Theatre Warm Up Game: Elephant

Warm-Up The game Elephant is great for increasing
listening skills, and just increasing the energy of your group. Jennie Eng
Lead Teaching Assistant Play with five or up to thirty students. You’ll want a large area to play this game. Stay tuned to see how to play this game. We’re going to play a game called Elephant. This is a high energy and focus game and it’s so fun to do before you do a performance or even just before class to get your energy going with your class. So, I’ll be moving around and when I point to you and I say, Elephant, the person I point to becomes the trunk of
the elephant and they made an elephant noise, they go [elephant noise] Can you do that for me? [laughter] [elephant noise] And the two people flanking her will become
her ears Elephant ears. Great. Okay, that’s the elephant. When I point to you and say, palm tree, you’re going to go up like this, and you’ll be the palm on her sides, and together, all three of you are gonna go woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh. So we’ve got elephant [elephant noise] Palm tree woosh, woosh Good, and another one is jello. If I point to you and say jello, you’re going to be the jello in the middle, you’re going to become his sides, and you’re going to become the bowl. And in the middle, you’re gonna go juggy jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy. [laughter] Give it a shot Daniel, ready? Jello! Jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy. Good job! This is a game of focus, so if I call you and you don’t do it fast
enough for me, you’re out. Okay? Or if you do the wrong instruction. We got it? Okay. Let’s give it a shot. Palm tree! Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh! Jello! Oh! You’re out! Ready? Elephant! [elephant noise] Jello! Jiggy, jiggy, jiggy! To mix it up, try these variations. Birthday Cake Toaster Ding! I’m done! Viking Jello
Jiggy jiggy juggy jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy Palm tree
Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh! Elephant
[elephant noise] To find out more ways to improve your public
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