The Tuna and the Dolphin | 참치와 돌고래 [2018 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2018.11.02]

You never know until you actually fall into it. How deep it is… And what is in there. Miss, I told you not to take a break. You are in the way, hurry up and move. Is it the same case with love? (The Tuna and the Dolphin) Excuse me. Yes? You look very kind. You also have nice skin tone. M-Me? I do hear that often. Can I talk to you for a bit? Why? I just want to talk to you. My destiny has led me to you. Destiny? Oh, what should I do? Then I’ll give you just 30 minutes. 30 minutes? Let’s go. You should bow. I thought you wanted to talk. Why make me bow? Let’s serve our ancestors and make things work better for our lives. Go on. Come on! Oh! Over there! Over there! The ancestor! – Huh? / – He’s moving! He’s moving! I’m sorry! My name is Kang Hyeonho. I easily fall in love and I’ve never had a boyfriend in my 27 years of life. I’ve made another embarrassing memory today. (Recruiting members for beginners’ swimming class) Mom! What? Flying yoga? Why are you so capricious? You whined about how you wanted to learn to swim. What? You do that all the time too. Why can’t I? Can I get a refund… Gosh, I can’t even get a refund. Oh, the yoga class is about to start. Bye. You are in Teacher Han Yura’s class. (Swimming Program, Kang Hyeonho) Excuse me. It’s your first time here, right? What are you doing with my cap? Don’t move. Look to the front. Are you crazy? I just taught you how to wear it. I never asked you to teach me! – Are you a teacher here or something? / – Yes. I’m the teacher. I’m in Teacher Han Yura’s class. I’m Han Yura of Teacher Han Yura’s class. What? Come with me. Excuse me, miss. Miss. Stretch your arms out, relax your legs and kick with the top of your foot. Okay? Try it. Miss. Miss. Look at me. Stretch your arms out, relax your legs and kick with the top of your foot. You’re floundering like a fresh-caught tuna. How can you call a person a tuna? She’s a beginner. Don’t be so mean. She’ll get too embarrassed. – Right, miss? / – Exactly. Alright. Keep on moving. No breaks! So beautiful. Dolphin. Excuse me… Yes? Don’t you have an umbrella? I don’t. Do you want to… Use this? Pardon? Oh… Thank you for sharing your umbrella. I was worried because of the rain. Oh… Well, I… I drove here. So you can use this. Oh… You drove here. Yes. Bye. Ms. Hyeonho. Ms. Hyeonho. Ms. Hyeonho! It’s 3 p.m. Aren’t you wrapping up? I should. Forget about creativity. Doesn’t your arm hurt, Ms. Sojin? We have no choice. The director and the parents nag us like crazy. Let’s just do the rough sketch and help the kids win some awards. I have to go to the swimming class to see the Dolphin. When will we finish this? Dolphin? Well… It’s this guy I have my eyes on at the swimming pool. He has a broad back like the ocean and he’s beautiful like a dolphin. Wait. I thought you liked the part-timer from the cafe. Nope. Dolphin is different. This isn’t puppy love. It’s destiny. Give me a break. Make it work this time then. That’s what I want too but… – Gosh. / – Ms. Sojin. You are popular and you’ve dated a lot of guys. Well… I guess you can say that. Then… What do I have to do to get closer with Mr. Dolphin? I think… It’s important to get close to him very naturally. I really, really want to make this work this time. I have an idea. A gathering. Form a gathering. What do you think? Good? You can do it! Oh, hey. It’s you, Ms. Tuna. It’s Friday night. Don’t you have any plans? Plans? Oh, right. That’s it. What? Since you brought it up, how about we all go for some tea after class? It’s Friday night. I’m all for it. How did you come up with such a good idea? Then, I’ll see you at the lobby after class. – Yes, I’ll see you later. / – Okay, bye. We can do this! Let’s do this! Excuse me! Hey! Excuse me. Are you okay? Wake up! Oh, no. She’s not dead, is she? Should I give her CPR? CPR? From Dolphin? Ow, my head. Miss. – Are you okay? / – Gosh. What’s wrong with you? Are you okay? I’m really sorry. I’m really okay. Excuse me… What is it? I’m really okay. Well… Your nose is bleeding. So embarrassing. How humiliating! Oh, you were here. What are you doing here? Everyone’s waiting. Waiting? For me? – Why? / – What do you mean, why? Did you forget what you said earlier? Hurry up. Gosh. Sorry for making you wait. Hello. I thought you wanted to have a drink. Friday night is all about chicken and beer. Exactly! I gathered all of them. Did I do a good job? Yes… Hey, Mr. Assailant! Me? We are going for dinner. Do