Theatre Cult Promotional AD

Welcome to Theatre Cult Theatre Department I am Mr. Hamilton and I am Mr. Macbeth. I
will be your stage combat instructor and I will be your singing instructor. What
we seek now is the opportunity to reach out to young actors and screenwriters
for a chance to perform the arts, also we need that YouTube revenue money
however that isn’t what is important What’s important, What is important is the fine acting world Sorry Sir. Are you done yet, Mr. Mcbeth? Yes. Sir Are you sure about that Yes sir Cause I don’t think we have enough funding to have another accident I will not be lectured by some freak who got his teaching degree at some school that still uses pesos Is that true Why yes I do believe it is, you heard it from my mouth You believe I come from an uncivilized country is that it No. What are you doing, no we do not need to go over… through this again, please oh god no please We’ve lost our funding, we’ve lost our actors, and we are about to loose our auditorium I can arrange all that Arrange all that? With what money? With, what we’ll have Well let me tell you something, Mr. McBeth What we have isn’t good enough I have had enough of you. Mr.Mcbeth. A quite enough, its cause of you and your insignificant version of Grease that cost us Lets just put it away I’ve had enough! (Screaming) (Screaming and belt whipping)

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