all right [Music] hello everybody spend it is a wonderful partner Thank You Lee maybe you see the major point yeah she’s right over there thank you excuse me uh will you excuse me please all right major I don’t care you thought awakening charming people and coming people mrs. Atkinson she’s dying to talk to you everything over all in fact oh yeah tell me what does a certified public accountant do especially a pretty certified public accountant I compiled actuarial table for an accident insurance company what are the odds against a man fracturing his arm naturally what are the odds not either one that you won’t break your arm if you mother that’s good but if you do it’s two to one that it’ll be the right arm or if you notice that in your practice no look what I’ve noticed is my patients have all their fractures just when I’m ready to sit down to dinner hey you come here man I want to talk to you Senor didn’t I see you around my place last week we mean Oh Senor I saw you hanging around my stable me no senior some other pedal be just a minute I wonder what that was all about oh the morning after the dance I went over to see if Jack was alright and there’s a prowler behind a bush did you see him yourself no but ejected cigarette thank you did you ever compile any figures on the incidence of mental diseases for your insurance company no they weren’t on our list interesting subject Hussein and who isn’t hard to tell sometimes you know anything about paranoia in form of hallucination it delusions of persecution starts with an inability to withstand stresses normal person experiences misfortune throws a lot sooner or later but if a person is psychotic to begin with he may start to imagine things they might even begin to imagine there’s a conspiracy against that’s when it gets dangerous do you have a specific case in mind doctor a person at your training no it’s out of my field I’m a general practitioner not a psychiatrist senior guitar yeah lady : telephone the bet is see you come another way how did you get the address si Senor well thank you forgive me please [Music] are you sure Jeff then I’m positive it was the same man well I’ll talk to if you want me to but you know how it is for those sellers they all look alike if you don’t know them maybe you’re right oh the guy gets up to 15 you take apart the godly to the night and fuck it I do the same thing happened to Bill he wouldn’t at all oh I remember all scuse me honey I’ll be back in a while the rest can me feel their local architecture to have a job man may I see your moment surely excuse me Jeff certainly [Music] well well if it isn’t miss Isaac over Minnesota how do you call me Keith it was nice of you to find this the truth is fun are you always this way when you’ve been drinking honest miss prim and proper business didn’t fool me for a minute I spotted you the first night don’t you don’t have to pretend honey just relax and enjoy it stop it you kidding yeah hello Galahad in saying peeping tom get up ridiculous as I would you mind leaving us alone Jeff King I’d like to have a few words with him privately if I ever catch you around Ellen again I’ll run you on a pine cliff Galahad you frighten me I’m warning you I mean it keep away from her I know too much about you though what you never open your mouth at the beauty of it if your story and you’re stuck with it I don’t have to open my mouth I can close yours what are you two boys arguing about how does anybody ever argue about politics oh holidays Keith will you do me a favor dr. Hartley had leave on emergency call you see the daughter gets home he has already I’d be glad to then don’t you think maybe I bet it look I pay her alimony I’ll take a home it was a lovely lovely party darling I’m glad you enjoyed it you’re sure I can trust you to take a straight home Lacan oh the way band hold by itself good night then Oh Ben yeah it might be a good idea to keep an eye on Jeb tonight till he doesn’t drink anymore he was getting a little left a little out of control uh thanks Keith I’ll watch him tonight [Music] still cutting the last throat I see an inch at a time every little bit help help what Arthur just your meanness on your part don’t be stupid Ben hasn’t any ears has he all that property and not even a second cousin thought he should take a notion to leave it all to column where would I be out in my year the day after the will was filed well you don’t think you’ve got to leave its beauty oh no I’m voting for charity with Keith Barry’s of the ministries of the estate what would you think of a a Vivienne Shepard Foundation or something or other that turned even my stomach um you were in the cavalry weren’t you major well I’d like to ask you a question can a horse break its leg in its own stall what that you think it’s a chance in a million no I was just computing the odds on an accident that happened last week well thank you very much for the information major goodnight [Music] okay what are you doing here I hate the dog Holly hi you’re on – I do tell where it came from no it’s around here someplace I can’t located [Music] what’s the matter mister [Music] is gone Oh Jeff [Music] well what’s about all we can do tonight yeah I want to talk to you well not now I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be rude that I’m just not in the mood for conversation you have to listen it’s important let’s go up to the house [Music] all right let’s have it I don’t – made you bad you tonight he can’t understand how shamrock could break his leg in his own store well he hasn’t anything on me I can’t understand it either that’s a bad luck don’t