you want to join us? Yeah, you should join. Join us if you want to go for a beer. Thank you but I have to go home. – I’ll go next time. / – Okay. And also… I’m really sorry for what happened earlier. It’s okay. It was an accident. Oh, no. Your nose is still… I’m really okay. That’s not it. The cotton ball is still there. Anyway, I’m really sorry. That’s it? Just saying you’re sorry? Seriously. You should treat her to a meal. Oh, should I do that? Then, I will treat you to a meal someday… When? When is someday? You have to set the date to make an appointment. Right? Any time is fine for me. Just when you are free. Then, let’s set the date next time. Teacher! – Hello. / – Sit over here. My stuff is here. Sit over here. One glass of beer, please. What? I didn’t know you were coming too. What? I can’t come here? No, that’s not what I meant… Since our teacher is here too, let’s introduce ourselves again. Introduce ourselves? I’ll start. I’m Jeong Dongho. I’m in this class with my cute, adorable and lovely daughter, Ayeong. Thank you. Hello, I’m Min Jieun. I’m just… Dongho, where is your cute, adorable and lovely daughter? Well, sometimes, I want to be free like this. You know, that sense of freedom. Right. – I totally understand. / – Right? What do you understand, you jerk! I told you to go home. Why did you come here? Oh, right. I wanted to ask you something. Your name is Hyeonho, right? You know, that Mr. Assailant. You like him, right? – She likes him. / – I have a good hunch. She likes him. That’s mine… Excuse me… Oh… Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it… Are you going to drink the whole thing… Did I make a mistake? No. Do I like him? Nope! I totally love him! I’m going to marry that Dolphin! I’m sorry. Mr. Dolphin… Gave me his umbrella. He said I shouldn’t get wet. I’ve never made such progress with a crush. I see. You must’ve been happy. You must’ve been greatly moved. Right? Can you move your head… I, Kang Hyeonho, never had a boyfriend for 27 years of my life. It’s because… I was destined to meet Mr. Dolphin. He’s my destiny. Mr. Dolphin. I really like you. I really like you. I feel bad for Hyeonho. Shall we meet regularly to support Hyeonho’s passionate love? Do you mean it? If you take it back, you are a jerk. Of course! Isn’t that just an excuse to drink? I’m not like that. I just genuinely want to help and support Hyeonho achieve her passionate love. Gosh. Buy us drinks when things work out, Hyeonho. Of course. Treat us. Of course. Treat us. Then… How about we make a name for our gathering? Having a name seems more official. Let’s drink. How about “The Tuna and the Dolphin?” Hyeonho is the Tuna and he’s the Dolphin… That sounds nice. It sounds like a raw fish restaurant. Yeah, it’s nice. They should take care of their own businesses. There’s no need to help them. Alright. Let’s make a toast. For the Tuna and the Dolphin! Cheers! Mr. Dolphin. Put this down. Mr. Dolphin. That’s what a seal does… I wanted to leave after the first round but she wanted to go for the second round. That’s why I’m late. Geez, mom… Huh? It’s Mr. Dolphin. We are out of diapers too. Okay. My baby. Mommy’s here. What else do you need? He’s married? Mom, I’ll call you again later. I, Kang Hyeonho, never had a boyfriend for 27 years of my life. It’s because… I was destined to meet Mr. Dolphin. Mr. Dolphin. I really like you. I really like you. Why did she have to pick a married man? This is tiresome. Should I tell her? No, what if she gets hurt? No, no. If they become a couple and if she finds out then, she’ll be hurt even more… Geez, that Tuna is giving me a headache. What about the Tuna? You scared me! Is eavesdropping your specialty? I didn’t eavesdrop. You were too loud. Well, the thing is… I have something to tell you. Something to tell me? What is it? Well, the thing is… Umm… What I mean is… Teacher. Aren’t we going to warm up? I’ll be right there! It’s nothing. Did you feed the baby? No, not yet. It’s alright. Wow. I didn’t see that. Yura, you saw nothing. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t. Gosh, what’s wrong with you? Oh… Why did we have to meet here? I want to ask you the same thing. – Move. / – Wait, wait. This is not the right time. What? Wait, wait! Let’s talk somewhere else. I have something to tell you. You are acting strange. Say it right here then. Well… I want to talk at somewhere quiet. Do you like coffee? Let’s go have some coffee. It’s really good to have iced Americano after exercising. Gosh. – Watch for the stairs. / – What the… Well, you… You are far behind compared to other members… And, also… Teacher. Yes? Do you like me? What are you talking about? You are so weird. You’ve been acting strange saying you have something to tell me. I’m sorry but I belong to Mr. Dolphin. Geez, all you talk about is Mr. Dolphin. Why do you like him so much when he doesn’t even care about you? – I like his back. / – What? It’s so broad and attractive. It’s crazy. The back of my life. His back? Then, it doesn’t have to be him, does it? Anyone with a broad back would be fine. It’s none of your business. I like his back. What does it have to do with you? Well, the thing is… I have no choice. I didn’t want to tell you this but… What are you doing? Well… What about my back? What’s wrong with my back then? I’ll show you my back. – Are you crazy? / – You should see it to believe me. What are you doing? Put your jacket on! Are you crazy? I’m sorry. Hello. Oh, hello. How are you? Are you alright now? Yes. Anyway, I’ve thought about the menu. Oh, right. We A pasta place opened up nearby. – I heard it’s pretty good. / – Oh, really? I like pasta. Sure. Let’s begin. Miss, come quick! Think of your wife and your child. I’m watching you. Hyeonho. Hello. Let’s go in. He should get it by now, right? Get what? What is it? It’s a secret. What is it? – Why aren’t you eating? / – You eat so well. I like guys who eat well. I always eat rice soup or black bean noodles when I work. – So this tastes really good. / – Oh, my. Oh, no. You have to eat good food. But it’s a bit awkward to go to good restaurants by myself. I feel shy to eat alone. – Should I go and eat with you? / – Pardon? I eat by myself a lot too. It’s nice to eat with somebody. I’m okay with that but I think it’ll be uncomfortable for you. Not at all. Call me whenever you want to eat something. Sure. – Wow. / – Wow. Umm… After we eat, do you want to go for a beer? The weather’s great. I can’t really drink. My face goes red even after just one glass… Oh, I see. Then, do you want to go to the movies? Well… I have to go home before 8. I’m sorry. Don’t be. You have something to do. Lie down comfortably. Back straight. Good. Now, try breathing. Good job. Let’s do it again. – Just repeat the steps. / – I’ll try again. What’s wrong with him? Is he ignoring my warning? Sir. What are you doing? I’m teaching her backstroke. I can see that. What are your intentions? Huh? What do you mean, intentions? Get your act together. If you’ve come to swim, just swim. What’s wrong? I asked him to teach me. I have something to say to you too. Is there no one else to teach you to swim? I can see why she asked me to teach her. – What? / – You tell her off so much. Why would she want to learn from you? Geez. I don’t want to hear that from you. If you’ve come to teach swimming, just teach swimming well. Don’t pick on people. I can’t take this anymore. Don’t talk to me that way! What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t fight, guys. Stop. Exactly. Why are you fighting at a swimming pool? If you want to battle it out, you should have a race. What? I’m a teacher here. Sounds good. For real? That’s a good idea. Are you not confident? Geez… You’ll regret this. Calm down first. You can do it! Dolphin! Teacher! Dolphin! Go, Mr. Dolphin! Good job. That Dolphin guy was pretty good. But he can never beat the teacher. That’s true. Anyway, where is our teacher? He’s knocked out. Why did he try so hard? By the way, Hyeonho. Are things going well? It seemed like things were going well with Mr. Dolphin earlier. It was a nice sight. I’m jealous. Will you guys be wearing matching shirts soon? That’d be so nice. Now… We just eat together. What? But things seemed so good. Maybe it’s because there wasn’t any clincher. We are in the gray zone right now… I want to end this situation too. This is so hard. Do you want us to help? That’s why we formed this gathering. Yeah. We should help her. Let’s do what we can do. Well… I’ve thought of something. What is it? Will you really help me? By the way, is our teaching coming? I told him but I’m not sure if he’ll come. – Dolphin is here. / – Where? – Over there. / – Where? Hyeonho, get ready. Dolphin is here. Okay. Huh? That’s our teacher. You’re right. Teacher? You. We need to talk. What are you doing? I warned you. I told you not to mess with Hyeonho. I have no idea what you are talking about. Let go of me first… Don’t cross the line and go home. Don’t hurt Hyeonho. Geez. You are the one who’s crossing the line. What are you doing to your students? No wonder Hyeonho