The Try Guys Recreate Korean Drama Scenes • K-pop: Part 4

(“Piano Sonata No. 14 in
C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27”) – Ugh! Ready? Start. (techno music) – Why not? (laughing) Got ’em. – K-Dramas became really popular before K-Pop rose to its prominence as we know of it today. – [Cristina] Well, I’m Cristina. – And I’m Daniela – And we’re K-drama experts. – I have a question. Are you two Korean? – [Cristina] No.
– [Daniela] No. – Okay, – Ooh.
– just want to make sure. – It’s very interesting
to see how it became a global phenomenon. – [Voiceover] Korean culture is bringing a lot of different people together regardless of ethnicity. – Just take a look outside of KCON. – Yeah, all these people here. (laughing)
– All these beautiful people. – Fans play a huge role and Korean drama fans tend
to be extremely knowledgable. – What is a K-Drama? – K-Drama is a Korean Drama. – Is it all in the Korean language? – [Cristina] Yes.
– [Daniela] Yes. – We have dramas. Are they different? – Korean dramas in Korea used to be entertainment form
designed for housewives. However, that notion is
completely challenged nowadays. – Today we are doing a few scenes from very popular K-Dramas. – [Voiceover] “My Love From Another Star,” – [Voiceover] ” The Heirs,” – [Voiceover] and “My
Unfortunate Boyfriend.” – To show that we can act. Ding! – Ohhh! – I noticed that there
are certain tropes that you can’t really escape when
you’re watching a K-Drama. – K-Drama cliches that
people tend to identify… – Dramatic looks (inhaling) – [Dr. Suk-Young] Car accidents
that result in amnesia. (gasp) Forgotten past that leads
to dangerous incest. – But father! – Love story between poor
girl with a heart of gold and rich handsome guy. (Speaking Korean) – They are recycled over and over and over again for people tend to cling to those stories to escape and just forget about it all. – Do people fall in love and then their love complicates the plot? (laughing) That’s a good show. – [Voiceover] How do
they fight in K-Dramas? – There’s a lot of, either passive aggressive
like (grunts) like looks. Or like collar grabbing. (grunts) (laughing) – [Daniela] Or kicking
– [Cristina] Kicking. – [Daniela] the chest – [Voiceover] Kicking him in the chest? – Yes. (laughing) – Who kicks people the chest? (Speaking Korean) (kicking and painful grunt) (Speaking Korean) – Hey, are you out of your mind? – You, shut up. – I can’t see. I’m blinded.
(laughing) – What do they do in K-Dramas that that’s funny? – Stripping and falling
accidentally on each other… – Ooo ooo ooo whoa. Whoooa ho – K-Drama Comedies are like slapstick. – [Daniela] Yep.
– [Cristina] Yeah. – Excuse me? Excuse me, can you move? I said move, ahh. K-Drama Comedies? – Yeah.
– Why don’t they just call them K-Comedies? – Where are we going? – Uh oh.
– Ooo! – My hair is caught in your zipper. I spilled all the glue on my hand. (slap) Oooh! – Oooh! – What makes a K-Drama romance scene? – “My Love From Another Star.” So I’m Min-joon and you’re Song-yi.
– Yeah. – There’s also that tension. – I was diagnosed with
depending too much on you. I was diagnosed with that. (laughing) – Koreans are more soft piano, snow falling.
– [Voiceover] Yes. – Ohhhh. – Yeah. – Look off and go… (sighs) Are you drunk already? – Are you drunk already? – No. Not at all. – Women don’t sit like that. (laughing)
– Right. Like this? How do they sit in Korea? – How do they sit in Korea? It’s still, they’re still women. (laughing)
– Still women. – Give me fifteen seconds. (laughing) – Wait. Let’s begin. – [Cristina] There’s way too
– [Daniela] What’s hap– – [Cristina] much chemistry
– [Daniela] What’s happening? – [Cristina] happening here. (laughing)
– Wait a minute. (laughs) – Korean Dramas, it like takes maybe up to even episode six to even like kiss the person. – When are they gonna kiss? – Keith’s face is so malleable. You can just like do
anything you want to it. (laughing) It’s really, look how kissable that is. – [Voiceover] Oh yeah. – (muffled) I’m, I’m blessed. – [Voiceover] Alright so umm, no we’re going to actually shoot it (dramatic music)
as if we’re in the drama. (“Piano Sonata No. 14 in
C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27”) – Why not? – You can’t drink with a piece of pottery? You couldn’t drink with a dog? I guess you couldn’t
even drink with a tree. (huffs) – Are you drunk already? – No, not at all. But I’m full of chemistry. All men go crazy for me. – [Keith] I start a fire in their hearts. Do women have chemistry when they see me? No. No. – If you’re not drunk… (huffs) you should see a shrink. – (laughs) I already did. – [Keith] I was diagnosed with
depending too much on you. But how can you refer to me as pottery, a dog or a tree? This has never happened in my life. – Give me fifteen seconds. – Why fifteen seconds? – They call me the “Fairy
of Fifteen Seconds.” I capture people’s
attention in fifteen seconds in the commercials. – Give me fifteen seconds. (piano music) Ugh! – Ready? Start. (music swells) (gentle slap) (moaning) (music swells) (kissing) (snickering) (kissing) (peck) (kissing and laughing) (coughing) – I’m afraid… of what we’re going to be. (cough) (laughing) (laughing) – It’s the food of my home planet. – [Voiceover] Go back to your (laughing)
alien planet and don’t you come back here again. (techno drums) – [Voiceover] I’m a jewel of jealousy. (laughing) Just grab my face. – Don’t hold me like
(laughing) you’re stalling Shakespeare.
(laughing) – You’re Hamlet and I’m just dead. (laughing and chatter)
(metal creaking) Ohhh!

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