call it luck Jim what would you call it I’m not sure a few days ago Miss Rose was on your Matador Bush it was alive and beautiful dodge dead was that bad luck or was it cause and effect you picked it so a dot I didn’t pick it the whole Bush died overnight for no reason it must be a reason is always a reason for everything is there maybe you can give me a reason for this take a good look at it it looks different is the way the light hit it isn’t the light is the colors look at it again oh I see what you mean they faded hasn’t it all the life’s gone out of it your rose bush died your painting fade but have you ever had a common ordinary for Jack what do you mean 65% of all accidents are Falls for Donna fathers steps falls out of a tree falls off a ladder or in a bathtub but nothing of that car ever happens to you it’s too ordinary your kind of accident has to be unique what are you driving at you’re bad luck Jeff it’s a little too bad to be true your porcelain figure fell off the table while nobody was in the house shamrock broke his leg while he was in these own store now your picture phase it’s too bizarre Jeff the impossible can happen but not over and over again are you trying to tell me they didn’t happen no they happened all right but it wasn’t luck can’t you see the pattern that runs along your accident shamrock mr. a radio cheering a statue your rosebush and the collision are the highway last year that’s when it all began six accidents and every one of them killed something you loved do you know the mathematical odds are against a run like that I’ve been into one are you telling me they weren’t accidents at all no I’m only trying to tell you that lightning can strike twice in the same place Jeff but not six times you mean you think that all of these things have been planned by someone the man who hate you who’s trying to destroy you who could it be Jeff I don’t know we’ll find out well go back to the beginning the night that Vivian was killed we’re talk to the policeman who reported the accident we’ll find the garage they took the car too we’ll ask a thousand questions about the accident then about Vivian Ellen we start tomorrow morning we’ll look for witness Ellen what about the ambulance driver will remember something I’ll find him and I’ll talk to him you won’t talk to anyone why why will that be cause I don’t want you to but yeah listen to me I don’t want you asking questions I don’t want you investigating anything this is my affair I’ll handle it my own way I’m done trying to help you well now you’ve let me know where I stand you don’t want any help for me all right then do it your own way Ellen listen to me don’t let any black cats cross your path and if you see a horseshoe pick it up and spit on it and throw it over your shoulder that ought to take care of everything [Music] [Music] [Music] hello enemy you didn’t tell me good night dear I’m sorry is anything wrong no there’s nothing wrong there is no ending right Island I saw you come home newer to Jeff’s again alundra yes I don’t want you to think I’m an old busybody but and all the family that you have and it was helpful to talk to someone what he’s here to talk about doesn’t love me he never will he’s in love with a memory I tried to warn you to be sensible since I love him I’ve got to help him if I can whether he likes it or not [Music] good night good night out of me [Music] [Music] hello oh yes Ellen I’ve taken your baby to an art shop you did part I found out convey important information if you go overnight I’ll tell it to you no I can’t tell you no look I thought you understood I was going to handle this in my own way don’t argue jab just come on over goodbye well what do you think it’s hard to understand why it’s faded the artisans used pen colors continues tempera there must be reading I would say Vsauce beta belonging watercolour that’s the best you can get nothing face them except continued exposure to strong sunlight for a little month that’s impossible I can’t imagine what courses I tell you what I can do I can talk to a couple of artists I know they might have an idea I think my best bet is to go and tea-tray of it here’s a watercolor man he’s one of the best you ought to know everything about it I think I’ll catch him tomorrow morning you know drill team the natural is keeping the dogs horses and cows my wife in a beauty queen ain’t much enjoy the trouble oh no travel at all Oh miss Foster yeah I just remembered something years ago I framed some pictures for a painter by the name of Torres Vicente Torres one of the paintings was an old lady playing the guitar it was a watercolor I said the man who bought the picture took Sun lamp treatment that winter and he took it on a couch right under the painting and he was mystified why the color faded so we turned a found out the delays from the Sun lamp broke down the pigment can you remember the name of the man who owned that picture I don’t think I have in you as a local man what about the artist is he still in pain get Doris you door five years ago oh thank you again very strange you told anybody else about this of course not but someone in pine cliff knows that you can fade the colors out of a painting by turning a Sun lamp on it if we can find out who owns that picture Jeb the portrait of the old woman with the guitar if somebody want to destroy a painting there must be a hundred easier ways of doing it that’s not all read this barson and you saw underneath the matador bush I dug it out this morning enough I like to burn out the whole root system it didn’t get there by accident Jeff someone put it there