Theatre Warm Up Game: Vocal Resonators (Fairy Tale Kingdom)

Fairy Tale Kingdom
Warm-Up [music playing] This next game is Fairy Tale Kingdom. This vocal warm-up can serve as a great performance
warm-up. Jennie Eng
Lead Teaching Artist It also is a great lesson in diction and emphasis. Try this with a large or small group! Let’s see how to play Fairy Tale Kingdom. We’re going to do another vocal warm-up game. This one’s called Fairy Tale Kingdom. It warms up our faces, it warms up on bodies, and it’s great on focusing on where sound comes from in your body. It’s great for stilling your body before a performance or a speech. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to take our hand, and we’re going to put it on the lower part
of our abdomen. This is the giant. And we’re going to notice where the sound comes from here. The giant in a fairy tale goes “fee, fie,
foe, fum”. So can you feel it vibrating in that area? Let’s all try it. Ready? If I say giant, you’re going to say — Fee, fie, foe, fum! Great, alright the next one is the king or
the queen. And the king or the queen is obviously very
confident and they speak very decisively. And let’s put our hand on our chests and feel the vibrations when we say “I rule this kingdom”. I rule this kingdom. Did you feel that vibration there? Great. So the prince is eager to please, right? and he wants to be the next in line and so he says, he speaks more in his mouth,
right, so you can put your hands here and we’re gonna say “I will slay the dragon,
Father!” I will slay the dragon, Father! Notice how that pitch is a little higher, and we feel it vibrating right in our mouths. The princess will not be left behind just because she’s the princess. She also wants to slay the dragon, but she’s a little younger, and her voice comes from a headier place. So put your hands up on your forehead and we’re going to say, “I too will slay the
dragon!” I too will slay the dragon! It’s a little headier voice, right? So now, when I call out those names, you’ll say those ones. There’s one more, in a fairy tale of course, there’s a wicked
witch and her sound comes from her nose so take your hands, don’t pinch your nose, just put them there and we’re going to say, “Try this apple my dear.” Try this apple my dear. Notice how the sound comes from the nose. Okay, are you ready? I’m going to say a character, and I want you
to make your sound come out of that body space, okay? Ready? Witch. Come try this apple, my dear. Giant. Fee, fie, foe, fum. Prince. I will slay the dragon, father. Queen. To find out more ways to improve your public speaking, check out or follow us on Twitter @FordsEdu

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