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This goal is pointless.
They’ll never catch up with us. Pertini said so, too. Who cares? I just hope we’ll be done soon. I’m off to America in a few days. Look. This guy got rich with trade
and an amusement park, in New York. I’m sorry. I’ll just go. If all goes well, in a few years,
I’ll get them to come over, and I’ll marry her. We’re not married, either. She has no family, I’m jobless. What a couple! I’d love to go to America, too,
but not to work as a carny. I’m not going to be a carny.
I’ll work as an accountant. It’s my job. Many tourists come here, in summer. Loud people, who make a racket,
who want to have fun. But there’s nothing to do here,
except jumping into the ocean. Your “bed brek”, or whatever it’s called,
is a quiet little place. If you’re looking for peace and quiet,
stay away from the beach. Or you can go to the movies. Nobody goes to the movies in summer.
Actually, not even in spring. Give it two years and these small-town
theaters will all be closed. Trust me. Ah, and if you are looking for company, check out this house.
Look, at those goods! So hot! I can’t even breathe. I’m coming! Just a moment. -Keep the change.
-Thank you. Your bag? I’ll take care of it. I was expecting you.
I received the deposit, but after that, you went quiet,
and I got a bit worried. I’m attending a baptism tonight. Anyway, great choice to come here.
We have wonderful rooms. Unfortunately,
there is no air-conditioning. How’s that for the first two weeks? Sure, but you shouldn’t have worried. You are such a gentleman,
coming from far away… Mr. Alfonso Berretta, right?
That’s the name on the reservation. With distinguished gentlemen like you,
I don’t need any paperwork. I’m off. I will provide you
with something, so you won’t feel hot. Good morning. -How much is a ticket?
-Five Euros. {an8}FORTUNE-TELLER
JUST TEN EUROS I saw you the other night. -What were you looking for?
-The movie theater. What do the cards say? -Have they gone dumb, now?
-Have I ever tried to swindle you? You’ve met a man
who will change your future. Listen, Regina,
I meet a lot of men every day. It’s not a good day
to try and bullshit me. You’re upset because
I’ve just said something true. You’ve met a man, an unusual man.
A stranger. Well done. You didn’t happen to see him?
We are neighbors. The cards are my eyes. I see the moon, next to the devil. It means death. The death of a loved one. No worries, then. I don’t have,
and never had, any loved ones. Here’s your money. I’m going back to work. Do you want one of these?
So you can talk and you won’t feel lonely. Are you going to bury yourself in
a movie theater, with no one to talk to? I love to see the endings. There’s something I could do for you. If you mean what everyone else thinks,
you could have put more effort into it. Don’t you have a family,
a friend, anybody? How about minding your own business? -I can help you.
-You, help me? You should go now. SIX MONTHS EARLIER Al. Let’s discuss business, now. Let’s speak Italian, though,
so we understand each other better. Alright. You got it, right? We’re out of money,
things have been slow. As long as you don’t say anything.
Okay? Do you understand? Yes, I understand. But, Mr. Vincent, you know how it is. Unfortunately, right now,
we’re short of cash. -So what?
-So what? How can I hide from the boss
that two million dollars are missing? You don’t understand. You’re stupid. The millions will be back.
Possibly more than two million. But the old man must not know. For your own good… shut up! Okay. So, for the time being,
I will try… No, Al! You really don’t want understand. I’ll try to hide it, at least for a while. For a while? What do you mean by that? -Forever?
-Yeah, that’s good. You have to be like at the casino.
The winning bet. It’s a matter of time.
The old man is no longer in charge. Now the boss is Johnny.
Johnny controls the business. I’m telling you for your own good. Shut up. You must be quiet. -Okay?
-Okay, I understand. Hi, Todd. Here you are, Alfonso. The one man here
who knows who’s the boss. You are here for the accounts, as usual? -This king is in trouble.
-Right. As usual, Don Joseph. But… I warn you, sir. Your son’s activities burn a good deal
of the profits. We have a problem. Hell, I know. What can I do? He’s a hothead. He does what he wants.
He’s supposed to have judgment, but he does what he wants.
He always does what he wants. Why don’t you mind your own business,
you son of a bitch? You’re always getting in the way. Do your accounts,
that’s what I pay you for. Asshole. You’re really bothering me
with this snooping around all the time. He’s a good guy. Leave him alone, Giovanni. Giovanni? Who’s Giovanni? I’m Johnny & Joseph Vescovo,
Import-Export. Remember? You gave us the name.
