The Stunning Transformation Of Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall embodies many aspirational qualities;
she’s an award-winning journalist, lauded TV host, and even finds time for serious activism. But despite appearing so natural on the small
screen, Hall hasn’t always known the star-studded world in which she thrives. This is the stunning transformation of Tamron
Hall. When it comes to origin stories, Hall’s is
as humble as they come. She told Digital Journal, “And this is where my grandfather’s home once
stood. In fact, these are the steps.” She was born to a single mother, and all of
the people in her life nurtured her ambitions. Hall revealed in a Google talk, “I was always raised in an environment where
I was surrounded by strong women. Really, really strong women.” She also had her grandfather’s support and
eventually the love of a stepfather, whom she views as the father she was meant to have. Thanks to the support of those around her,
Hall was able to thrive. “They were just really salt of the earth people
who never let me believe that winning wasn’t an option.” Hall hit the ground running, when it came
to her career. Her first job out of college was as a reporter
at KBTX in Texas, according to MSNBC. After that, she spent four years at KTVT Dallas,
before later moving onto a ten-year stint at WFLD Chicago in 1997. She joked in Variety magazine, She was also nominated for an Emmy award for
her consumer report segment, “The Bottom Line.” Those early years set Hall up for success
and helped her grow as a journalist. She told the outlet, But despite her success, Hall was about to
experience something she could never prepare for… In 2004, devastating tragedy impacted Hall’s
life in a big way. People reported that after enduring years
of domestic abuse from multiple men, Hall’s sister, Renate, was found beaten to death
in the pool of her Texas home. “I called my dad. And my dad ever so, you know, steady said Baby… Renate is dead.” No arrest was ever made in the case of Renate’s
death. But Hall had witnessed the man, who was later
named as the only person of interest, act violently toward her late sister, before. Hall told People, “We know who was responsible. But separate, in part, from her death, we
know and witnessed and I witnessed incidents of violence.” It was much later that Hall was able to speak
about domestic violence publicly, and advocate for survivors. Ten years after her sister’s death, Hall decided
that she wanted to do something, telling TheGrio, “So how do you think we can save a life?” In 2014, Hall participated in Today’s Shine
a Light series, to raise awareness of domestic violence. She wrote for Today, After working over a decade in local stations
in Texas and Chicago, Hall landed a gig at MSNBC in 2007. She held a variety of positions at the network,
including anchoring NewsNation, hosting Dateline, covering the 2012 London Olympics, and hosting
the NBC News special The Inauguration of Barack Obama, the latter earning her an Emmy for
outstanding live coverage in 2010. “That history was there in front of you, and
history for the first time, looked like me.” Then in 2013, Hall signed on with Investigation
Discovery to host Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall. The show dove deep into true crime stories,
something obviously near and dear to Hall’s heart. She told TheGrio, “I think the show is consistent with a lot of what you see on Discovery (ID)… they are just intrigued and really pulled in by real life drama.” 2014 proved to be a major year for Hall, when
she made history as the first black woman to become an anchor on the Today show. “There are days where I look through my phone
at all the celebrity selfies and moments on the show that we’ve snapped and it’s like,
‘That happened?'” And as you might expect, Hall was thrilled
to land the position. She admitted to Essence, “I’m like 10 or 12 years old, I’d never seen
an African American, you know, anchor… My dad said that could be you.” While Hall acknowledges how groundbreaking
it is to be the face of change, she hopes people can see her whole story, too. She told Digital Journal, For as much as Tamron Hall has evolved throughout
her life, one thing has remained a constant for her: her faith. She shared with Good Morning Texas, Her strong spirituality also provides Hall
with a genuine sense of purpose in her life. She added, Everyone on Team Tamron was crestfallen when
her departure from the Today show was announced in 2017. “As some of you may have heard by now, our good friend Tamron Hall has decided to leave NBC News.” The news came less than a week after NBC made
public that they would be replacing Hall’s hour on the show, which she co-anchored with
Al Roker, with programming hosted by Megyn Kelly. The decision to replace two successful black
co-anchors with a white journalist who had been criticized for offensive remarks about
people of color in the past was met with ire by the National Association of Black Journalists,
who accused NBC of whitewashing. Kelly has since been let go from Megyn Kelly
Today for offensive remarks about donning blackface, as reported by NBC News. But despite what people might have speculated,
Hall eventually came to terms with the turn of events. She told Variety, In 2017, just three months before The New
York Times broke the story on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged misconduct, Hall had signed a contract
with The Weinstein Company for a talk show. “The New York Times reporting allegations
by numerous women who say the Hollywood mogul sexually harassed them.” But when she found out about the allegations
against the now-disgraced executive, she was horrified. She said in an interview with HuffPost, In fact, Hall was apparently so furious that
she picked up the phone and called Weinstein at five o’clock in the morning to confront
him about the allegations with a “take no prisoners” approach. Weinstein apologized to her and claimed he
needed help. In a 2018 interview with Black Enterprise,
Hall revealed an unpleasant encounter she had on social media. She explained, “I’m the girl next door. I’m the girl from the underdog background,
but that doesn’t make me extraordinary. That makes me like my neighbors who are also
the girls and guys next door.” But it seemed not everyone was feeling so
positive about Hall’s statement, and they took to social media to let her know just
how they felt. She continued, She further elaborated on that sentiment,
noting, “I choose to use my voice for a greater good
and if someone thinks it’s exploitation or they’re tired of another celebrity telling
their story, that’s your problem.” As Hall has gotten older, she’s realized that,
while she’s been very successful in her career, there are a few things she’d like to spend
more time appreciating. She shared in her talk with Google, “I’ve been on TV since I was 18… and I never
truly stopped to smell the roses because I was always looking for the next garden.” In fact, her hustle kept her so busy that
she was once worked three separate gigs at the same time! Given that, it makes sense that she simply
hasn’t had time to appreciate other aspects of her life. So Hall is making sure to slow things down
a little bit and cultivate a life outside of work. She said, “It’s like I’m stopping to smell the flowers
and the garden, and individually what they mean for my life… We all owe it to ourselves, ultimately, to
stop and smell the roses.” Hall blew up Instagram in March, 2019 with
a double surprise announcement. She posted a video and a picture of herself,
revealing that she was pregnant, writing, “Ultimately, with my schedule, with my life,
I want to make sure that I’m a present parent.” But Hall wasn’t done sharing the good news. In the same post, she revealed that she was
also married, writing, She then asked her followers for prayers and
good energy, assuring her followers that she would have more to share when the baby arrived. Fans finally got to meet her bundle of joy,
a son, Moses, on April 25th, 2019. So, what’s next for this multi-talented award-winner,
considering everything that’s been going on in her life? Well, she’s finally getting her very own show! She gushed in a post to her Instagram, And that’s not all. She’s also making some other big moves. She revealed, Hall is finally truly taking the reins in
regards to her career. And Geddie has expressed his excitement about
the venture, too. He shared in an interview with Broadway World, Considering the incredible life this talented
woman has already lived, would you expect anything less? We can’t wait to tune in for our favorite
host! “You’re coming into our community, you’re
coming into our house, so let’s talk about it.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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