The Untamed comes to Netflix, Two republican-era dramas premiere, Is there a Whirlwind Girl 3?

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update October 23rd 2019 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas with premiere dates. In this edition, The Untamed will air on Netflix
and will there be another Whirlwind Girl, but first.. Hot-Blooded Youthis a republican-era
drama starring Huang Zitao and Sophie Zhang and it premiered on October 22nd. Previously entitled The Files of Teenagers
in the Concession, it tells the story of a group of idealistic
youths who overcome many hardships to become a formidable force in the Shanghai bund. Huang Zitao recently starred in The Brightest
Star in the Sky whereas Sophie Zhang recently starred in Princess
Silver. Fans of Tao will get to see him show off his
wushu skills in Hot-Blooded Youth. The 30 episode drama releases 2 episodes every
Tuesday to Friday on iQiyi – English subs might be available on its app. Awakening of Insectsis
a republican-era drama starring Zhang Ruoyun and Angel Wang and it premiered on October
22nd. It is a sequel to 2016’s Sparrow starring
Li Yifeng and tells the story of a street hoodlum, played by Zhang Ruoyun, who is forced
to become a Japanese spy to save his kidnapped sister. While carrying out his mission, he meets and
falls in love with an underground Communist Party member played by Angel Wang. Zhang Ruoyun was recently in The Evolution
of Our Love whereas Angel Wang was in Novoland: Eagle
Flag. If you’re into republican-era spy thriller
dramas then this might be your thing. The 40 episode drama releases 2 episodes daily
on Hunan TV and iQiyi. It is also available on Youtube. You can copy the Chinese title of this drama and paste in Youtube’s search bar. No English subs at the moment though. The Untamed has been one of the years biggest
drama hits — and now it’s coming to Netflix on October 25th. Based on the web novel, Grandmaster of Demonic
Cultivation, the web series premiered in June,
and made its two leads, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, two of China’s hottest stars. The Untamed actually started off with a low
rating on Douban, but reached high numbers by the end of its run; it currently has an
8.2 rating. It’s popularity isn’t just confined to China
as it’s proven to be a success in South Korea, Thailand and Japan. It’s hotly-discussed in many forums and threads
in different languages. The Untamed castmembers held a fan meet not
too long ago in Thailand and the event was a great success. The turnout was terrific, and the stars and
fans alike had an awesome time. The drama will premiere on Nextflix on October
25th, but the question now is how do you guys think
it will do, particularly in North America and Europe? I hope it does well, but undoubtedly there
are cultural differences. Are those markets ready for them? Some previous costume dramas on Netflix have
done pretty well – The Rise of Phoenixes, Ashes of Love and Ten
Miles of Peach Blossoms all have over 8.0 ratings –
so that can be a good indicator for The Untamed. The one thing that’s working against it is
of course it’s already been on YouTube for a so long so many people have already seen
it. But then again because it’s become so popular
that people with Netflix who haven’t seen might want to check it out
just to see what the fuss is about. So what do you guys think? How will The Untamed do in the West? I did a video a couple of months ago regarding
a controversy which struck the summer hit drama Go Go Squid! It was about this map, shown around the 18th
minute of the 39th episode, which highlighted Taiwan and Hainan in a different
color from Mainland China. The shot lasted about 19 seconds and apparently
had some viewers up in arms; some even turned on Yang Zi because she reportedly is one of
the drama’s investors . Well now there’s an update to this, the production
company has been fined 100,000 RMB for it, approx. 14,000 USD. Understandably, many people from around world
will think that this was just much ado about thing but I guess this is just how things works in China. By the way, the male lead of Go Go Squid!,
Li Xian, celebrated his birthday last week on October 19th. He turned 28. Happy birthday, Li Xian. And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you, a fan who supports my channel by contributing on my Patreon page. Today’s question comes from Peggy Hui, who
asks: Hi Marcus, one quick question. I came across Whirlwind girl and followed
up on Whirlwind girl 2, have you seen any of it? Are you aware of any talks about a season
3? It needs one, as if I got it right, Yang Yang,
the main male character in season 1 is not dead but in coma or something in the U.S.A.!
Let me know your thoughts, please, grazie!! Grazie Peggy for your question. Indeed, this is not the first time I’ve been
asked about another Whirlwind Girl installment. So let’s start with the first one. The Whirlwind Girlis a Chinese
modern drama starring Yang Yang and Hu Bingqing and it aired in 2015. It is based on the novel of the same name
and tells the story of a Taekwondo student, played by Hu Bingqing,
and her pursuit for martial arts glory after her parents perished in a fire. Along the way she encounters friends such
as her stoic and selfless senior, played by Yang Yang. The Whirlwind Girl was a commercial success. It maintained the number one spot in its timeslot
during its broadcast and was one of the highest rated dramas of 2015. The Whirlwind Girl 2 starred a brand new cast
and premiered in 2016. An Yuexi took over the role that Hu Bingqing
played and South Korean actor, Ji Chang Wook, played a talented martial artist who trains
her. I watched The Whirlwind Girl one but not part
two. As for whether Yang Yang’s character in part
one is dead, well the drama didn’t explicitly say that he is,
and even if he is, we all know how easily dead characters can come back to life in Chinese
dramas. It’s one of their specialty tropes. Granted this is a modern drama, but there
are several plot devices they can go to to bring him back to life. As for a third season of The Whirlwind Girl,
I haven’t heard anything official about it. I did quick online search and most of the
stuff said is just conjecture. So at the moment, I’d say that there’s nothing
in the works for a third season for The Whirlwind Girl. I also follow Yang Yang occasionally on
his Weibo page and he hasn’t mentioned anything recently about coming back for it. But I guess you never know, these days it
seems some productions try to keep their dramas top secret, like Love Advanced Customization,
Dilraba’s new drama with Johnny Huang. And before I let you guys go, here’s a recap
of all the dramas with premiere dates. Hot-Blooded Youth 热血少年 and Awakening
of Insects 麻雀2之惊蛰 both premiered on October 22nd. And that’s it for today guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to being a patron. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. Thank you all for watching I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.


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