Theatre Design & Production Program at Shenandoah Conservatory

We have six different emphases: scenic design,
lighting design, costume design, sound design and reinforcement, technical production, and
stage management. Being a part of the Shenandoah design and
production class is so valuable to me. I have the opportunity to actually have my
designs realized in a space like a proscenium theatre like this. Here in the conservatory we have two major
theatres – one 700-seat theatre that stages most of our major productions, most of the
major musicals, and is also home to our summer professional company, the Shenandoah Summer
Music Theatre. We have a second stage as well which seats
around 150 people, in a thrust configuration, although that’s completely flexible. But all of these stages are completely equipped
for any kind of scenic needs, any kind of costume needs, full dressing room support,
any support that you would find in a major performing arts center all around the country,
you’ll find right here.

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