The Theatre School Presents: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

(Orchestra tuning) “If you walk in to any space where theatre
is happening –be it a rehearsal room or an actual performance, a theater– you enter
a room full of creative people.” “Theatre gave me a voice –the feeling of
getting up on stage, it’s hard to explain, but it just made sense to me, it just felt
right. It’s that outlet for voiced to be heard and stories to be told, stories that a lot
of people may not get to hear.” “I hold community to be one of the most things
in my life, and being part of theatre community with other people who have the same intentions
and same heart… it breaks down barriers within each other and within ourselves and
it’s hard to do but worth it.” “This is what it’s about. Ok? This is the
life!” “This is everything I’d ever worked on at
DePaul kind of pushed together all at the same time. There were moving elements, things
that lit up, giant walls that expanded the back of the stage.” “Everyone assumed that the monoliths were
automated, so it was really rewarding being able to say ‘No, these were operated by three
first-year crew members down in the basement!'” “Getting the chance to really take what I
had learned throughout my classes and my experiences and really be able to put it into practice
was a great opportunity for me.” “‘Cause its a very personal show, and it taps
on something personal for a lot of people, which is faith, and despair, which is something
everyone can relate to.” “We all come from different worlds and the
most important thing is that we talk about it. We have discussions, we share our truths,
whatever that may be, without judgement. People respect that and people want to hear your
story.” “DePaul has completely opened my eyes to what
theatre is in a professional environment and made me fall in love with it even more.” “Scholarships allow the Theatre School at
DePaul University to recruit and train students of all economic and cultural backgrounds.
Which in turn allows us to send artists out into the world who represent people of all
economic and cultural backgrounds. And in so doing, we’re able to fulfill DePaul’s Vincentian
mission to ultimately serve the community at large.” (Audience cheering)

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