Theater Columbus State – Almost Maine

Frank Barnhart, “Almost, Maine” Director:
Well it takes place in a fictional town, Almost, Maine. The reason is that it was “almost”
is because it was so far north is was “almost” Canada.” But they’re all a series of what
I call romantic comedies. Love stories. Finding the humor in it. But also dealing with love
in a very literal, tangible way. Josh Good, “Almost, Maine” Actor: It’s
a very cute kind of show but it also has the sort of very human side to it again. Frank Barnhart: Currently, Almost Maine, is
the most popular theater show being produced in the US at this time. (break) It provides
a lot of roles for younger actors so it’s very popular in high school and in colleges. Almost Maine will be performed in the Nestor
Hall Auditorium nightly at 8 p.m. July 15th through 18th. There’s a 3 p.m. matinee on
July 16th. Admission is free.

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