THE SPANISH PRINCESS Official Trailer (HD) Charlotte Hope Drama Series

House of Tudor. I give to you… …Catherine of Aragon. England is an ally Spain needs against the French. Arthur, Catherine. England and Spain united. May I introduce Prince Henry- Harry. People call me Harry. Thank you for your welcome, Prince Harry. I have eyes and ears all over the palace. I fear we shall have trouble with our princess. What is it ? She is no longer heir to the crown. I must return to Spain. Catherine. I don’t want you to go. But you are his brother’s widow. It is forbidden. I came here to marry the future King of England. And that is what I’ll do. So you’ve lost your husband, but not your ambition. What game does she play ? What makes you think it is a game ? It is a sin. It threatens to shatter the kingdom. I am Princess of Spain. The daughter of the two greatest monarchs this world has ever known. If you challenge me… I shall defeat you.


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