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>>COLTON PRATT: I think what I enjoy most
about the Theatre Department here is the opportunities that are available to everybody. I think that
everybody here has an opportunity to preform on the stage every single semester. You just
have to apply yourself and try your best. Through all the different opportunities you
got here, I mean, you can do one of the four main stage shows we do here every single year.
There is also two full black box shows that they do and they also do all the one acts
that are student directed and there is a plethora of those.
>>TIM PINNOW: So if you want to go to a place where you are going to get to be on stage
a lot, you can leave here with a ton of credits on your resume. There is just an amazing amount
of opportunity here. You don’t have to compete against graduate students for roles, it’s
just us, so there’s just all sorts of opportunity.>>RACHEL BOYCE: I definitely think that the
department has prepared everyone, not just me, like everyone and what they want to do.
Because that’s one of the questions; what do you want to do? You answer that and their
goal is to figure out the best possible way for you to do that. All the classes that we
have are specifically designed to find out who you are as an artist and who you want
to be in this world of theatre and how you can get there.
>>BRYAN CARLSON: A lot of it is the faculty that we have, we have some great experienced
faculty who bring a lot of different unique experiences to our environment here.
And then also just the willingness that everyone has to kind of challenge and push everyone
to that next level and to that next level and to that next level as you just are constantly
trying to better yourself and everyone else around you.
>>PRATT: The more and more I go through this program the more I feel ready to go out in
the real world and experience everything that is out there because I think that this program
does a great job at just guiding you individually and giving you the individual attention you
need to do exactly what you want to do in the real world because we all have different
plans here and I think that they all cater to that well.
>>PINNOW: It’s an intense program, it’s not an easy program, you’re going to be working
a lot of hours, you’re going to be in this building a lot of time, but you’re going to
have professional faculty who are going to work with you every step of the way, who have
all had their own professional careers. You’re not going to be taught by Graduate Assistants
or anybody except people who have actually been out there doing what you want to do.
You’re going to get a personal experience in small class sizes and you’re going to be
able to work on your passion. [MUSIC]

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