And this good guy here, he’s a pig. For the respect to my father. Get out
of here, before I lose my temper. He’s old. Send him to Tangeri Dream. Before his retirement.
It’s his last chance. Bye. Tony, the boss wants to talk to you,
tonight. At the funfair. Do you understand? No problem. Thanks. Don Joseph. How are you? You know, your son is harsh,
but he respects you. You taught him to act
in the interest of the family. I know what’s going on here. I’m not stupid.
I’m old, but I’m not stupid. They want me out of here.
He doesn’t understand. He’s causing problems.
He’s going to ruin the family. Now, Enzo, are still with me? That’s the question. I stay… …with the hand that gives me the money. But time has passed. And it’s no longer this hand, Don Joseph! Sorry. What do you think?
Do I have to get them all killed? -I don’t think.
-You never think, Tony. Come on. That’s why I like you.
No nonsense, only facts. That’s why my old man is yours. -He’s your father.
-Yeah, I know he’s my father. But it’s not my fault he won’t step aside. He tells everybody I’m the boss, now,
but… he just won’t go away. He won’t retire. I don’t know, Tony,
maybe he’s looking for a quiet way to go, like when you die in your sleep. Something they call euthanasia. I understand. When should this euthanasia happen? It’s up to you, where and when. But it has
to be this week. My business can’t wait. Clean. Tony. This week. Got it? Got it. I’ll do as you say, but…
I don’t like it. Does this bother you? At my age, nothing bothers me anymore. I’m glad you took me for this walk. I used to walk in the park with my wife. She was young, pretty.
Before Johnny was born. -So, Johnny was born in New York?
-No, in Sicily. I came back to start my business. Import-Export, oranges and lemons. I had hoped that Johnny
would make better choices. But… then, you know… parents don’t want their kids to make
the same mistakes as yours. But Johnny…
has continued the family business. I thought… you were proud of that. Right, I’m proud of you too, Tony. I’m proud of you to make the same choices.
I talk to you like I talk to Johnny. To make better choices. There comes a time when parents
have to look at things differently. You… You need to look at things,
you have to make better choices, and maybe you could. Don Joseph. This is the only job I know. These people.
They are like brothers to me. If you want to change your name,
you could. If you want to change your life,
you could. You can become a different man. Tony. You have to look this over. A different man. A new man. I’ll be one when I’m dead. Here we all know each other. You’re not from here, are you?
Are you here on business? This is a godforsaken place. If I had money, I’d go. I can’t wash
glasses for the rest of my life. My cousin found a job in Germany. He worked his ass off night and day
at a restaurant, and then he came back. -What’s the name of this cousin worker?
-Nicola. Why? You also want to go to Germany? I mean, what’s the point?
You go abroad to make money… and then you come back,
poorer than when you first left? -Now and then, the horse returns.
-What horse? -The bathroom?
-Over there. -What would you like?
-A whiskey. -On the rocks?
-On the rocks. We’re looking for a stranger.
Someone who doesn’t belong here. Actually, we don’t get any tourists
around here. -How much?
-It’s on the house. Really? You are kind. -See you later?
-Goodbye. See you again. I told you not to come here. You would be the one supposed to help me? That’s up to you. Up to me? How about you? Nothing’s up to me, anymore. -Is there a problem?
-No, everything’s fine, Mr. Mancuso. You can go in,
my colleague is waiting for you. Hey. What about my girlfriend? -How long will it take?
-Are you Antonio Torre? -Yes.
-Come with me. The baby is okay. But the doctor would like a word with you. -Your wife…
-What?No!You killed her!Were you looking for me? Why don’t you come in? Lucia, give me the ones
that are ready for the window. Take them yourself,
I’m not paid to be a porter! We know what you’re paid for.
I’m the only one you turn down. Hey, stop! What the fuck are you doing?
Let him go! Do you know this guy? As soon as he apologises,
this matter will be over. -Be good and apologize to the lady.
-Sorry. What are you doing? Half the village
wants me, and half despises me. I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself. I can’t stand people who have no respect.
What the fuck! Take off your glasses. I can’t see you. No one had ever stood up for me
like you did. Who is that skinny, blond guy who is
always around you, dressed as a waiter? Angelo. Are you kidding me? He’s an asshole, but pretty harmless.