someone who knows how to poison a rosebush or a dog or man’s life would you really like to help you know I would and forget it forget the whole thing but there was poison in the root system the chemist told me you never saw the chemist you never heard of a portrait of an old woman with a guitar you understand no no I don’t understand yeah Jeff your house look out the window I saw from upstairs what it’s burning you sorry [Music] fired me now you can see it for miles jump right my car drove over wouldn’t have missed it for anything [Music] and so sorry jet such a beautiful house I’m glad it gone be sure tension is best to become stable sounds like [Music] you [Music] no he hasn’t come in all day right okay but this father yes I did but he left the house early this morning oh wait a second here he is now all right haven’t come right here mr. Shepherd wants to see you so I hear he’ll be right in thank you he’s here now Stacy hello bear I didn’t mean to keep you waiting let’s fly all right Jeff I’m terribly sorry about what happened last night I know you are Thanks I wouldn’t bother you about any today ordinarily but mr. Rogers here just came to town miss Nisha Rogers chair of the hospital committee oh of course how are ya this is the Jeffco Helen I recommended to you yes we examined your plans last night mr. Cole Helen good clean modern lines thank you I’m sorry we couldn’t give you the job you couldn’t what I was just about to tell you Ben we decided on Talbot and Talbot you did now this is a surprise Daisy which was it mr. Rogers politics our stupidity I beg your pardon if they’ve given it to Mac Reuter or Chesney and pike I wouldn’t have said a word because I know the boys would have gotten a good modern hospital but Talbot and Talbot haven’t had a new idea since Burnham did the Flatiron Building well now take it easy oh they’re not architects their political finagle errs maybe you can tell me just one detail in their plan that was an improvement over mine name just one young man your attitude doesn’t deserve a reply but since you’re a friend of Mr Sheppard’s I will say to you that no member of the board myself included could understand our reputable architect would submit his design for an important building with no interior detail whatsoever no detail there were 17 blueprints of the interior right down to the placement of the operating tables and surgery you may have drawn them young man but you didn’t send them to us there were no interior details none at all could they have been misplaced somewhere in your office not possibly the sealed packages were open in the presence of the entire board uh maybe you misplace them Jeff you know how that’s my teacher Ben suppose you can find the duplicates with a bawd be willing to reconsider that’s impossible the contract has already been awarded oh this is quite a shock Stacy I felt sure the co hell would get this job oh I’m sorry Ben but you understand my position Jeff you weren’t going on without me were you without you you told me to drop in at 5:30 you drive me home to remember I’m not going home now okay anything wrong everything’s wrong come on let’s get out of here it’s dreadful whole gears were completely wasted typical coherent luck don’t keep calling it luck supposing someone took those bands out of the office and wrapped the package over again who do thing like that Keith would he hate you he hates everybody but something twisted inside of him and we take a psychiatrist to explain it and why didn’t mr. Sheppard keep him all at the office doesn’t know what he’s like go to mr. she acted though she’s still in love with him they’re women who love men like Keith take a psychiatrist explain that too it’s getting kind of late I’d better Drive you home [Music] if you miss me aware what you say nothing drive faster with you Jeff I want to feel the wind in my face all right [Music] hey you are miss foster 296 hollow state Paul River Massachusetts thank you very much sergeant there’s one thing more the accident happened on 12-mile drive in it that’s right just three miles from fine clip thank you very much having department Oster full definite have to based on this father it’s for you for me hello uh miss Foster uh this is dr. Hart blade my office is just across the street I saw you going to the police station as I parked my car are you in trouble in this posture in trouble why no I mean not exactly I think you better drop into my office can you come over right away well I I have a long-distance phone call to make first well just as soon as you complete your call yes I I think I can come by in about 20 minutes thank you Thank You Georgie it’s alright miss Foster hello dr. harlot come in come in IRA starboard when you telephone me at the police station well I’m very glad I spotted you an idea why did you ask me if I was in trouble well the fact is I’m in rather an awkward position but your aunt is getting along in years and I didn’t want to disturb her unduly so I thought it best to discuss this matter with you today Sid oh thank you Yes Doctor since I’m your aunt’s physician I feel it’s my duty to inform you that she isn’t safe that neither one of you is safe for that matter so I wanted to get your permission to speak to your houseguest to ask him to move to a hotel but I don’t understand what is that to do with my art safety yes I was afraid you’d ask me that the fact is you’re forcing me to take an unethical action the man isn’t my patient and even if he were what ever did you try to say doctor why don’t you just go ahead and say it yes you’re quite correct I’ll come to the point let me say