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Theatre in Schools Scotland brings high quality theatre and dance performances to children in their schools across Scotland. The programme is managed by National Theatre of Scotland and Imaginate, presenting shows from some of Scotland’s leading
theatre and dance companies. In our area pupils often don’t experience the theatre professionally at a young age so I think it’s incredibly important. that we provide that experience for them in our schools. So the fact we can have professional, reputable theatre companies come in and put on performances, That’s hugely important. Theatre in Schools Scotland have been coming to the school for a number of years and we’ve worked really closely with them. I think what comes through really strongly is how passionate they are about the theatre that they are providing. They really want to engage with the children. I do think the different age groups is beneficial, I think its also good value for money because you’re able to offer a learning experience to quite a number of children at the same time and there’s always clear guidance in terms of the maturity level of the themes that would actually suit the ages and stages
of the children in the school and what those children would get out of it. For me, when I look at the programme, straight away I knew exactly what I wanted to go with and I circled those things and got in touch with you guys and said please can you come to the school and link with us. And on paper it seems really expensive to do but it is worth doing because the cost balances itself out in terms of what you get from that – the links to Curriculum for Excellence, literacy, health and wellbeing. It’s there and it’s worth it. For the primary pupils that come to see the show, they are given packs of work to do which I thought was excellent so I was able to pass that on to those schools to actually be able to work through prior to the performance and then post-performance which I thought was brilliant. I like to think I’m quite an organised person, so I really like the structure that the company does provide. There’s lots of communication beforehand, they’re very clear about what they are looking for in terms of space, the lighting they might need. They don’t really ask for too much, I would say, it’s a busy place in a school, so they make it very clear;
there are a few aspects here we’ll be looking there are a few aspects here we’ll be looking for, usually just size of space to be able to accommodate it, that sort of thing, and then they’ll always have clearly worked out access to the grounds, who do they meet coming in having it organised, and actually on the day, it tends to run really smoothly which really helps schools as we’re busy places. All our shows are designed especially
to be performed in school halls and we can travel to anywhere in Scotland. The year round programme has a selection of shows
for different age groups and will work and we’ll closely with the teachers to ensure the school gets the best out of the visit. Please do get in touch to find out how to bring Theatre in Schools Scotland to your school.

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