He helps me… survive. -I have to go.
-No, you’re not going anywhere. -I’d better go.
-Don’t. I’d better go. Take me away. Take me away from here.
I can’t take it anymore. Where will you take me?
Tell me, where will you take me? -Where shall I take you?
-Take me away. Where shall I take you? Mr. Berretta. Mr. Berretta. Mr. Berretta. So nice to see you out of your room
during the day. Here, this should cover the next few days. -That’s too much. No, I can’t…
-Don’t worry, just take it. -Couldn’t you knock?
-Nobody knocks at your door. Don’t give me this bullshit. I need money. You’re always after money. Isn’t your job good enough?
I need money, too! Your money, if it wasn’t for me,
would be in some pimp’s pocket. This way, it ends up in yours.
What a good brother I have. What do you need so much money for?
Do you gamble? No, I don’t gamble. You know that. I’m just trying
to get out of this shit hole! Then go! But tell me where you’re going,
so I’ll go the other way. Listen up, sis.
You’ll leave if and when I say so. I’ve found the man
who’ll get me out of here. If you’re talking about the guy
from the other night, -stay away from him.
-Why? What do you know? There are guys looking for him,
and they mean serious business. Great. If he has to run away,
he’ll take me with him. Stay away from him, I’m telling you. Now give me the money.
I’m fucking tired of looking for it. If all goes well, I’ll go. And this is
the last money you get from me. Asshole. -Why did you come?
-You said you would take me away. No. -I thought about it, but I cannot.
-Because of the people after you? For many reasons. You are beautiful. You are young. I’ll help you leave. But as for me, I’ll stay. Why? What’s the point of you being here? Go. Just go. Shit. Take it, please. -Why?
-It’s just for good luck. You won’t believe me,
but you remind me of someone. -Someone? Who?
-Just someone. -Really?
-Yes. Take it, please. I’m putting half of my fate in your hands. If you feel that way… -I’m positive.
-Hope it’ll bring you luck. Hope so too. This time, I’m finished. Why did you call me? I want to speak with you,
because it’s very important. Sit down. Sit down. Look. This is our guy. He made a whole wad of cash disappear
at the Tangeri Dream. Too much to let him off the hook. We gave him a chance, but he wasted it. Right now he’s casino hopping.
Tony, he’s in Italy. Find him. And then, with your typical discretion… get the money back. So the horse will return,
beautiful and winning. -How do you like that?
-It’s my job. We meet again. Must be our fate. Or just a coincidence. Fate is more than just a coincidence. Fate is like the wind. It turns around. Are you going home? Me too. We have something in common. Would you like to play? It depends. Beginner? I used to enjoy a game or two. You know, a passion of the past. You have to look after the baby now. I don’t even want to see him. You didn’t know your girlfriend
had only one kidney? She was in critical conditions,
we couldn’t… Stop! What are you doing?
Stop! Hold him! -You, son of a bitch!
-Stop! You are strangling him.I’ll kill you!What the fuck have you done?FATHER KILLS SON Clock’s ticking. It’s your turn. Look. I’m running away from all this. And you? What are you running from? I’m not running away, I’m not in a hurry. I’m not in a hurry, either. Even though the doctors
say I’m running out of time. I’m sorry. I’m not. Not anymore. Death doesn’t scare me anymore. I just wanted to finish some business,
but… I don’t know. Maybe… Would you like to do it for me? Me? Why me? Why not? Because yesterday you brought me luck. Because I believe in fate,
in what you call coincidence. Please, just do me a favor. Keep these.
I’m sure you’ll know what to do. For me, the time has come
to pass the buck. We fished him out by the port. One of his legs got caught up
in a rope hanging from the hatch, so he got dragged all the way up here,
instead of staying at sea. I’ve been told you talked at length,
Mr. Torre. He told me the doctors had given him
just a few days to live. You think he didn’t want to wait
and killed himself? I don’t think anything.
That’s your job, detective. He wasn’t carrying any papers,
he hadn’t checked in as a passenger. -Do you know what his name was?
-No. But you were seen chatting
while playing chess. He talked. I barely listened. -Do you play chess?
-No, actually, I don’t. -I just know how to move the pieces.
