The Southern Charm Drama You Don’t Get To See On TV

Southern Charm is arguably one of the most
engrossing reality television shows on Bravo. And because many of the cast members are friends
– or at least frenemies – in real life, the drama continues between seasons, off-camera. Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and get
ready for all of the Southern Charm drama you don’t see on TV. Austen Kroll’s cheap shot Friendly exes Austen Kroll and Chelsea Meissner
present a united front on camera, even professing mutual adoration for one another in Season
5. “You’re, like, one of my best friends.” “I’m gonna cry. You know that I feel the same way about you,
Chelsea. You know that.” So fans wondered why Kroll seemed to take
a shot at Meissner in June 2018, just after their heartwarming exchange aired. It all started when Kroll shared a photo of
himself pretending to propose to girlfriend Madison LeCroy. Following the post, a fan took Kroll to task
for not sealing the deal with Meissner when he had the chance, writing in a since-deleted
comment: “It’s only exhausting because you don’t want
to do the work necessary to get Chelsea. You are ok to settle for the lowest hanging
fruit.” But instead of brushing the comment off, Kroll
doubled down with: “I need a woman with a sex drive.” The #HiAshley movement If you’re a Southern Charm fan on Twitter,
there’s a good chance you caught wind of the “HiAshley” hashtag. Longtime cast member Kathryn Dennis created
the hashtag to throw shade at Thomas Ravenel’s then-girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. After Dennis received a nasty message in June
2018 from a new Twitter account that only had a few followers, she insinuated Jacobs
was the troll behind the account by responding: “Hi Ashley.” “I got a message on Instagram. It was like Ashley is like a high-end escort.” Soon HiAshley became the battle cry of Kathryn’s
supporters on Twitter. In fact, model Chrissy Teigen even got in
on the action. When Dennis asked her followers if HiAshley
is the new ByeFelicia , Teigen tweeted, “Stopppppp is she making fake accounts, i die.” Even fellow cast member Patricia Altschul,
who had completely written Dennis off in earlier seasons, also got on the HiAshley train. As for Jacobs’ take on the mess? She denies making any fake accounts. “She’s so delusional. I wanna say every nite you go to bed you think
about how Ashley Jacobs is winning”.” Patricia versus Kathryn It’s no secret that Patricia Altschul and
Kathryn Dennis got off to a very a rocky start. Altschul often took Thomas Ravenel’s side
over Dennis’ throughout their tumultuous on and off relationship. But everything changed, however, when Altschul
invited Dennis to her winter ball, on the Season 5 finale. “It’s a bit jarring seeing mom and Kathryn
talk. It’s like seeing the mailman shaking hands
with a doberman pinscher.” Altschul tweeted that she’d been told Dennis
was doing well and “had been sober for quite some time. I had seen it for myself from watching the
show and I no longer believed the lies Thomas and Ashley had been telling me about her.” “It’s been five years.” “Right. Five years exactly.” Altschul and Dennis have continued their friendship
post-filming. Not only does Altschul retweet positive messages
about Dennis, but she also defends her against Jacobs’ tirades. Here’s to a positive new chapter for Altschul
and Dennis. These two have come a long way. Thomas gets blocked Patricia Altschul’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith,
and Thomas Ravenel were close friends before Southern Charm ever became a hit. But, given their long history, some fans might
be surprised to learn that the two aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Altschul dropped this major bomb in June 2018,
when a fan asked where she and Sudler-Smith stood on Ravenel following the jaw-dropping
Season 5 finale. Altschul tweeted: “Neither Whitney nor myself
have a relationship…and haven’t for quite some time.” “I just had an inkling that all hell was gonna
break loose. And I was right.” Fans caught a whiff of this drama months earlier,
when Ravenel bashed Altschul for blocking him on social media. He wrote in a since-deleted Instagram comment: “The queen of Southern gentility and the recent
author on Southern etiquette has blocked me from Twitter and IG. Just FYI.” So, what led to Ravenel’s falling out with
