The Southbank | Walks in London #2 – Westminster to Borough Market

Hi everyone it;s Lauren and welcome back
to another episode of my walks in London today I’m going to take you along the
Southbank. I’m here with the lovely Will who’s being my cameraman helping me here today.
As always there will be a link in the description box of this video which will
have a map of the walk that we do so you can follow it yourself if you are ever in
London. So today we are starting in Westminster, behind me you can kind of
see the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. The nearest tube stopped where we
are is Westminster tube station which is on the Jubilee Line. This is
north of the river, we are going to cross the river and then walk along the south but
I think this is a nice place to start the walk because there are so many
touristy things around it like the Houses of Parliament and Westminster
Abbey, there’s also a pier down by the embankment where you can get boats from
here all the way down the river to Greenwich, which is a really nice boat
trip and another walk I’m probably going to do another time. So come along and join us and let’s
get walking! We’re just going over Westminster Bridge now, there
are people everywhere but to let you know where we’re going, we’re going all the way across the Southbank,
past the National Theatre we’re going to go past the Tate Modern, we’re
going to go past the Globe Theatre and then ends up at Borough Market in London
Bridge, which is an amazing the food market so hopefully we’ll see some nice things
get some stuff for our dinner and our first place we’re seeing now is the London Eye! This area of the Southbank is really kind of like if instead of going to London you wanted to go to
Disneyland or something you’ve got like the Sealife Centre and the
London Dungeons and apparently Shrek’s Adventure, so. There you go. I can see you
like reacting to what I’m saying! Am I overdoing it? Is it over-expressiony? Oooh very interesting! Oh that’s
a good point! Shrek’s Adventure, don’t let me forget that Have you been on the Eye? No Have you never been? Never been I’m sure it’s brilliant and it’s worth the fifty quid or whatever that you pay for it I think I’ve been on it maybe like three or four times How have you been on it three or four times and I’ve never been on it? I know that’s what I thought, I thought I must have been with you when you first came down Fancy a snog? So we’re just coming up to the Southbank Centre now, this is one of my favourite bits of the Southbank because they have all these pop-up food stalls and
fun place go. The Southbank Centre is a centre for culture and arts, it
kind of put some lectures and concerts Isn’t there a skateboard bit as well around here? Yeah there is that like further on Next to the Southbank Centre we have the
British Film Institute, the BFI which puts on really interesting showings of films
and next to that is the National Theatre but before then under this
bridge nextto the BFI is a little secondhand book market! Do your best Oliver, Will. Do my what? Your best Olive It’s uncanny. Very good! This is the National Theatre, they have really good stuff on here I really love coming here
because they have a really wide range of plays.It’s quite experimental some of it
because it is government-funded so they’ve had things like Curious Incident
of the Dog in the Night-time and War Horse, some really big plays that have blown up
have started here in the National Theatre. What I am really excited about
it because inside the National Theatre it has the best gift shop, now Will will
tell you that I love gift shops everywhere we go I’m like GIFT SHOP and
I’m quite sad to say that the National Theatre is the best gift shop on this
tour so like we’re kind of peaking a little bit early but it’s really really
exciting and I hope that they still have the Angels in America display up there
which is really beautiful when I went last time there, they probably won’t but let’s
go have a check it’s pretty ugly the National Theatre isn’t it?
It’s all like concrete It’s not like classically beautiful I feel like, I don’t know if this is true, but I feel like it was voted like the ugliest
building in London or something when it was first built everyone hated
it. I think it’s kind of avant-garde it’s very like 60s concrete. Is the 60s when it was made? Yeah. I mean, I could tell you a date but it would be wrong This is where, you know when you watch This Morning
and they do stuff outside? This is it right here! This is the bit It’s like I’m filming you for This Morning I could be like Lorraine Kelly So there, there’s your Tate Modern! there it is, the big tower I may have solo the Tate Modern sure you
know in terms of gift shop quality, the one I’ve always been going in is a
really small and there’s a much bigger better gift shop the other side! the next stop on our tour next the Tate
Modern is the Globe it’s a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s
Globe, but before we get to the globe I did just want to point out these little
buildings here which I would call houses but I feel that they must be offices
now because who would live there? But this would be my perfect place to live
like right next to the Globe Theatre like view of the Thames…yeah? Maybe one day? I’ve
ever actually seen a play in the globe, I know you haven’t, I don’t need to ask you that Well actually you know what when
I was in sixth form we were due to come here to watch Coriolanus and so we drove
in in a bus three hours down from Lincolnshire we’d get here and then Miss
Kane looked at the ticket and realized she’s got it for the wrong day So it was like ‘we’re not doing this trip again’? ‘Back we go!’ and she got like in trouble from
the headmaster and had to like write a letter of apology back tho all the parents Oh I feel sorry for you, you were so close! What I have done is gone into Sam Wanamaker Playhouse which is their
winter version because the globe is all open-air as old Shakespeare theaters
would have been so the audience gets wet so it is only open in the summer but
they now have an indoor play house which is just lit by candlelight so it is
still traditional but it’s inside which is what the players would have done when
they were performing in like kind of houses and something they
toured around… I’m learning! You are! I was just going to say I feel like a schoolteacher but I
don’t I haven’t prepared my lesson! Fun fact though – you can get married inside the globe.
I’ve looked into this several times
it’s a place called the UnderGlobe it’s very very expensive but it’s just…it’s interesting isn’t it? That you can get married there? I’ve never come across that Yeah so, watch this space… we are pretty tired now it’s five
o’clock and all of the stalls are packing up, so we bought some stuff though
we bought some nice cheese, sausage, some meat and truffle honey, oh I’m getting blinded! and
we’ve got some little custard tart things as well I guess we’re gonna end the walk here now. The nearest
station if you wanted to leave from Borough Market is London Bridge But there’s Borough’s really close as well Yeah but it’s a bit of a walk to Borough and we’ll see you in our next video, bye!


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