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from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Hurry up, you guys.
– Why are they always late? Let’s rush.
– Any problem? She says we’re late for the movie.
– Late? First, the national anthem must be played. That is followed by Dravid getting run out.
– Then the showreel about the guy who sold two bangles. I don’t want to miss those too.
Let’s go now. ‘If you keep boozing and smoking,
you’ll die soon.’ Watch your step and stop staring at the screen.
The movie hasn’t begun yet. Alright. How many more? Isn’t that a cool ringtone?
I bought it by paying Rs. 15. Even my caller tune is cool.
Take my number and dail it. You don’t want my number? Fine.
Hello? ‘Sir, I’m the delivery boy
who is to deliver you your package.’ Package?
It is perhaps the Lungis I ordered. ‘I’m nearby your place of residence.’
– But, I’m not at home. ‘Sir..’ – Yes?
– ‘Could you help me with the directions?’ Why? The address I entered online
is very self explanatory. ‘Could you please help me
with the directions, sir?’ Where are you right now?
– ‘I’m near the Peddamma Temple.’ Alright. So keep heading straight.
Then take a left near the medical store. Go to the 4th building on to the left.
– ‘Is it the yellow building?’ The one next to the yellow building.
My house is the 2nd one on the 4th floor. Are you there yet. Hurry up.
– ‘Almost there, sir.’ ‘S-Sir, the door is locked’.
– Why won’t it? I told you I’m not at home. Don’t act smart with me here.
Not shoes, I ordered Lungis. This isn’t your home. You can’t shout.
– Mind your business. ‘Yes, sir?’
– I’ll collect it in the evening. What a pain this guy is. There is action on the screen.
There is action next to us. Can’t handle both. CBFC should try and censor
couples like these. Why? Are you single? Was this the popcorn bag?
– Nachos bag. How could he break up with her
over trifles? What’s the sound? Are you munching on popcorn
or are you munching on stones? Come here, steward.
– Yes, sir? I had popcorn, nachos and chips.
What else is on the menu? Those are all we have.
Nothing else. You’ve got Biryani?
– This isn’t a restaurant. Alright, what else you’ve got?
– We’ve got puffs. Alright. Get those too.
– Please pay the money now. I’ll pay you later. I won’t flee.
Not until the movie is over. I like this movie.
– What a prick. Does he even know he’s in a theatre?
– He feels like he is at a restaurant. Won’t you watch the movie?
You’ve been on your phone forever. This is a formulaic film.
You see that loser guy over there? Remember the guy who died at the beginning?
That guy is this loser’s dad. This loser will go on to be a cop.
Such a cliched story line. This is the fate of Telugu Film Industry,
to make cliched films. Yes, bro?
No, this movie sucks too. Hell with this predictions.
I’ve lost all interest in this movie. He spoiled all the fun. What’s the name of this movie, by the way? Hurry up.
I need to post a check-in on Facebook. She doesn’t even know
the movie’s name. What are you doing?
– I’m updating my Instagram story. Make the climax twist as your Instagram story.
– Good idea. This is no good.
Let’s take another one. Enough, here comes the hero. What is it you want?
– Why are the hero and villain fighting? Please, let me watch the movie! What else would they do
but fight for the heroine? Why is he crying now? If you’d come out of social media
and watch the film, you’d know why. Let me watch the movie now. Please, tell me why he’s crying. Because his mom passed away.
Please watch and let me watch. Shit! Is he dead?
– No. That’s all his dream. Did I ask you if it was a dream? What a plot twist.
– He is still dreaming. Why did the heroine fall for the villain.
– Like I said, he’s still dreaming! How I hope this all was a dream.
– Name of the movie is ‘Dream’. What crap. Never should I go to movies
with friends like these. Is he crying? I-I’m not crying.
– I can see that. If something happens to her I’ll kil myself.
– No! Eat this. I don’t feel like to eat anything. Get up.
The movie is over. When did he sleep?
– At the time of the opening credits. Excuse me.. Why has the screen gone blank?
– The movie is over. If I’m not wrong, you’re to collect Lungis.
– Right. Those Lungis! I need to rush. Those were the problems we face
when we go to the movies. These are the problems we face
while shooting these videos. ‘Let’s be more precise.’ ‘That’s better.’

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