The Town Hall Affair | Sydney Festival 2018

Jill Johnston: We’re getting to the bottom of
women’s lib, we’re going down on women’s lib I’m beside myself! Jill Johnston: Some women wanna
have their cock and eat it too Jill Johnston: I want she who is ugly American about me. I want she who is the cunt and the balls and the breasts of me and the long straight browny hair and the
gangly boarding school adolescents with the navy blue blazers. Jill Johnston: I’m only –
Norman Mailer: Jill, you’ve written your letter… Norman Mailer: …now mail it.
Jill Johnston: Would you let me finish? Norman Mailer: You know, the true perspective of the future is that it will end with nothing but assholes talking to assholes Germaine Greer: Could the female artist be driven by the desire, for riches, fame and a love of men? Norman Mailer: Is there anything necessarily… so
finely debilitating to the human notion that a woman be both a goddess and a slob? Diana Trilling: I could hope we would also be free to have such orgasms as in our individual complexity we happen to be capable of. (laughter and loud clapping) Norman Mailer: If we get a left-wing totalitarianism,
that means the end of all of us because we will have nothing but scrambled minds
trying to overcome the incredible shock that the destruction of human liberty
came from the left and not the right. And there is an element in women’s liberation that terrifies me. It terrifies me because it’s humourless.
What I’m trying to say is, let’s really get hip about this little matter and
recognise that the whole question of women’s liberation is the deepest question that faces us we’re gonna go right into the very elements of existence and eternity before we’re through with it. To have something up his anus or in his mouth (Heckler: Up your anus!) Norman Mailer: Not on my body.

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