that I believe your houseguest mr. ko Hallam is definitely paranoiac he seems to have all the obvious symptoms of delusions of persecution if that’s true then you and your aunt are in a hazardous position two helpless women in the same house for the man who may become dangerous at any moment we can’t allow it may I ask you a question doctor certainly you speak of delusions of persecution but our delusion is imaginary thing that never happened that’s right Podesta was poisoned his house was burned down that was no delusion I saw it myself did you see the gasoline can guess Lincoln the gasoline can the police found in the ruins of hilltop it was an unusual type of container only one store in Pine Cliff sells them and that store sold such a can to Jeff last Monday how do you know a chief of police told me so this morning but I don’t see how and that isn’t all the body of the dog was disinterred he died of arsenic poisoning two days after his master bought a package of weed out are you trying to tell me the Jeff burned down his own house that he poisoned his own dog that’s impossible no man in his right MA exactly no man in his right mind but why why would he do a thing like that listen listen to this once the feeling of guilt is firmly established in the subconscious the patient may do injury to himself as a form of penance or self-imposed retribution such actions may be taken without conscious volition and will often disappear entirely from the memory stream so the patient is later unaware that his injuries were self-inflicted that’s my theory a Jeff is suffering from feelings of guilt and he’s unconsciously punishing himself for it guilt you talking about guilt I don’t understand you what did he guilty of his fiance was killed in an automobile accident a year ago and he was at the steering wheel at the time it would be an unusual man who didn’t reproach himself under those circumstances even if he was blameless and if he thought he was responsible for the death of the woman he loved if the thought began to prey on his mind it’s rather an obvious theory isn’t it yes and I have your permission to speak to him I’ll be as tactful as possible no not yet not until Friday Friday I’ve got to have time to think about it I’ll be very careful but promise me you won’t be doing yet well I can’t force my opinions on you miss Foster but I must emphasize as strongly as I can that delay can be dangerous extremely dangerous I’ll be very very careful dr. hartney I hope you will fuck thank you [Music] [Music] that man must be crazy thank you very much [Music] hello Jeff hello check the spades that bad luck like a black cat a dead man’s car Oh is there a card for a dead woman the Queen of Spades I almost proved this afternoon oh I just gotten off the button was waiting to cross the street in a car nearly ran me down they almost seem to be trying did you see the driver no it was too busy trying to get out of the way what kind of a car was a green convertible like you’re at the top with that you’ve got to get out of here Ellen you’ve got to get out of pine clip right away Roger because something else is going to have an eye I can feel it it might happen to you I’m not going to leave not now I’m warning you Ellen no you cannot go you’re asking for trouble and I’ll really ask for it watch yourself closely watch yourself every minute don’t trust anybody not even you not even me well I think I’ll go to bed now [Music] major badges how’d he come by in the morning and take us to church you won’t get what I said be careful I’ll begin [Music] Jeff yes how long have you known dr. Hardy four years ever since I came to Pine cliff have you ever been any bad feeling between you know what should live well he thinks that a shark of Vivian’s death might have affected you mind you think that you might be paranoiac you don’t think so – you know I don’t think goodnight kiss goodnight [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] I had to see you again I wanted you to have this don’t be afraid to use it if you have to I want you to wait for me tomorrow morning tomorrow morning you must believe the house it mustn’t leave the house without me promise you won’t all right if I promise you won’t forget one major badger arrives no I want the gate good girl [Music] goodnight I can still smell the fumes at the gasoline if we put his body from the car but somehow he didn’t quite ring true I couldn’t believe the chair Fort Riley killing them no suicide note was found but the local architect was discovered in the foster garage with the door closed and his car motor running he was immediately removed to City Hospital where latest reports from dr. Raymond Hartley advised that Coach Allen is now definitely out of danger on the national scene Congress resumed its discussion of the Moores Carlin bill today labor spokesmen have announced that they will request an amendment guarantee like some more coffee nurse with cream and sugar how did you get by the no visitors sign I won’t write straight past it to ask you a question oh you did well suppose you walked right straight past it again going the other way how can you answer my question would you rather I rang for a nurse oh you weren’t that way on Saturday night when you needed me I made you a promise Ben and I kept it now I think you owe me the answer to one question just one well I won’t ask you why you came to my room that night I know the answer to that one oh you do survey you want to make sure that I’d find you on Sunday morning before the motor and do roam you probably didn’t start it until after the major rang the doorbell you