hates you. What? It’s obvious. To me, it looks like you are the one who’s trying to mess with her. Go on. Whatever I do with Hyeonho, it’s none of your business. Are you picking a fight right now? (The love, Dolphin) Why isn’t he coming? – He should be here by now. / – Yeah. You jerk! Why are you guys fighting? You jerk! Let go! What are you doing? Hyeonho, you can’t date him! He’s a real jerk! What are you talking about? That jerk… He’s married. He’s a married man with a wife and a kid! What? How dare you… Stop! Stop it! Stop it now! So you saw Ujin with this woman and this baby at the supermarket and thought he was married. Yes. But this woman and this baby are Ujin’s sister and his nephew. And this man right here is your brother-in-law working abroad. That’s right. Why didn’t you look into it? Why? Hyeonho. Hyeonho. Please listen to me. I’ve got it all wrong and I made a mistake. So… Do you know… What you have done? The confession I planned… I’ve been dreaming of it for a long time. For the person I really like. I was scared but I finally mustered up my courage. But it has become a nightmare… Thanks to you. I thought of you and… If your first love is a married man, that’s even worse. So I got really worried… You really don’t understand. Hyeonho… I never asked you to worry about me. I never asked you to care for me. What are you to interfere with my life? Who do you think you are? You make me feel so pathetic. Who is Ms. Tuna? She’s a member of our sports center. When did you two first meet? This spring, when she entered the center. – Was it love at first sight? / – No. I wasn’t interested in her in the beginning. How did you come to like her? There isn’t a certain event that made me like her… She reacts right away when you tease her. That’s really adorable. Also, she’s so cute. So what’s the outlook of your relationship? Outlook? We’ll live happily together. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. She told me not to make her feel pathetic… My Hyeonho… Yes, honey. Oh, I’m on my way home. Yes. Yes, I’m coming. No, I didn’t drink. I had dinner. I just had dinner. Tuna… It’s so cold. Oh, you came! I was worried if you wouldn’t come. – Hello. / – What a relief. I was worried about you. I’m okay thanks to you. Attention! Everyone, over here! Something came up for Teacher Han. I’ll be teaching the class today. (Teacher Han Yura) Why didn’t you come today? You didn’t quit… I thought about it and I think I was too mean last time. Is it because of… Is something wrong with our teacher? He didn’t come today. Oh, he’s got a cold. I’m sure he’ll be okay soon. Doctor, these days, my face gets red all of a sudden and I have severe mood swings. My heart beats so fast that I can’t sleep at night and my chest feels congested that I can’t even breathe. Is this a serious illness? You should reduce your alcohol intake. Oh, I see. How can a teacher catch a cold? I couldn’t learn backstroke today. Hyeonho. I’m sorry about what happened… Do you want to watch a movie this Saturday? What? A movie? With me? I think it’s going to rain. Let’s go by my car. No, it’s okay. I can walk. The gas costs a lot these days. Hold on a second. I’ll go get the car. Oh, teacher. I heard you were sick. Are you okay? Yes. Well… What are you doing this Saturday? Why do you ask? Here. (One special lesson ticket) I’ll give you a special lesson that day. You said you couldn’t learn backstroke. I have something on Saturday. Oh, you have plans. Yes. I’m going to the movies. Movies? With who? Then, I’ll see you next time when we have class. What do you want to drink? Coke, please. Artificial sweetener isn’t good for your body. What about carbonated water then? Okay. I’ll drink that. What should we do after the movie? How about Hangang? The weather’s great. – We can go for a walk. / – Hangang? There will be so many people since it’s the weekend. What about we eat something delicious? As for the menu… You choose what you want to eat. Then… How about we eat spicy rice cakes? Spicy rice cakes? I’m buying. You should choose something better. I want to eat that since I ate lots of good food. We aren’t even high school kids… Think about it and tell me. We have plenty of time. Okay. Hyeonho. Wait a second. I need to take a photo of this. This is the signature dish here. – It’s a shame to just eat it. / – Right? It’s good that we came here, right? Yes. Actually, I think we have a lot of things in common. You think so? What’s the most precious apple? An apology you make to a precious person. The keyword of this month