Theatre for Dialogue – Peer Educators

My name is Lynn Hoare and I am the
Theatre for Dialoge specialist for voices against violence in that role I do two primary things a teacher a year long
class that’s called theater for dialogue and in that class we explore the
dynamics and interpersonal violence including sexual and relationship violence and
stalking and at the same time that students are learning about these issues
they’re also learning interactive theatre methods so i’d that’s one part of my job is to
teach this class and train people to do the work and the other part of my job is to run
our Theatre for Dialogue program on campus turn and pause The goal of this very specific
kind of theater is to create dialogue around the room and that happens a lot of different ways but one of the main ways that that happens
in our work right now is that we have a story that unfolds and the audience is asked to interrupt the story that
calling “pause” anytime they see something that they
think is unhealthy or inappropriate or they see somebody
crossing the line or they see a character they think is
uncomfortable already have a question I just wanna
talk more about its and kinda see what other people in the room think
about it so somebody calls cause there’s a facilitator who is not an
actor in the scene who steps out and it’s just a very
neutral presence to to encourage the dialogue into that
facilitate it might sound say so what’s going on EC what do you think
about that but work until 3:45 integrate okay I think you know it I am not
worried about getting it done I’m so just relax into it how each other
in mind usually we’re sure one person doing my job so feel free to call me or if
you’re struggling there’s always a moment beginning where we do a check in and that’s just a process a taking a really short amount of time like a
minute to say here’s what’s going on for me right now
here’s how this might impact how I am in class today adheres where I need to support here’s how this
stuff is affecting me my life we then move into warm-ups which are you
look like a lot of fun games and I think sometimes people feel only
getting like I’m i doing is weird thing with my body but that’s all very deliberately bill to you
help people feel comfortable using their bodies to play
different characters to feel comfortable working with each other in a physical
way and to building on sampled in what I’ve seen over the almost 10 years
that I’ve been here with this program is that there are some lifetime bonds that are
created in this class because people are doing this work together so not only do they create is really
strong bond but the also are really transformed as people the baby come out as cosmic lint well I
didn’t know I could do this this is so cool that I can do this and I
can make a change and I feel really good about what I’m doing I feel really strong about creating if these
conversations and dayy the so the students themselves feel
like day change and transform through that that year I think people
also feel like I know how to help other people with
these issues and I know how to be that ripple that causes change over
time and they feel really empowered to
address the species really proactively in their lives

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