Now I couldn’t agree more with the narrator of that opening video Prince EA And especially the story that he told about the Belgian horses We can accomplish accomplished so much more working together than apart Your show was much more telling than any speech because I think you express this in I mean your virtue precises his emergency this deep feeling we have With a Lot of strengths what we need what is weighted from? is action small and big action They say we live in a world of fake news. I disagree We actually live in a world of fake Oh Think about it. We see the same old story over and over in the media You know the stories they tell us the world is becoming worse off every day they say that new conflicts are rising in each and every way but if we would have stepped back and Examined the facts we will come to one conclusion That our world in which we live in is actually improving Despised all the variables that comfort us today. I still see girls from optimism everyone benefits from digital services and prosperity is nothing less than the seedbed for peace Thanks to trade and globalization We amazed you to progress in areas like poverty if immortality hunger crime education and disease Reduction and see the smiles of millions of people around the globe for the proof That’s not to say we don’t have a long way to go But can’t we please tell the truth? It is said that in the time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act Well, ladies and gentlemen, I understanding here in front of you to do just that And I do not mean to offend anyone in the role But the strongest nation in the world is not the USA It’s not Russia. It’s not found anywhere in Asia. The strongest nation has always been and will always be Imagined nation See if we can imagine a better world together based not on our differences, but our the things that connect us and make us whole That we can create a future that is much greater than any vision, but we could ever have alone. I Emphasize the word together because as the African proverb states if you want to go fast go alone But if you want to go far you go together You know, I learned something about the Belgian horse the other day Did you know that one Belgian horse can pull eight thousand pounds by himself? But get this two of them can pull 18,000 pounds and if you send them to training, I mean really focus them on this singular endeavor Then they can pull 25,000 pounds together Together we can pull so much more You know ever as a student of history I study the decisive moments of mankind the pivot voice there have been many pivotal points throughout history But we found ourselves at a crossroads given the choice of going one way or another Ladies and gentlemen, this world. Is that a pivot point and we as individuals can continue biz Or together we can develop a rather unusual business a business based on courage character and clarity a business whose goals of free trade peace and prosperity a business that does not focus on isolationism, but answers the global call a business that builds bridges Instead of walls See the truth is there is no first a third world There’s one world in the universe uni, meaning one verse meaning song. We all have a part to play in this song Some of us will pick to play first chair those who can lift the world up in ways that no one else can That’s you See we have many instruments in this ensemble from violins cellos to flutes to fridge horns And when they solo they all sound very clever But ladies and gentlemen an orchestra only happens when the instruments Play together


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