The UTA Theatre Family- Maverick Monday

hello my name is Francisco Grifaldo and
I’m currently pursuing my BFA in performance at UTA.
I chose UTA mainly because of the professors. They are friendly
knowledgeable and very supportive since day one. One thing I love about UTA is
the people. I’ve made new friends, I’ve made basically a whole different family
here and I’m very grateful for that. One of my favorite memories from UTA is
actually from Music Man. Before opening the show we would already be on stage
and there would be this like long kind of like band you know like a like a song
playing and backstage it was just me and all the actors and we would just like
dance, like just dance and just like since the curtains were down we would just be
like you know acting crazy. Some advice I would give to a prospective student is
to slow down you know take things one at a time. Know that you will soon find your
path and just live in the moment

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