Theatre at UVic

I chose to study Theatre at UVic because of
the diverse skills you have to practice in the program, so even if you’re doing the acting
program, you still have to build the set, you still have to sound design or work as
an usher in the front of house. I think that helps to create that community
behaviour that’s really important in the theatre. It is one of the best comprehensive theatre
programs that we have in BC and even in Canada. So what comprehensive means is that we not
only have acting, but we also have production, and management sides, applied theatre sides,
and really some strong design programs, so it is kind of all the different parts of theatre
that come together. There’s also some classes that lets you just
explore your creativity, like find your own style in drawing or
find your own ideas, like you do a lot of projects but then there isn’t really a guideline to how
you can do it, you just have to present things every week. And that’s really helpful as well. Everything here is very hands-on-based. The department runs as an operating theatre
company, so students are hanging equipment, selling tickets, doing concession, so you have a hands-on experience in every aspect of putting out a production. I think it’s important through theatre to
build empathy because I think empathy is so powerful, and it’ll help us embody process, embody experience even if we’re not living with people. The people understand their perspectives,
and other people’s perspectives, if we can actively engage and actively listen to others. Theatre is an art form that asks the audience
to connect with another human person on stage experiencing something in real time. And I think that’s a powerful tool to generate
empathy for other people’s experiences. And I think it’s really important to have
that in an academic structure where it can be appreciated for what it is and
what it can do.

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