Theatre at York College

– Why do you show me these things spirit? Do you delight in torturing me? – Cue thunder. – From day one here in
the theatre department, the students will be actively hands on participating in productions. – I’m a freshman, but I have already been
able to be in a production. I was really surprised that
I got a part as a freshman. My first college audition. But the audition process, it was fun, and it was professional, but it wasn’t scary. – Students who come here will
learn dramatic literature, technical theatre and performance. So a student will leave with their BA and really be able to go
into sort of any field in theater. – What makes the program so great for me is probably, it’s so well rounded. ’cause I came in here with a very
very narrow view of theatre. I came in here only knowing about acting and even only knowing a
little bit about acting. – Our students will learn about all the different opportunities. So through dramatic literature, they might become a theater
professor themselves. They might become a playwright, they might become a dramaturge. Through technical theatre you could do stage management, master electrician, carpenter. And then of course performance, you could still do directing or acting. – She brings a sense of
professionalism, and I like that, because that’s the way it’s going to be in the real world of performing. – We do a range of shows from musicals to contemporary plays,
to classical theatre, to devised theatre where the students are creating their own pieces. – Bah Humbug. (laughter) – I learned how to actually
audition for things in a professional way. You get all these job skills
for the performing arts. You learn about everything and you can step outside your narrow box, and I think that’s
what’s been best for me. – I think students do well here that are interested in hands on learning. So, you’re rarely gonna sit in a classroom and just read a book about theatre. Everything that you are learning, you are immediately going
to put into practice. So if you’re interested
in getting up on your feet and working right away, This is the place for you. (applause)

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