The Sky Is Pink – Official Trailer | Priyanka C J, Farhan A, Zaira W, Rohit S | Shonali B | Oct 11

I’ve seen many love stories. Filmy, one-sided, epic. But my favourite, if a little tragic,
is the love story of Panda and Moose. You’re dangerous. In a sexy way. – Sexy?
– Chaudhary! My great grandma made
chilli pickle here. My chilli’s turn now.
Shall I pickle you? Cheap pick up line! I can’t share you. You’ll only solve my problems. Besides you, who’d I want
to impress? I’m fully pregnant. How’s that possible? I told you: “Don’t be a smartass.
Use a condom.” Aditi, we can’t risk it again.
We have Ishaan. Everyone say: “Aishi!” Like love stories ending in tragedy, I’m
the villain making this love story tragic. Getting divorced? Panda, I’ll stay with you.
Moose drives me nuts. It’s your lungs. You have something called
Busulfan lung damage. A serious condition. Am I going to die? How could I ask – do I give birth to you
or have an abortion? – I don’t want to die.
– Must we let her die? She’s your daughter,
but she’s mine too. I don’t know how to be there
for anyone but Aisha. According to you… …you did everything for Aisha,
I did nothing. I’ve nothing to prove to you or anyone.
Go to hell! You’ll see, Aditi, I’ll be so rich,
we won’t need to worry. When Aisha gets well,
we’ll rob a bank together. They’ve lost it! You, too. Imagine if we had 11 kids! Control, guys! Their love story may be a hit or a flop,
but I know I’ll get the Best Villain award. When did you and Dad
first do it?


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