Theatre District: Flirting is not allowed in NYC

(Knock, knock) – Hello!
– Hellooo-ooo! – What’s going on guys?
– Well, I’m good, how are you? – Excellente.
– Greeeaaat… that you could INVITE us into your home. – Yeah! Oh, anytime. Open door. – Now, what’s the first thing you do when
you get home from work? – Uh.. I always wash my hands first.. – That’s a good thing!
– …because I have to sanitize myself.. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, after a dirty day. – Yeah, New York’s a dirty place, dirty
people, dirty things. – What do you do for a living by the way? – I run a venture capital company… – OK, so..
– Finance.. Boring stuff. – True or false: People in finance are wealth
maximizers? – Yeah, I think so.. Generally speaking.
– Yeah? So shallow people? – You get some nice ones, like.. No, but,
eh.. – Yeah, so you.. you get more deep? – Yeah! Exactly.
– What’s the most silly thing you own? – Aah, most silly thing?
– Yeah? – Hold on, let’s go to the bedroom, I’ll
show you. – Yeah let’s do that. Most silly New York law? – It’s, eh, $25 charge… eh, for flirting… with somebody.
– That is not true? – It can’t be – I don’t know how they enforce
it? But I don’t care.. – Really?! – But I would owe so much money to the city…
I think… – Ha-ha-ha-ha! – …If there was a flirting police.
– Oooh! That is so funny! – Yeah… And.. And this is the whip. [You have..?] This
is a strange thing I own. What do you use the – I shouldn’t ask it,
but what do you use it for? – Actually, it’s a, it’s good for the cat.
The cat, [M-hmmm?] I think is into something.. Watch 50 Shades of Grey- no, It’s, eh– – Ha-ha-ha!
– …loves the leather bit.. – Yeah? – ..and just.. jum.. bites on it. Crazy for it.
– That is a nice thing. – Yeah!
– And silly! – Yeah..
– Eh, what is the best place for you to chill? – Best spot to chill, aw – I’ll show you.
– Yeah! Ehm.. – I forgot to tell you, I actually hug my
daughter when I first come in.. – Oooooo you have a dauuughteeer…
– So.. Come here! – And… a wife! How cuuuute!
– Aaah, daughter.. mmm-kiss-kiss-kiss. – That is nice! Now, can you tell me, eeh,
how would you describe people living in this area? – Uhm, you know, it’s very diverse.
– Yeah? – Just very different people, you have rich,
eh.. poor.. It’s just a great building, and great.. – Poor people in this area?
– Yeah! Section 8. –Really?
– Low-income housing. – OK! – In this building too, yeah it’s really
nice. – You’re his wife! – Yes, I am his wife.
– What’s your name? – My name is Julia.
– Nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you!
– How would you describe Karl with, eh, three words? – Mmm.. Funny.
– Yeeaaah? – Handsome.
– Mhmmmm? – Go on!
– Smart. – Oooh. Is that making you confident? – Oh yeah…
– Yeah? Eh-he-he-he! – …can take control of the world. Here, I’ll show you a comfy spot.. Sometimes
when I’m tired, I call for the cat.. – Yeah?
– …And he jumps up here. And I just move in like this… – Aww..
– And I can bring the baby too. – You have the baby, and then wife in the
corner.. – And then just fall asleep. – And then it’s.. aaall a great family feeling!
– Right here. Nice eco-system on the couch. – He-he-he.
– Yeah.. – But you live close to Central Park? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – 10 blocks.
– So, 3 things you should do in Central Park, that you need to experience there? – I think what you should do in Central
Park.. Aah.. You need to go to the boat house..
– Yeah? – …And get drunk during the summers and
springs.. – Right. – And then you definitely need to go for
a run or walk in the middle of a snow storm. – Oooh?
– You do that at night, – Yeah?
– It’s just amazing. Uhm, and then, a third thing, I mean, actually
the Great Lawn is amazing in the summer, just bring a blanket, picnic.. You know, do some cart wheels, whatever. – We have to go because the alarm is off!
– Aaah? Yeah? OK! –On my way out, why do you love New York? – The people. The people are the best. If
it was no people, it would just be sement. So.. – Great answer! – Au revoir!
– Now, enjoy your day! – Yeah, see you guys!
– Bye bye!

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