Theatre in the Bush | Théâtre dans les bois

I always say to the artists “We’ve got the audience outside of the
black box of the theatre so we don’t want to put them back into
that black box” My name is Brian Fidler and I’m from Whitehorse Yukon and my theatre company is called Ramshackle Theatre. And we created a show called
Theatre in the Bush. We started out doing this show around our
property in Whitehorse. We picked seven different locations around
the property. Artists often come in with an idea and then
they draw a location from the hat. And then they allow the environment to affect
what their piece looks like, or where they are going to situate the audience or how they’re going to
interact with the audience. This is the first time that we have taken
Theatre in the Bush out of the Yukon. So I’m really excited to see how the landscape
and the environment is going to change what the artists bring to their pieces. Each of these shows is a totally different
kind of theatre experience. You’ll be eating food, you’ll be listening
to music and potentially playing music. It’s just something that you have to come
and try and be a part of to really get the flavour of what Theatre in the Bush is about.

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