don’t miss much do you you counted on that too you knew the way we couldn’t find you in your room I’d think of looking in the garage no thank you to see if your car is still there you have all the answers haven’t you all except one why did you fill this bucket with gasoline fill the bucket oh you saw that too yes I wasn’t filling buckets are draining the gas tank so if you didn’t show up in time the motor would stop running as soon as the gas in the carburetor was gone but why why did you do it you had your question don’t be technical why did you pretend to commit suicide when that car almost ran you down Saturday morning you don’t think that was an accident do you I couldn’t get you to leave town so I had to give him a different target different target me man doesn’t kill my rosebush in my horse and my dog and then stop there he must want to kill me I can’t wait any longer not while strange automobiles are trying to run you down on the highway I’ve got to force his hand now I want him to think that it’s safe to take a shot at me don’t you understand not quite I’ve tried to commit suicide haven’t I was on the radio it says so right here so what if somebody takes a shot at me now leaves the gun in my hand it’s an open-and-shut case isn’t it the police wouldn’t even investigate so he’s free to kill me now if he can’t doesn’t have to hit around the edges anymore but keep away from me don’t stand too close to the target that why you wanted me to leave pine cliff that’s why I want you to go home now and stay there lock the doors from the inside if you have any visitors don’t let aunt amélie out of your sight don’t trust anyone where will you be if I want to find you I don’t know but I have to get out of here I can’t wait for him to make the next move I got to get out and go after him you say the exhibit was a 19-9 the summer of 39 I ought to have that catalog somewhere III at under the list of all of the exhibitors in here the back of the pool back to getting every artists who might have no I’m sorry oh this is perfect exactly what I was looking for thank you [Music] good afternoon yes are you mr. Stroh beanie still upbeat yes that’s me did you ever know an artist by the name of Vincente Torres Vincente Torres yeah No [Music] instead he torrents certainly I knew him well watercolor man no sense death do you recall a painting he did a portrait of an old woman with a guitar an old woman with a guitar don’t believe every side the old woman with a guitar yes I remember when Torres painted it he was doing his Renoir period do you remember who he sold it to didn’t know he ever found a sucker it was a piece of tripe well thank you [Music] my mr. ko Helen oh so you got a few phone calls anything important I don’t think so a man named Carter called said it was a friend of an artist that you knew the name kind of like Boris was it Taurus it could be did he leave a number no he said he’d call back around pick up after that now when mr. Shepherd thanks you see he’s still in the office okay [Music] Shepherd is safe oh yes just a minute – Carter hello yes that’s the man then sandy Torres do you remember a watercolor he painted a portrait of an old woman with a guitar you do do you remember who bought it you’re absolutely certain thank you [Music] oh you’re Justin I’ve been looking for they wouldn’t let me in the hospital and you seem to have disappeared to check it out well I had some important things to do been anyhow you’re here now that’s the main thing of course I know it’s an action boy you couldn’t have gone deliberately couldn’t I of course not just the same you’ve been overworked lately looking all fagged of time you took a rest yes I could use a rest a nice long rest just what I had in mind as a matter of fact I’m tired myself that’s why I’m being you’ve taken your trip see something of the world before I get too old sounds like a fine idea then be a good idea for you too Jeff whines come along with me the tools could have a pleasant time together be more work behind and take things easy for a while what kind of a trip were you thinking of Penn I have made up my mind where would you like to go Oh an ocean voyage might be nice if the ship had a low rail and a long drop to the water or Niagara Falls might be handy or the top of the Empire State Building don’t talk like that Jeff don’t even think of such things I wasn’t thinking of suicide Ben I don’t expect to jump I expect to be pushed you’re crazy Jeff you’re talking like a paranoiac where did you get that word Ben you read it in a book complete with all the symptoms I’m only trying to help you but if you’re anything sit down then sit down and listen you had all the tools to work with didn’t show your ranch hands who think you’re a king will do anything you tell them to I was out your place yesterday been looking for Pedro they told me he didn’t work for you anymore head and since the day after my house burned down you let him go didn’t you after he’d done his job I begin to think the doctors right I began to believe you do have delusions of persecution paranoia Ben you learned the word use it when did you first plant the idea in Hartley’s mind did you say I’m a little worried about jet and tap your finger on your forehead Jeff I’m not going to talk to you any longer you’re not you’re right not wider in your present mood I wouldn’t do that if I were you you haven’t answered my questions Ben are they too difficult let’s see if you can answer an easy one whatever happened to that painting it used to hang in your living room the portrait of an old woman with a guitar what in the living room was