The very Easy way to do Caramel Popcorn|Homemade theatre caramel #popcorn#caramelpopcorn#homemade

Hi How Are you everyone? does all sounds good? Did you all celebrate Deewali with crackers and sweets? i bursted lots of crackers, i met friends and had sweets. We are going to Movie Tonight. So planning to make more popcorns. so guess what i am going to cook today? CARAMEL POPCORN….Shall we do now? are you ready? Come lets start its very easy to do caramel popcorn for this receipe Get act ll popcorns or normal corns,then brown sugar Shall we start now? act ll popcorn has added butter already so just take it and add it in a cooker or a pan. Close the lid and leave it for few mins until the popcorn pop’sout, you will hear popping noise Could you hear the noise now?? popcorn is ready now Now lets do caramel We are now going to do caramel with brown sugar Take a pan and add some butter in it, then add the brown sugar Stir it nicely for few mins to get a liquid caramel Now the caramel is ready, mix all the popcorn all sides. Now the caramel is mixed well and it is ready Now put it in a tray and split the popcorns and leave it to dry for few mins. Its ready to be served.


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