The Winter’s Tale: In Rehearsal

[Dramatic music plays] The main thing with the play is what we can’t explain. Whether that is inside a human, or whether that’s in the world outside of us. It’s people doing their best to get through whatever they’re getting through and for me as an audience member that’s what I would find intoxicating. It’s a very spiritual play, and it’s a very magical play. And I think that in particular those plays work fantastically well in that space. I’m sure loads of people have said this about the Globe audience, but there will never be a warmer, more welcoming, more embracing, more active… I mean, even if you don’t involve them they get involved. The space is unique, um… it feels like a very playful, warm space to be in. The audience gives so much love and they just want…you know ‘Show us, tell us a story.’ As an actor it teaches you more about why these plays were written in the way that they are um than anything that you can read in a book really. I thought that given that it deals with a kind of eruption of emotion and irrational jealousy, the best place to put that is in the most civilised most sophisticated, most self-aware era that I could find. And in fact that is a civilisation that existed in Sicily in the twelfth century. Very hard to describe it in three words but I would say obsession. Monsters. Human… Life-affirming. …heart-stopping… Winter and Spring. …epic. [Dramatic music plays]

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