Theatre performer Bernadette raises the roof! – All Together Now

Lights! Camera! Action! # There’s no business
like show business… # I do musical theatre.
I love being on stage, ever since I was a little kid,
ever since the home videos of me singing Spice Girls
in the garden, yeah. I want something that really
touches your cockles. I really want to feel
like someone’s… Somebody’s touching your cockles?
..grabbed me by the cockles. Yeah. No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
You’ve gone too far. I’m relatively inexperienced
performing just as myself. I’m more used to performing
in shows as a character. Yeah, I’m going to be
trembling a bit. Ooh, I am feeling all
the emotions right now. I live with my mum.
Just me and my mum. She’s come to every single
performance of mine and supported me all the way. Winning £50,000 could change
me and my mum’s life. Here comes the next performer. If she scores more than 51,
she’ll take that third spot. Hi, guys, I’m Bernadette. I’m normally used to performing
on stage with my friends, but tonight
it’s just me on my own, and I’m hoping
you’re going to help me out. We’ll be your friends, 100 friends. Come on, I got you, Bernadette.
Come on, let’s do this! # I can’t get off my high horse # And I can’t let you go # Oh… #
Oh! # What am I supposed to do? # Oh! What am I
supposed to do, baby? # When I’m so hooked up on you? # Then I realise # That you are
somebody else’s guy… # Whoo! # Oh, yeah # Can you remember the times
we spent together? # Sharing our days in the sun # Then I found out that you
were somebody else’s lover # After all the plans we made
now were shattered # Still I can’t get off
my high horse # I can’t let go # You are the one
who makes me feel so real… # Bernadette is shutting it down! # What am I supposed to do
when I’m hooked so on you? # Then I realise that
you’re somebody else’s guy # I-I-I-I can’t let you go, no… # Could she go all the way
to the top spot? # You are the one
who makes me feel so real # What am I supposed to do
when I’m so hooked up on you? # Then I realise that you’re
somebody else’s guy. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Whoo! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Massive! Well done, Bernadette! Wow, Bernadette! 84! I’m so happy with that. So happy! Larissa, you’ve sung
with Lionel Richie in the past, did you enjoy that performance?
That’s right, yes. I absolutely loved it.
Girl, you smashed it! Oh, thank you very much, thank you.
Absolutely raised the roof and I think we all felt
the electricity in the room. So well done,
absolutely incredible! Thank you. Thank you. Harmesh? Yes, mate? What was it that didn’t
grab your attention? We knew from the opening note
that you had a smashing voice, but then, for me, you over sung. With that iconic opening,
that was cool, but bring it back down into gear one and work back up towards the end.
Yeah. Yeah, I understand. You know, and give it direction.
That’s something I struggle with. Yeah, but you can
absolutely belt it. If I could sing like that, I’d just be like, “WARRRGH!”
the whole time. Absolutely no control. Geri, you didn’t stand up.
I didn’t. Bernadette, great performance, but I believe that song choice
was too safe. Too safe? It’s a wedding song
rather than a winner’s song. Oh? I’m really glad you got through,
you deserve to get through, but I think you’ve got more in you. If I see you in the sing-off,
I want to see something different. Fair enough. Thank you, Geri.


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