Theatre Spotlight

I want to be an actor. I want to be in television and film. I want to be in someone’s favorite
movie or favorite TV show
or be their favorite character, better yet. And so I decided
that I was going to be a Theatre and Performance major. The special part of my experience
here at Seton Hall is the sense of community and the sense
of support. The mentorship programs, the alumni. Especially with the College of Communication
and the Arts CHAMPs program. They are literally giving me
someone to answer questions about my field. I feel like everyone is genuinely
invested in my success. My favorite? It’s being on stage. Collaborating with other actors and
my friends and having that professional aspect
to our relationship as well when we’re getting the lines right,
getting the blocking right, getting ready,
being prepared for a show. I’m not nervous until I get right
behind the curtain, and it’s in that moment that my
heart drops and there’s just a million things
running through my mind, but you just get on stage and it’s like,
it’s time to explore.

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