-You should know, Detective. Chess is all a matter of concentration. You have to study your opponent… guess what he has in mind. The smallest distraction, and you have
no time left for a countermove. So he said nothing useful to us. He said he wasn’t scared of death,
something he proved to us, it seems. -Did he say where he was headed?
-No. The years pass
and we no longer recognize each other. -Mattia?
-Tony! We got old. You too. You look like your aunt. My aunt? Do I remind you of my aunt? Tony, Tony. How’s America?
You are respected there, I hear. -The food sucks.
-Good, good. I brought you what you asked me. -This is what you want to become.
-Thanks. And here’s the cleaned-up weapon. So, Tony, it was nice to see you. Same here. Relatives are better than professionals.
Thanks, Mattia. -I’ll look for you.
-Bye, Tony. No, Tony Torre doesn’t play fucks. He knows it’s not good for him. Didn’t have a memory lapse,
or an accident… No way. Find him and make him remember. You go. You get the money
or you get his head. Fuck! Maybe he’s not such an idiot. Don’t you have a family? I regret I abandoned mine. I have a daughter
I haven’t seen for too long. Remorse is destroying me
more than my disease. And that’s how you hope to fix things? It could be suicide,
but where are his papers? Where is the money he won? And where was he going?
I sent the photos to the Interpol. What about fingerprints, teeth,
distinguishing marks? He’s Mr. Nobody. Those who talked to him
said he had an American accent, so we thought he was coming back
after so many years in America. Looking for somebody in America is like
looking for a needle in a haystack. I sent the photos to casinos in Las Vegas, in Florida,
where the professional gamblers play. You sent them? I see obstacles. The moon again, next to the devil. -And the disunity that leads to death.
-Are you trying to scare me? Here is a true obstacle. A relative
who doesn’t want you to leave with him. That would be Angelo.
What a relative that one is. Rather than providing clients to her,
you should lock her in a convent. Two days ago, she came up here, asking for a guest of mine,
an important guest from America. She’s shameless.
She is the talk of the town. And the priest still lets you carry
the statue of the patron saint. Sure, she’s never had a father.
So what? I didn’t have one, either. Yet I got myself a respectable business. I’m making her quit. I’m trying
to bring her back to the right path. She’s like Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene? Shut up, please.
What are you talking about? She would quit right away. You’re
the leech. Pretending to be a saint! Get lost! What do you know about Mary Magdalene? One, please. Thank you. -Is the film any good?
-Haven’t seen it. I might as well watch it.
I can do with a laugh.Give me a cigarette.I don’t understand why you sent your men
to kill the Swede. It’s already started, huh? It’s almost over. I just wanted to tell you,
the other night… three guys came in, looking for you. I’m quite sure they were looking for you. I know two of them. Dangerous guys. Of course, I didn’t say anything. Thanks for the info. But there is nothing to worry about. Anyway, smoking is not allowed here. I have a daughter
I haven’t seen for too long. Remorse is destroying me
more than my disease.And that’s how you hope to fix it?Don’t you think a sacrifice
can save a wasted life? No, I don’t believe in salvation. So you believe in destiny,
but not in salvation. I believe in strategy. We move our pieces. We make our moves. And if we get it wrong,
we have to pay. Sometimes the price can be very high. We all have dreams of glory
when we are kids. But then, as we get older
and we get closer, reality slaps us in the face. Why did you want me to come here? You don’t know? You don’t know? I know my son. I know you hate your job. But you are the best.
You are a professional. You won’t chicken out, now, huh?
On a 90-year-old man. No, if there’s no other way. It’s not the end I dreamed of… but at least I’m in good company. How’s your sister? -I didn’t think you’d be religious.
-You don’t look it either. -What do you want from my sister?
-Me? Nothing. -Maybe I could give something.
-How much? If you want my help,
we should talk about money. -I can give some good advice.
-Are you bullshitting me? I don’t need any advice. Money,
on the other hand, I can always use. Money without good advice… -What do you care?
-Didn’t you say you wanted to leave? Suppose I gave you a job,
something far away from here, would you take your sister with you? A job? You’re offering me a job, while
you could just give me a lot of money. Who told you she’s my sister, anyway? -You’re always together.
-We’re orphans. Her father used to send her some money.
I never met mine. None of your business, anyway. Let’s talk about money, rather.
It’s late for this bullshit. Maybe you’re right, it’s too late.
And maybe not. Be respectful. Our Lady’s watching you.