these two? Look no further than his then-girlfriend Ashley
Jacobs’ supposed harassment of Altschul’s close pal, Luzanne Otte. In a June 2018 tweet, Altschul implied that
Jacobs allegedly “cyberbullied” Otte due to her quote, “obsessiveness and insecurity.” Kroll’s wild claims Austen Kroll just can’t keep his mouth shut
about his exes. Just six months after he broke up with Season
5 girlfriend Victoria Bolyard he took to Instagram to accuse her of erratic behavior. “Do you feel like that was appropriate body
language for two people that are friends who used to be dating?” “I guess that the only right answer here is
no.” Kroll alleged that Bolyard flipped out because
he’d remained friendly with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Meissner. He supposedly told a fan: “After she threw the drink on me, she followed
me home and threw a rock through my window and I had to call the cops. That was the third time she’s had similar
freak outs.” When Bolyard caught wind of Kroll’s dig, she
reportedly shot back with a jab of her own, commenting on Instagram, “I was the one girl who didn’t cheat on him
or blow up his character flaws on national TV but he still chooses animosity toward me.” Uh-oh – was Bolyard insinuating that Meissner
cheated on Kroll? If it’s true, this tea is piping hot. Rose and Dennis hooking up Fans of Shep Rose and Kathryn Dennis becoming
an actual couple will wanna sit down for this one. The friends – who admitted to having hooked
up in the past – actually did the dirty together “six or seven” times. Rose shared the shocking truth during a July
2018 episode of Watch What Happens Live, telling Andy Cohen, “Well we met at one of my bars and we had
a couple drinks and it was just like on fire again.” Rose also revealed that he’d consider taking
his relationship with Dennis to the next level. “Do you go on dates first or cut right to
the chase?” “No, We’ve never been on a date. I would go on a date with her, but like we’re
both sorta like…” Supporters of these friends with benefits
will be thrilled to learn that Dennis is also open to the idea of a romance with Rose. She said on the show, “I still play with the idea because I don’t
know. We have good sex, whatever. And he’s cute.” Kroll, LeCroy, and ‘bumps’ in the road If you want more proof that Austen Kroll has
a difficult time maintaining romantic relationships, look no further than the rumor that he cheated
on his girlfriend, Madison LeCroy. The sordid drama reportedly went down in mid-2018,
when Kroll enjoyed a night out on the town with two local women. A source told FITSNews the outing apparently
took a turn for the scandalous when Kroll allegedly “quit responding” to LeCroy’s text
messages. LeCroy then “showed up at his house early
the next morning” to have it out about the radio silence. When she arrived at his home, she supposedly
found the ladies in his bedroom. But LeCroy has since moved on from the dramatic
event. She replied to a fan on Instagram in July
2018, writing, “Like every relationship – we have [gone]
through a few bumps in the road to get where we are now. A video taken several months ago, while we
weren’t in a relationship is showing one side of a story, this will not tear us apart. We chose to forgive, forget and move forward
with a fresh start.” Elizabeth doesn’t want “help” Naomie Olindo, who dated Southern Charm star
Craig Conover for three years, is no stranger to stirring up drama on the show. Fans witnessed this in Season 5, when she
took cast member J.D. Madison to task for allegedly cheating on his wife – and her friend
– Elizabeth Madison. “You pretend to do like the golden boy s—,
it doesn’t work anymore. Everybody at this table knows that you’re
a complete piece of s—.” But strangely enough, Elizabeth didn’t appreciate
Olindo’s support. She told the Daily Dish, “Naomie took some things I had shared with
her in private and mixed them with lies, rumors, and her own personal judgments to cast J.D.
in a negative light.” Olindo defended her decision to confront J.D.,
telling The Daily Dish: “It’s one thing if this is what you choose,
but why would you throw me under the bus and discredit what I did? […] It’s so crazy to me that now it’s like
she’s trying to rewrite history.” While J.D. and Elizabeth split in early 2018,
according to The Daily Dish, it looks like the two might be back on, according to Elizabeth’s


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