The Two Popes | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is that plant? It’s oregano. -Your gardener gave it to me.
-You’re very popular. I just try to be myself. Whenever I try to be myself, people don’t seem
to like me very much. Confidential
Church documents were allegedly leaked
to the press. …alleging corruption… …and misconduct
among the clergy. I hope this business
is not too distressing. Does a shepherd run away
when the wolves appear? We are  moving in directions
I can no longer condone. I’ve struggled to do what must be done,
but I’ve lost. Popes can’t resign.
If you do this, you will damage
the papacy forever. I can no longer sit
on the Chair of Saint Peter. -You’re mistaken. You are–
-Silence! I cannot play
this role anymore. There’s a saying, “God always corrects
one pope by presenting the world
with another pope.” I should–
I’d like to see my correction. Reform needs a politician. The most important
qualification for any leader is not wanting to be leader. It’s not me
who needs to be satisfied. It’s 1.2 billion believers. You’re the right person.
The Church needs to change, and you could be
that change. It could never be me. The grand doors
have slammed shut and will remain so till the next pope
has been chosen. …from that balcony up there. Nothing is static in nature.
Not even God. Where should we find him
if he’s always moving? -On the journey?
-Oh! Perhaps we’ll find God
over there, on the journey.
I’ll introduce you to him. Being pope,
you must remember that you are not God. You’re only human.


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