Perhaps she’s blessing you, too. -Are you closing down here?
-Sure, don’t worry. -Bye, then.
-Bye. -Don’t move. Come with us.
-What fuck do you want? Move! We meet again. You have to show up at your appointments.
Let’s go. I know that this game
is not a coincidence. And that I’m losing. This is a famous game. Spassky -Fischer, tournament of ’72. The white was winning, like now. Why did you want to play it? No reason. Just to talk a little. We both know how it’s going to finish,
don’t we? Spassky won the game as white. Fisher won the tournament, however. Good, you woke up.
We’re not here to take a nap! You’re getting it all wrong.
I just wanted to help you. Come on, refresh your memory. -So, where’s your friend?
-He’s not my friend. Tell me where this shithead hides. At the Babele Home. Ask Concetta. Are you bullshitting us? I told you, he’s there. Not upstairs.
There’s a room at ground level. No witnesses. Is that clear? Go. Wait, let’s throw him into the river. No, he could survive, if he’s lucky. Let’s get him out. This is a hunting ground. Better if it looks like an accident. A stray bullet blows his head up. No! It can’t be a hunting accident
if you shoot from that close. That’s point-blank.
Go farther and aim well. Good point. You heard him, right? I will shoot you, from afar. -I told you where he is.
-Shut up. -I told you!
-Shut up. Go and check! Where the fuck you are? Who you are? Show yourself, you son of a bitch– Here, you were right.
This guy’s name is Alfonso Berretta. He worked at the Tangeri Dream,
an Atlantic City casino. He suddenly disappeared. He must have used fake IDs to travel
in America, and then to Italy. From Genova, he shipped a trunk to Sicily.
Then he was found dead at the port. -We have to track down that trunk.
-Give it here, this is my job. Let’s talk in the afternoon,
as soon as I know more. Okay. By the way, what about those two
at the creek? Local felons, of the worst kind.
Looks like an execution. We should thank who got rid of them.
But it’s not connected to our case. Put this one on later. You get here at 7am
saying you fell off your bike. You don’t even have a bike. I did it for you, to keep you out
of this mess. They’re dangerous people. For me? You’ve never done anything
for me, not even when I was 16. What trouble did you get yourself into?
What are you talking about? The guy you’re seeing
won’t take you anywhere. Those people are looking for him
and they will find him. You’re a disgrace. You told them
where to find him. Why? I told you, I did it for you. Those guys don’t mess around. They would have killed me first
and then you. -I managed to escape, but next time?
-For me? Not to save your own skin?
I don’t need any more favors, thanks. Don’t go! Are you crazy? What’s all this racket? He’s not here. He went out early this morning
with a suitcase. He might have left. He left? Are you sure? Honey. I’m no fortune teller.
I said he might have left. He wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. You’re deluding yourself. Men are all like
that. When they need you, all is good. Suddenly, they don’t need you anymore.
You think you’re taking advantage of them, but, really, it’s the other way around.
They always get the upper hand. Sant’Agata, protect me. What if someone sees me
driving you around? Tomorrow it’ll all be over.
No one will be looking for you. How do you know you can trust me? I don’t trust you.
But there’s no way you can betray me. They already know where to find me. I can pay you very well,
they can only kill you. It’s simply better for you to keep doing
what you’re doing. Drive and don’t think. If this is the place you’re looking for,
we’re there. If you like this, wait for me
and you’ll get more. Back in five minutes. Are we atoning? Are we atoning? It would take a lifetime to atone. Excuse me if I asked you to come
to such a… discreet place. Don’t get a heart attack.
I have nowhere to bury you. Climbing all those stairs helps. I have everything. Here’s the clean… …money. And this is what you asked for Angelo. -Thanks. This for you.
-For me? Yes. Watch out, they’re looking for it. What about the delivery? We’ll make it in the afternoon.
No worries. When you open it, you might get a stroke. It’s a lot. What are you up to? -I don’t know.
-Do you need anything? If I don’t see you again, thanks. -Be careful.
-You, too. Remember that this is
the safest place in the world. -Messina, to the police.
-To the police? In Messina? What’s wrong with the cops here? If you need to turn yourself in,
you can do it anywhere. Don’t go on a crazy shopping spree. If they find out you’ve got
all this money, it’ll smell fishy. I’ll be in Australia before it gets fishy.
