Theatre and Dance at Appalachian State University

I knew when I stepped on the campus that I would not only be challenged as a person but as a performer. The school is so much a part of the community and when I was touring schools, and I was researching schools I said I want to be a part of that community where art is not only in the school and in the theater department but it’s a part of the community. The Department of Theatre and Dance at Appalachian State University offers two degree programs. The first is a Bachelor of Arts in dance studies. And the second is a Bachelor of Arts in theatre arts. I love dance because it’s a way to get things out that you wouldn’t be able to get out through everyday activities. Whether you’re a tech whether you’re an actor they’re very close together. And I love just making sure everybody’s okay like making sure we can help each other to get our job done. Really here it’s more so about everyone coming together as a community and the faculty supporting the students and the students even supporting the faculty and everyone being a part of the creation of dance. If you want to do something specific go talk to the professors say hey, I’m really interested in scenic. What can I do to get involved? I’m interested in lighting, I’m interested in this. One of the unique things about the dance Studies program here is that you can tailor it to what you want to do. You can do choreography or performance or work more on teaching. Students can explore theater and explore dance as it connects to other areas of the world. We go to New York. We’re able to network with agents, casting directors. We’re able to meet with people who have done this and really talk to us about what we want to do and how can we do it? And what should we be doing right now to do that? We offer the flexibility in our curriculum for them to see how theater connects with areas like sociology or graphic design or management so that students really do have a lot of choices in how they study theater or dance at Appalachian.

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