Theatre Warm Up Games: Moving Day

Moving Day
Warm-Up This next game is Moving Day. It will really energize your group. Jennie Eng
Lead Teaching Artist It helps build relationships and promote community within your group. You can play this with seven or up to twenty-eight
people. Now let’s see how to play Moving Day! [music playing] So in Moving Day, you can be an owner, or you can be a house. At any point, you can change what you are, and no one is going to prescribe to you what
you are. Okay? So if I say, Moving Day, one person is an owner, and the other people
are a house. So you would put your hands up and be the
roof. So one person in the middle is the owner, and two other people will be the house. And so when I say, owners, only the owners will get up and move to a different house. If I say, houses, the houses reconfigure with
other people to make new houses but the owners stay still. If I say moving day, everybody moves and makes a new house with new owners. And at that point, if you’re a house and you want to be an owner, you can go be an owner, and you gotta just
wait for somebody to make a house over you. If it’s not happening, you’re out. [music playing] To find more ways to improve your public speaking, check out or follow us on Twitter @FordsEdu

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