in my study why when’d you get rid of it then after it faded after you found out what a Sun lamp can do to a watercolor you want to know who put me on your trail you did yourself when you tried to convince me I couldn’t trust my memory any more I hate to say this Jeff but you can’t trust your mind anymore can I I made a written list the night I wrapped the hospital plans to make sure nothing was left odd and 17 blueprints were missing when the package was open by the state board no one could have tampered with that package but you no one else knew it would be on my desk overnight I didn’t know any guess you did I told you at the Country Club you wanted to destroy my faith in my work didn’t you it was the only thing I had left Oh Jeff this is ridiculous that’s what I thought the beginning but once I began to suspect you would all fit it together I even remembered that your Foreman was in the store the day I bought the can of gasoline that gave you an idea didn’t it yes it gave me an idea how do you like your own medicine how do you like waking up every morning wishing you were dead then you don’t deny it anymore No I’m glad you found out because you can’t do anything about it go tell somebody i poisoned your dog oh say I’d burn down your house in two they’ll think you are crazy I don’t care about the others is what you think it’s important you’ve been like a father to me been in a funny kind of way you still are what made you change what made you start to hate me was it Vivian you killed her I did everything for you that one man can do for another and how did you repay me you murdered her not murdered me not murdered a drunken man at the wheel of an automobile watch TV in the murder can’t go in there Oh Oh what do you suggest mr. Shepard this is mr. Nelson a Fall River Massachusetts last year he was driving through California when he reached pine cliff he had an accident on 12 mile drive if this the man who was driving the car in which the girl was killed well you said not to say anything when you paid my damages go ahead answer no no it wasn’t was that fella back there [Music] Thank You stereo I tried to keep it from the bin at the party who gave the night before Vivian and I were to be married I don’t know whether you remember or not I said something to you but the room being a little stuffy I wanted to go outside for some air I was really looking for Vivian [Music] I found her alright I heard them talking to each other it wasn’t anything you been it had been going on for years all the time I was overseas he was telling her why he’d never marry her he couldn’t dota wouldn’t give him a divorce so she said we’ll run away without a divorce [Music] I followed them on to 12 mile drive I didn’t know where they were going but I knew I had to stop them if I could he was going as fast as a curving road with men I tried to catch him but he was driving like a madman we were coming to the fort where 12 mile drive meets the highway I saw a car approaching on the main road beerus didn’t see the other car i knew what was coming but there was nothing I could do to stop it I jumped out of my car ran toward the wreck he said do something do something for her but there was nothing anyone could do for Vivian there was only one thing left to do for anybody I told him to take my car and get away from there I didn’t want you to find out how she died pin and what she was really like I’m sorry you had to know man even now vivianne I always gave you everything you want from the time you were a little girl for all I had after your mother ran away she was the hood I never told you that didn’t your mother was no good now you want to run away too or just like her same bad blood [Music] he thinks I know I won’t go through back I’ll kill you first I’ll kill that girl put it down you ran away you ran away from Co dr. Hart well you finally fixed me with the old man didn’t you if you’ll never get any of his money now he’s as nutty as a squirrel get out of here get out of pine cliff if I ever see you again I’ll kill you dr. hartney this is Ellen Foster when you come over mr. Sheppard office right away yes yes it’s urgent thank you it’s all right Ben everything’s going to be all right well doctor will he live he’s healing beautifully no infection no complications simple perforation of the deltoid all the time I thought it was my shoulder you won’t need that thing anymore good hey he’ll be as good as new in a week tell me about Ben well Amelia Ben was the psychopath of course from the beginning I oughta suspected it of course no he’d have what the psychiatrists call a catharsis he’s brought his troubles out into the open Ellen helped to bring them out when she formed Fall River he’ll be all right now in time I love it happy to give it well I had to drag myself away but the ill and injured awaiting I’ll see you to your car doctor violin Jeb goodbye dr. Logue I know young lady suppose you come along with me [Music] Ellen yeah it’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you yes how in the world you ever find that fella from Fall River oh oh I found him it’s a traffic accident records at the police station what’d you think of it the way you drove your car on 12 mile drive the evidence you could never have driven so recklessly with me if you’re beneath the wheel were divvying with care not on the same road in the same place at the same time of night you’re pretty smart no yes you are you’re very smart no I’m not oh yes you want to tune up I thought you loved her all the time I never really know penny [Music]

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