Theatre Arts | Westfield State University

We have so many new people coming into this department, so many first timers, and it’s just really exciting watching them just tackle this material. The students actually get to physically build the show, which is pretty cool. Now I know how to like work with wood, and what goes on behind the scenes that I’ve never even thought about before because I’ve never even worked backstage in the first place. So, now I know how much work, and time, and crazy stuff goes into the creation of a show. My favorite part of the production process has definitely been the production and design meetings where I got to sit down and watch how my professors work with one another. So I kind of know what to expect in the real world because I would like to be a designer one day. My job as the Master Electrician and the Assistant Light Designer is to oversee light hang and making sure that everything is focused and cabled so that all of lights have power, so then we can light and design the show. This, I can really delve into my passion. My role in this production is the Stage Manager, so I basically control everybody’s schedules, I make the schedule for rehearsals, I also run the rehearsals, and when the show comes around, I’ll control the lights, sounds, and the projections. As the Projections Designer, I am working with my co Elysha, to gather content that’s going to be projected at either end of the set. And we’re using that to help tell the story through the mood & the turmoil that’s gonna be portrayed in the play. There’s been a couple times when Elysha and I were stuck on what a specific moment should be or should look like, and opening up to the group brought forth a lot of really interesting ideas that we’ve been able to use to further our telling of the story. It’s pretty cool working with professors who have been in their field for years, and actually having your opinions and ideas be valid. Just the whole collaborative process of being in a show is always amazing to me. When I look at the mock-ups that we made and then I’m seeing the finished products of all the work we put into it, it’s just nice to see the process and see how they actually come to life. To put on a production, communication needs to be on point all the time. It’s always nice seeing my fellow cast mates bring each character to life and bring something new or something that I wasn’t really expecting from them. Being a part of productions helped me open up and be more confident in myself, and in others. I have the ability to connect with the professors in a different way as well, where I’m kind of more looked on as a colleague, which is really exciting for a college student. With the memories and the friends I’ve made, and the experience and the techniques that I’ve learned, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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