Theatre & Performance Students at The Unconformity

The unique context of theatre and performance at
UTAS is that we’re surrounded by some really world-class renowned festivals. This combined with The Unconformity and other local
and regional festivals really provides us with an amazing opportunity for students to have real-world
experience on-site at these festivals. This is a really unique opportunity to get into what
is a very small festival and work really closely with producers and artists. You develop a really great set of skills to work
across a whole festival, whether it be front-of-house, backstage, bumping-in,
doing tech, and even making work. I get to learn like okay, how how do people
create festivals in the first place? How do they translate from an
idea to what you see here? At uni, you learn a lot of the theory behind everything,
but actually putting it into practice is completely different, and getting to do something
like this, actually getting a hands-on practical experience, it’s so beneficial. You get to come to a place that you don’t necessarily
get to go to, you get a lot of experience, you meet so many different people, and that’s
really what it’s all about. Developing networks in the arts industry
is a vital part of making a career. So, being here talking to people, learning how they
make work, setting-up those networks is really, really important. Festivals need good people, and good
people are hard to come by. So, a lot of people find the first time that they volunteer
at a festival the next time it runs they get asked to come back, often to
work in a paid position. They’ve all been amazing, and they’ve been
involved in so many different things. They’ve had the opportunity to not only, like, volunteer
or help on works, but actually to have time to just hang out with the artists and be inquisitive
about their practice, and be curious, and ask questions and learn. Just seeing how real professional people
work has just been awesome. I used to think doing a theatre course meant you could
be an actor or a writer or director, but you can be so much more than that. You can do site-specific work, make audio work, visual
work, visual art, and, like doing this course has already opened me up to so many things like that,
but this festival has shown me what it can do. The fact that we’ve been able to collaborate with The
Unconformity to do this has given me even more options. We’re really excited to keep making these opportunities
available for students, and working with the festivals in Tasmania to make sure that they
can kind-of, learn some skills about making art where art is made. I think this is a great start, and it’s a great model,
and I would really recommend it to other festivals. To have that collaboration I
think is really important. Jump at the chance – jump at the chances, I met
so many great people here and I’m buzzing. I’m dead tired, but buzzing. I would highly, highly, highly recommend
this experience to anyone. It’s just all really, just fun

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