The Theatre School at DePaul University

Building from a foundation of excellence as
the Goodman School of Drama, The Theatre School at DePaul University has become a world-renowned
center for the art of seeing ourselves. Recently named one of the top 25 drama schools internationally,
The Theatre School’s conservatory approach brings together the full range of specialties
in dynamic creative collaboration. DePaul faculty, students, staff, and alumni play
key roles in Chicago’s vibrant and influential theater scene. They can be found both on stage and back stage,
on screen and behind the scenes in film and television, on stage bills around the globe—
and among nominees and winners of Jeff Awards, Emmys, Tonys and Oscars. But this is not just about the awards, this is
about the work. The work of theatre, where art, math, science and the humanities
come together to create magic. As eternal as the canon of drama, as exciting and surprising
as what’s next. In the heart of a great urban university, The Theatre School’s work is deepened
by a greater perspective, by a mission that respects all voices and serves many dreams. The new home for the Theatre School raises
the bar and raises the profile, elevates aspirations and talent, raises capabilities, and intensifies
collaboration. And DePaul will invite the world to see the results. To enter other worlds and times, other cultures
and hearts. This creative environment will bring out the
best from faculty and students. Students chosen for their talent and their dedication, not
for their finances. Ninety percent of students at the Theatre School receive some form of scholarship. These scholarships enable the most talented students to train at The Theatre School. They come from all states and territories,
and many countries. They come because we support them. They come because they are good. They
come because they are driven. They come to hone their talent to a fine point of excellence.
They come to The Theatre School because —through acting or directing or writing or
designing— they have something to say. They come to DePaul because this is how theatre
happens. This is the work. Disparate backgrounds and talents, blended
with rigor and care, create moments that make us laugh and cry…make us stop and think…make
us move…make us talk to each other. These stories can open a heart, change a mind, change
a life, change the world. At The Theatre School at DePaul University,
this is important. Because it’s not just a show, it’s a celebration of the human spirit.

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