The Vizio 5.1.4 Home Theatre System Sounds Amazing!

over the years I have had so many different 5.1 7.1 surround type systems either being at home or on my computer I’ve honestly had a lot of different ones to check out in my lifetime I’ve literally been into this kind of audio stuff since I was a little kid and then as soon as anything was available for that was like that I was trying to get my grubby little hands on it and try it out well now I got really lucky and Vizio contacted me and they asked me if I’d like to check out their brand-new home entertainment system and this particular entertainment system happens to be a very interesting product because well it’s five point one point four so you’re going okay Elric what exactly is five point one point four we’ll check this out five point one point four is this you have your normal 5.1 surround sound speakers but you also have an additional four speakers that are upward firing so there’s two speakers on the sound bar and two speakers and your satellites that are actually shooting upwards and making that sound differentiate from the sound that you’re hearing coming towards you so now not only do you have your standard surround sound coming around you you have sound as being projected and bounced off your roof or your ceiling coming down and completely changing the way the sound environment is honestly this particular product is really really neat I think it sounds great and we also got really lucky a little while back we showed you guys a video on this product called the hook verse headphones now these hook first headphones they actually record in stereo so we were able to actually use these headphones and capture all of the audio for this video so if you have headphones at home you can just slap your own headphones on and you’ll still get a simulation of that recording now it’s not going to be obviously exact the same is sitting here in my living room when we’re listening to it but it will be kind of the same because you’ll still be able to hear those things so let’s real quick let’s check out the product itself then let’s do a sound test talk about my feelings and see at the end of the day if I’d recommend it to you for prep to try out in your home one thing totally crazy about this entire system is it has 13 total speakers that’s right 13 total speakers 8 sound bar speakers 2 an each satellite speaker and a subwoofer and it also features a quad-core digital signal processor to make sure all that sound is coming out perfectly and for those of you wondering well hey dude what comes in the box well you get definitely all of the connections that you need you get the remote you get batteries you get the subwoofer the satellite speaker and the sound bar itself the sound bar size is in at 46 by 2.5 2 by 3 point 3/4 inches it has a hundred Hertz to 20 kilohertz frequency response the speakers contained within the sound bar are full range drivers with neodymium magnets and mid bass drivers now the subwoofer it’s sizes in at 14 by 15 by 14 inches it features a 10-inch down firing driver it features 30 Hertz to a hundred and 60 Hertz frequency response and the bass notes really Rumble off this thing the satellite speaker size in at 3 inches by six point five two inches by two point six seven inches the sound bar connects pretty easily to your TV and has a lot of different connections so it’ll probably fit with your TV as well it features HDMI out arc HDMI IN and external Ethernet port USB input digital input RCA connections AC power and auxilary 3.5 millimeter jack and an optical input as well one thing that vizio touts about this product is how simple it is to connect and the way that I cooked it up via the HDMI Arc it was really really simple and everything was automatically detected the sub-woofer did its handshake it was up and working the satellite speakers were all connected and the only thing that I had to do was go into my TV and actually change my audio settings to the HDMI art connection these speakers aren’t exactly totally wireless and in fact you know Vizio really doesn’t you know say okay these are Wireless they say it’s just a wireless subwoofer and that is true the subwoofer is completely wireless and the satellite speakers actually plug into that now depending on how your setup is at your house this can either be a really great thing or you’re gonna have a bunch of cables running around everywhere luckily for the way that I have my house set up I was really easily able to put the subwoofer in one corner hook up all the satellite speakers have them so they were facing directly in so I could hear them really optimally all the cables and everything were able to be hidden now if you live in a house where your couch is like sitting out and you don’t have a wall behind you well then obviously you’re gonna need to have a plug and you’re gonna have the the cabling that goes to the two satellite speakers is gonna be hanging out there but for my particular situation it just happened to work out just a plus plus for me and I’m really happy with the way that it looks and at first I just hooked up just the the big speaker I was like okay I will just try out this big giant you know huge bar speaker first and see what it sounds like compared to my TV sound and just with that alone the sound bar I was like wow this is a lot better sound just with that alone and then when I hooked up the subwoofers again and the satellite speaker is out just like oh wow okay this is just really really incredible stuff I mean here just take a listen to some of the things that we were checking out and hear the rumble of the subwoofer and how the voice actually gets completely separated from the sound and in fact this is one of the things that I really do like about this particular system is the sound separation [Music] [Music] I finally came home to defend the only family I ever know [Music] [Music] [Music] all right once again I want to point out that all the audio that we recorded for the demo was done with the hook verse headphones we’ll have a link down below if you want to check out these headphones they sound really good and if you’re into recording concerts or band practice these things are really unbeatable so make sure that when you listen to the demo that you at least have some surround sound or a nice set of headphones to listen to so you can at least you know somewhat see what they sound like now this particular product it does come with a one-year warranty on their site it’s like a thousand bucks but it’s like 879 dollars on Amazon I don’t really think that the sound itself can be beat one thing that I really like and none of my other really previous sound systems that I had worked this well and when people are talking all of the voices are segregated and you hear them all just coming out of the front speaker so they’re right in front of you but then when you start having the music being mixed in and action scenes coming all of a sudden the speakers behind you come totally alive but when that people start talking and you’ve got a mixture of music and people it’s not your hating music what blah these little people whispering to you see you can barely hear them the balance is really good now the only caveat about this particular product and it wasn’t like the end of the worlds that once in a while probably due to it being you know semi Wireless every so often the sound would just stop and I’d have to adjust the volume for a second then it would kick back in and work it was really no big deal it just be like for a second you know you’d be like hearing a bunch audio then nothing and then you just go click how can everything be fine again but that was the only thing about this system at all and it doesn’t really do it all that often it’s just done it a couple of times but I think it’s just worth mentioning because that’s really the only thing about this system at all that wasn’t perfect beyond that the audio quality how loud this thing gets like it rumbles so loud that like jeez like men you’re gonna like make the neighbors upset with this thing but houses are kind of far apart here they couldn’t hear anyways they’re I think they’re half death but it’s really really extremely loud so if you’re looking for a high-quality audio system something that’s really easy to hook up and you have a kind of a situation like mine or you have a way at your house to hook up your speakers for that being you know to of truce then this is definitely something you should check out they have these at Best Buy and other places set up so if you want to actually hear one in person and you have access to one of these brick-and-mortar places definitely go in check it out you’ll be like damn that does sound awfully good like usual we’ll have links to all this stuff down below so if you guys want to check out more information check out more videos prices will have that down there like I said we’ll have the stuff for the hook verse as well we’d love to MU sub turn the channel so if you like what you see hey hit that sub button it that notifications thing and also we have lots of ways you can support us either by trying out Amazon or patron or yah yah yah yah there’s just a whole lot of ways so peace out thanks for watching this video and putting up with me aslong we’ll see you guys back in the channel for more tech


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