is happiness. Smile when you are tired. He sounds so old. (One special lesson ticket) Wow. It’s so big. But… I asked for a special lesson, not an aquarium. Your face says you love it. And this is a special lesson. A special lesson to refresh. Don’t make things up. What’s wrong with your shirt? This is a shirt for our special lesson. – Limited edition. / – Gosh. Well, you bought the tickets already so I’ll enjoy it. Sure. That’s Nemo, right? That’s not Nemo. Wow, it’s so big. Hyeonho. You choose your favorite first. What if I like both flavors? Then you can have both. It’s fine. I think it was when I was 8. I was all over the place when I was young. I was cheeky as if I had ADHD. So my mom sent me to a swimming class as a last resort. I can imagine. You see the blue light here? This blue light calms your heart. It calms your heart and clears your head. – Really? / – Yes. Well, I’m still doing fine so I guess that isn’t wrong. In conclusion, there is a reason why swimming and going to an aquarium are good for refreshing. That’s what I want to say. I thought you needed that the most right now. Thank you… For caring. Ms. Tuna! Ms. Tuna. Your swimming skills have improved! Say something! Teacher. I told you not to pick on the Dolphin! Look at your face. It’s all busted up. – What? / – Look. You look exactly the same when you are mad. What? When did I get mad? Ms. Hyeonho! It is you, Ms. Hyeonho. I wasn’t sure. – What are you doing here? / – Me? Well… It’s the weekend. I’m on a date. What about you? I’m… – Just… / – Oh, my. Is he the Dolphin? No, it’s a long story… I see. You looked like you were having so much fun so I thought he was the Dolphin. What? I see… I like the Dolphin. But… It’s uncomfortable when I’m with him. Why is that? Do you feel uncomfortable when you like someone? Hey, Hyeonu! You ruined mine! No, I was trying to help you. I hate you. Hyeonu, do you want to make a flower with me to give to Songi? Hyeonu. Do you really like Songi? But you always fight. I feel the happiest and most excited when I play with Songi. If you feel the happiest and most excited, it means you like that person? Yes. You don’t feel that way? You looked like you were having so much fun so I thought he was the Dolphin. (You are so cheap) How about we go for a drive after dinner? I have something to tell you as well. – Good job. / – Good job. Wait. Why isn’t Hyeonho here? – She said she has dinner plans. / – What? Oh, Mr. Dolphin isn’t here too. Oh, gosh. Is there something going on between them? – Teacher. / – Yes? Do you know anything? No, how would I know? Let’s drink. Oh, geez! – You scared me. / – What’s wrong? Something urgent came up. Enjoy your drinks! I’ll pay for mine later! Relax your head. Is this a special lesson? You are so… It’s a special relaxation lesson! You need to relax your body a little. It’s my fault for asking you for a special lesson. Did something go wrong? Have you ever… Liked someone before? Well, I’ve liked someone and hated someone too. When you were with the person you liked… Did you feel… Happy… And comfortable? Yes. I think so. Are you crying? No, I’m not. I’m just upset. I don’t even know my feelings but I get clingy… And get disappointed if things don’t go my way. I feel like I’m a fool. Look at you. You are tensing up again. Just lie down like this. Here, look. Look. It’s so easy if you relax, right? I’m not sure if it’s easy. But it’s not bad. I like it. I like you. I like you. Hyeonho. Are you okay? Hyeonho. Hyeonho! Hyeonho! You scared me. I thought you just left. Let me… Let me ask you a question. I… I liked Mr. Dolphin. I didn’t even know how I felt but I believed that I liked him. But… I feel confused at this situation and I don’t really know how I’m feeling… It’s fun and exciting to be with you. But I might get tensed up again, do something foolish and fall head over heels in love. I’m afraid of that. So… What I want to say is… Well, first… Do you want to share the umbrella? I’ll make you feel certain. I’ll make you feel certain. So don’t be afraid and don’t be worried already. I’ll be with you. So you just… Check if your heart is throbbing well. Then… Shall we go? Why are you getting so close? Don’t you know the reason? What is it? It’s because I like you. Gosh. Get closer. You’ll get wet. Everyone, what is love? Draw what comes into your mind. A man and a woman are eating spaghetti together. A princess and a prince getting married. Having fun in the playground. What about you, Ms. Hyeonho?


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