With kangaroos. And this? -Drive and keep quiet.
-I’ll drive and keep quiet. I’ll take the money back whenever I want,
if I’m not happy with your service. -No, no. I’ll drive and I’ll keep quiet.
-Are we moving, or what? As soon as we get back,
I’ll see my nephews and then off to Australia
with the kangaroos. He left early in the morning.
What do you know about this? What do I know?
We should go after the money. Given this mess,
that guy must have hit it real big. What do you know about the money? You and your money.
That’s all you can think about. Get yourself killed for it.
And then go fuck yourself. He’s not here. Your sis, Mary Magdalene,
was looking for him too. Didn’t I tell you
not to come back anymore? You know what, I’m calling the cops. Of course I remember.
Torre, Antonio Torre. I’m sorry, it’s a bad day.
Why did you ask to see me? -Can I smoke?
-Feel free. Something strange has happened. In the pocket of my jacket,
I found a note that doesn’t belong to me. A note that doesn’t belong to you?
So what? It says, “Grand Hotel, Genova,
and then a series of numbers”. -Who gave it to you?
-I don’t know. The guy who killed himself might have
put it in my pocket before jumping. We’ll check this out. But do not leave.
We might still have questions for you. Okay. In the next few days,
you can find me at this address. In case I had to move out,
I’ll inform you personally. Alright. -Good luck with that.
-Bye. You know him, right? And you know where he stays. Tonight… we will surprise him. A nice surprise. Ah, I want him alive. Why don’t we just approach him on a bike
and shoot him in the head? It’s easier. No. Because I need something from him. And I first have to find out
where he keeps it. Any more questions? All clear, Don Vincent. Your friend
won’t live to see another dawn. Good. He’s the walking dead. If you don’t want to be seen with me,
you can drop me off. I can walk. With the amount you paid me,
I would risk my life not just once, but ten times over. But then again,
I wouldn’t be able to enjoy that money. You said you’re not in a hurry, right? I’ll walk. I met your friends,
the guys who are looking for you. I didn’t talk,
and they beat the crap out of me. If you didn’t talk,
you wouldn’t be here to tell me. I will help you, with Lucia. We’ll share. You help me, we share… -I’m your friend.
-You’re making me late for church. Why should I believe you?
You’re a wretch, a traitor. He’s back. I told him about the money,
but he wouldn’t talk. He went to church.
Maybe that’s where he hides it. -He doesn’t want to see you.
-You just want the money. He wants me! Hey, what’s the hurry? If you have a minute, I was bringing
these dummies to you. I didn’t order any dummies. If you’re not in a hurry,
I’ll just unload and go. Feel free to unload. My brother’s at home. Father. As you can see, I keep my word. There’s something for the poor, inside. And, please, give this to Lucia. Detective, this is the room. What about your guest? It’s been booked for three months,
but he hasn’t been back. Thanks, you can go. Detective, it’s here. Son of a bitch! Relay everything to the station. MY PATH IS SHORT
BUT I KNOW YOU’LL GO FAR -Angelo, we have to talk.
-If you do not kill me. -Do you know the whole story?
-What story? Get in the car. Take care of my daughter. Watch out for your son.Vincent. Did you get rid of them?Then you have two losers on your hands. You know how Tony is.
He is one of the best. Go and kill him.
Don’t waste any more time. Tonight.
Tomorrow, the horse will be home. Go home, yeah. Okay, let me know. He’s a professional.
Be careful. Thank you. -Shall we go?
-Let’s go. Do you understand? It’s absurd. He was going to see Lucia. They found him
drowned at the port, in Messina. What do I care? May he rest in peace. Better a father who has drowned
than one who doesn’t exist. But he does exist. Your father… -“Your father”?
-Yes, your father. I don’t know how to tell you. He told me to give you this. My father? What game
are you fucking playing at? Okay, I’ll explain. When were you born? Look, Agatino. I don’t give a shit
about your jokes. I have other concerns. Everyone knows when I was born. So what? I HOPE YOU CAN LIVE THE NEW LIFE
I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO BEAR. DAD Where is the money? Where is the money? Hey. Where is the money? You came here… looking for your daughter. And you forgot friends. My daughter? What the fuck are you saying? Your daughter. Ah, you did not know! At the hospital, the cots were exchanged. Your daughter has become
a very pretty girl. And so you died
for a fucking lie that I told you.

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