Theatre Royal coming down and Liberty Hall going up

Some more bridges, this time over the dear old river Liffey. The metal bridge, sometimes called by the old timers the Ha’penny bridge, because in the long ago a toll of that amount was asked for when crossed. “Sunday morning at the metal bridge” is a well known saying in Dublin. Its not a patch on London’s Petticoat Lane but they do sell a few items. Perhaps Umbrellas? The most important bridge of them all. O’Connell Bridge. and the flower bed now vanished which was often refer to as “The thing” The striped traffic control box has also vanished It certainly took some hard work and not a little money to remove the flower bed Then they replaced the lamps and resurfaced the island Those pictures of the bridge were taken from the roof of this building. Have yo guessed? Or don’t you remember? Carlisle Building Then they knocked it down We were able to capture on film a date over the door way. 1779 Just think, Built a few years before the 1798 rebellion The new Carlisle building or should I say “O’Connell Bridge House” Now lets try and imagine the Theatre Royal. There it is! That portion of red bricked wall is a bit of the back wall of the old old Theatre Royal. It had to be left in to keep the license alive. Hawkins Street has become much quiter since the Royal and the Regal Room passed away This portion of Dublin Theatre land is soon to vanish also This believe it or not was where the stage was This could be the painting of the last back drop scene. Looking down on the last of the old Theatre Royal. Another new skyscraper. The new Liberty Hall We’ll take a look at it from all angles. And perhaps you’ll say “I’ve seen it before” True, it can be seen from most parts of Dublin But we’ll show you a new angle See that cage going up? Well Wait a minute You are now in that cage You now see Dublin from a new angle. If the misty atmosphere up there allows you Above the street Above the docks Are you feeling dizzy On the roof we look down on the gasomiter From here we see, through the mist of course O’Connell Bridge, The Liffey and the Metal Bridge This is Tara Street and now in the background the new building on the Theatre Royal site Now back down to earth First the chimney pot level Then down to sea level Now through sea level we can travel back through the years


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