The Taming of the Shrew: Act 1, Scene 2 | Shakespeare’s Globe | Rent or Buy on Globe Player

Come you to part the fray? Rise, Grumio, rise: we will compound
this quarrel. If this be not a lawful case for me to leave
his service, look you, sir, he bid me knock him
and rap him soundly, sir: well, was it fit for a servant
to use his master so, being perhaps, for aught
I see, two and thirty, a pip out? A senseless villain! Good Hortensio,
I bade the rascal knock upon your gate And could not get him for my heart to do it. Knock at the gate! O heavens! Spake you not
these words plain, ‘Sirrah, knock me here, rap me
here, knock me well, and knock me soundly’? And
come you now with, ‘knocking at the gate’? Sirrah, be gone, or talk not, I advise you. Petruchio, patience; I am Grumio’s pledge:
Why, this’s a heavy chance ‘twixt him and you,
Your ancient, trusty, pleasant servant Grumio. And tell me now, sweet friend, what happy
gale Blows you to Padua here from old Verona? Such wind as scatters young men through the
world, Young men… To seek their fortunes farther than at home
Where small experience grows. But in a few, Signior Hortensio, thus it stands with me:
Antonio, my father, is deceased;


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