Theatre Department

– Hi, I’m Candace Vance, and I’m the Head of Performance here at Seattle Pacific University’s
Theatre Department. – The SPU Theatre Department is a collaborative community of artists. We want to do theatre in a
way that values individuals as people rather than doing great work at the expense of human beings. That said, we also aspire to excellent professional caliber work
within a liberal arts context. – Here you’ll have to
chance to gain the knowledge and the experience that
comes with the foundation of a liberal arts degree,
and at the same time, you also get the experience of a pretty broad theatrical context of what does it mean to be a stage manager and a designer and a director. What does it mean for all
those people to work together to tell compelling
stories in today’s word? – The theatre season includes
three main stage productions and one studio production. We produce a range of
theatre from all periods, from all styles, musical and non-musical, and we have a rough rotation so that over the course
of three to four years, a student is exposed to a broad range in terms of the historical context, in therms of the acting
styles and those demands, and in terms of the
themes and the approaches that we’re taking to each work. – I think what makes this
program really special is that there’s kids from
all over the country, people from anywhere
with different stories, different backgrounds, and we
have a much broader spectrum of shows, from fantasy to dramas and comedies that feature
from different time periods. – One of the most exciting
and most import parts of the process here is that the
faculty are working directly with the students on production. We’re building shows with students, we are looking to them for their skills and for their knowledge and their work to help advance our shows forward. Students feel like they have a voice in the production process,
and they’re invaluable, and it’s a wonderful
experience to be able to emulate that collaborative process, engage with them in that
collaborative process, and ultimately make art with them in that collaborative process. – One of my favorite things
about SPU’s department is the faculty it so by your
side throughout everything, and they really listen
to all of the students and their ideas. – Every single one of them
wants to see you succeed and wants to support you in
whatever way that they can so that you can be the
best version of yourself. They help you see your own growth for when you kinda feel stuck, and that’s just so special, and there’s something really wonderful about feeling like you have those really one-on-one personal
relationships with professors. – In addition to the work that we do on current productions here at SPU, our students have
opportunities to see the inside of professional shops here in Seattle. I’ll take students with
me when I pull costumes from Seattle Opera and Taproot
Theatre and Seattle Rep, and students have an opportunity to meet and get to know
individuals in those shops. They also have the opportunity to go on and get internships in those places or potentially jobs in the future. So, it’s really wonderful
to have a full set of professional theaters here in Seattle that are so supportive of our students. – I’ve done some work out of SPU already, which has been really awesome, and in doing that, I’ve
gotten the opportunity to really see how well SPU
Theatre’s Department prepares you for the outside world, which is a really cool
opportunity, I think. – Sometimes you’re not
really sure who to talk to, but people I’ve in theatre have been the nest people I’ve met so far, not just in a show or not just
for the rehearsing process, but there’s people I can always talk to and same with the faculty. – My hope as the Head of Performance is to come along side
you so that you can grow in your own artistry, develop
in what is your giftedness, and then walk along side
you as you make steps to move from your training
program into your theatre career. So we how to see you here at SPU. (uplifting music) (low chimes)

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