The Voice and The Echo: Audience reactions

I’ve just come out of the most wonderful two and a half hours in the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse. If you haven’t been there, do rush to get to it. It was unexpectedly delightful. The theatre is like a jewel. It made it timeless in a way, hearing new poetry and old poetry, and yet being in such a historical but new playhouse it really made a big difference to the experience and I don’t think it’d be the same being anywhere else. You got a real sense of how deeply engaged the musician was with the music. You could see his expressions changing. I loved it. It was a really good experience hearing new poetry fresh on the night night that nobody had heard before. I thought that was really exciting. I love the little touches of gold and the luminosity It really gives you a proper historical frisson to be inside. It’s like being in another century. I’ve never been in another space quite like it.

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