The Sims 4 – Gene Kelly – Celebrity CAS – Silverscreen Collab (CC)

Hey there! Kat here! Welcome to my channel!
TODAY: Gene Kelly! This is a wonderful collab that I’m doing with SimMDesign. If you
haven’t seen her MGM studio. Make sure to go check it out because it’s
absolutely fabulous. Okay, I’m working on his face and it took me a while to
decide on what hair. He has that old fashioned old guy hair I think.
Which I think comes with a base game. And then I was working on his face and
he’s… I think he’s got a darker skin color. I think back then in the 1940s it
was really really popular for people to get a lot of sun so he always had a tan.
His traits: He’s a world-famous celebrity. Let’s see what else… He is, oh, he’s
creative, definitely creative and he’s a music lover. Of course he is. For his
last trait I am gonna make him, let’s see… Where is it… Where is it… Where is it. Wait,
hold on, hold on, where is it? I’m looking for dance machine.. dance machine.
Oh, oh, there it is! Dance machine! He’s a dance machine, of course he is! He’s signing
in the rain! Like, yeah, you would be definitely a dance machine! What else can
I say about him… well I remember the movie singing in the rain when I was a
kid. This is his main outfit based on that. His second outfit I tried to find
like a wicker hat but that was as close as I could get. This is based on his dancing pictures. You see a lot of him in outfits like this and of course
I gave him ordinary pajamas because, yeah, that was the time! And, yeah, something
classy for him to go on parting and just an ordinary bathing suit with kind of
cat eye glasses and again that’s based on his dancing. And, yeah, old fashioned
kind of winter attire. Custom content: I only used two pieces: eyes and
eyelashes. I think those are really effective. And, this is it
ladies and gentlemen! Gene Kelly! This is what he looks like in game! Stay
creative and thanks for watching! If you like this: remember to Like, Share and
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