Theatre-a-thon TBR ๐Ÿ“š [cc]

I’m using a new microphone so I’m hoping
that the audio is gonna be *clicks tongue* super crisp. Hello friends,
I’ve forgotten how to do chatty videos because I haven’t done a sit-down-on-my-bed video in a long time but today I wanted to break that trend
and do a theatre-a-thon TBR! Theatre-a-thon is a new read-a-thon that Katherine Lyle –
who I adore – has started with her friend Emma (ahugebooknerd). Basically I think
the aim of the game is for people to get more people reading more plays because
in the book community I guess we’re quite kind of fixated on our genres and
plays sometimes get left by the wayside. But I am also a part of a community
theatre group so I perform a plays regularly so this is right my street. I
see a lot of shows as well whenever I can, locally and further afield. So yeah
this is my jam! And also I wanted to support them because I love Katherine’s
videos and yeah I’m just a big fan! So without further ado the first challenge
is no small parts which is read an actor’s edition. I don’t know if this
counts but I’m counting it okay because there are no rules when it comes to
readathons, I think the point is just to participate, right? So I’m gonna read my
personal edition of Romeo and Juliet from our current community theatre production. I am playing the prince, I’m also in the dance ensemble so that’s exciting.
I’ve got some very iconic lines to deliver and I have like the last
line of the whole play which is quite daunting but yes. So I’ll be looking a
lot at Romeo and Juliet which also fits into one of the Shakespeare challenges oh my god I’m getting ahead of myself stop now! I will be delving into Romeo and Juliet in
depth throughout this challenge and for the next few months so that’s great. The
next prompt is “fridged” which is read a play that passes the Bechdel test. So I
got like a small problem with this Challenge is that for things like the
Bechdel test I feel like you can only really assess that properly once you’ve
read the play so it might not fit afterwards so unless you know that
somebody’s recommended it and I haven’t used any of the recommendations on the
Google Doc even though they all sound great… so I’m pretty sure that A
Streetcar Named Desire fits the Bechdel test because there’s lots of
female named characters in it and I think they talk to each other about
other issues than just men but I will only really know when I read it so await
my review! So the next one is “Stage Manager’s Dream” this is read a play that
takes place in one location. So as part of theatre-a-thon you are also allowed to
include plays that you’re going to see and next week me and my boyfriend are
going to London to see Grief Is The Thing With Feathers which we’ve both
read by Max Porter, and as far as my memory serves, Grief happens entirely in the flat of the family so provided that they’ve
interpreted it in the same way, I think that will all take place in one location.
I’m really really excited to see that because it’s gonna be so good and ugghhh! Drama! The next one is “Art Imitates Life” so this is read a play by a Person of
Colour. I am choosing to reread Something Dark by Lemn Sissay because this is
incredible, I absolutely adore it and I went to see him do a reading of this. It’s a one-man play that’s kind of autobiographical and originally it was
performed as a one-man play by Lemn Sissay and it’s now been put onto I think an
optional on one of the school curriculums – it’s that good! So it’s published by Oberon modern plays and it’s kind of all in one big long
monologue but it’s written in a kind of spoken word poetry kind of feel
because Lemn Sissay is obviously a poet and it’s about his life growing up
in… is it Rochdale and Wigan? I think he grew up originally maybe in
Wigan and then moved to Rochdale Manchester and it’s about growing up as
one of the only black children in his school as an adopted child there’s all
these themes around family and belonging that he explores in such a
moving way and I didn’t even see him perform it as a “play” I saw him do like a
reading where he would occasionally stop reading and just explain a little bit
about it and even that just floored me. I cried it was awful but brilliant and
he deals with … there was a small trigger warning – if you wanted to read this – for
rape. The themes are covered, I don’t think it’s too graphic from what my
memory serves because I read this directly after seeing it because I was
like instantly I need to like… I just need to consume this again because it’s
like so good. So the next one is “Lift every voice” – read a play that focuses on a
character with a disability so for this one I was going to have a reread of The
Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. I know it’s the second Tennessee
Williams play that I’ve mentioned but I heart Tennessee Williams. I
wish I could see it performed because I feel like it’s just got this really…
the name The Glass Menagerie really like sets the tone of what feels like a very
fragile and tense atmosphere throughout the play. The next prompt is and the Tony
goes to read a play that will in the Tony or
Pulitzer Prize. I don’t have anything like that I haven’t decided what I might
explore for that one but that might be one that I only move on to if I have
time because I’m already looking at this pile and going “eeek!” … The last prompt is “Exit pursued by bear” which is read a Shakespeare. Obviously I’ve already covered a Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet – but that’s predictable so I think I am going
to try and read Othello, and because I saw it performed not too long ago in the
Liverpool Everyman and I really enjoyed it. It
was performed with a female lead as Othello – what’s her name… Golda Rosheuvel – she was brilliant, loved her. I wasn’t too keen on some of the other
elements that they did with it, but I thought overall it was really enjoyable,
it was a strong adaptation. To me it seems even more plausible in 2019 that
a female leader and especially like a female military leader would be
undermined in the ways that Othello is undermined. And then you’ve got like the
extra intersectional layers of especially women of color would would
suffer from those tropes and stereotypes so I just think that it’s before its
time. I also have a wild card which is Samuel Beckett’s collected shorter
plays. I haven’t read any of these so I don’t know which challenges they would
fit into if any but my boyfriend lent me this quite a long time ago and I’ve
never got around to reading any of them… (He’s Irish, Samuel Beckett’s Irish…) so I
thought that I could use this challenge to try and read this or read some of
these and I shall feedback when I review them to let you know if they did fit
with any of the challenges or not. Yeah so I’m really looking forward to seeing what
everyone else reads and getting some more recommendations and finding some
more booktubers who have theatre as an interest or theatre youtubers who have books as an interest there’s a lovely crossover here. I am one
of such… Full disclosure when me and my boyfriend first met one of the ways that
we used to find extra ways to talk to each other it was to recommend books to
each other and then quickly go away and read them and then come back and then
we’d have something new to talk about so yeah the reason that I never got
around to the Samuel Beckett is because I had well I think we got together
shortly after he lent me this so that’s part of the reason I never got around to
it is… I didn’t didn’t need the motivation to have some new conversation
topics because we was already a thing so there’s that. Erm also incidentally I
don’t know if anyone cares about this but I’m on a… I’m on a roll now look
we’re just with communicating… sharing vibes so yeah also incidentally two of
the things that we exchanged during that time were A Clockwork Orange, he gave
that to me, and I gave him Grief Is The Thing With Feathers and after next week
we shall both have seen both plays together we saw A Clockwork Orange in
the Liverpool Everyman as well which did polarise the views of our friends… some
people really did not get it but then they also didn’t really know what they
were getting themselves into because they’d never seen the movie or read the
book so we probably should have primed them a bit more but yeah we saw that
before we were together and we’re seeing Grief Is The Thing With
Feathers next week in London so that’s exciting and it’s just one of those
other bookish theatre crossovers and I just thought that was relevant to the
audience of this video so yes um yeah so if you if you like theatre based content
or book based content you can subscribe to my channel because this is two of the
main things that I peddle I’m not the most regular but… I try! Yeah toodleoo! *tongue click*


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