Theatre at Carthage College

(light music) – From my first day on campus talking to people in
the theatre department just how friendly everybody was and how welcoming they all were really was what pushed me to decide that Carthage was where I wanted to be. – I’m just a lot more passionate now than I was before and I really do want to just keep learning. I’m really proud that I’ve been here, because I know that I’m really prepared to go do things later and
I wanna, I wanna show up. – I’ve gotten to be in so
many different types of shows and play so many different
types of characters and really grow as a performer. – We wanna do theatre
that makes you feel good, we wanna make the audience cry, we wanna get that emotional reaction, but we also wanna make people think. We wanna have people leave our theatre with more than just like warm
fuzzies in their stomach, we wanna have them leave with
something in their brain, on their mind. – Everyone in this department
is gonna support you and is gonna be there and even if, you don’t have a lot of
faith in what you’re doing, someone else is gonna come and say, ” I enjoy this, I wanna see more of this.” – I also got to go to Italy
with the theatre department. We performed the international premier of The Breath of Stars, which is part of a new play
initiative that Carthage does. So a playwright came in,
wrote Carthage a play, we did that, and then we
got to bring it to Italy for cool crisis art festival. – There’s so many really
cool opportunities to travel with shows, and to go to the American
College theatre festival and to just really get involved in theatre in more ways than you think you can. (light music)

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