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What does it feel like to be in a theatre? Hot. Fun. Loving. Like looking in a mirror. Bloody brilliant. Theatre makes society more inclusive. Understanding. Adventurous. Communal. Theatres Trust is a national advisory public body for theatres. We keep theatre alive by promoting theatre buildings that are fantastic. We believe that current and future generations should have access to good quality theatres, where they can be inspired by, and enjoy, live performance. And we support all kinds of theatres, whether old or new, commercial, subsidised, or community-run. How do we do this? We offer advise on design, conservation, and capital development to support the future of our theatre buildings and the communities they sit in. We’re consulted on every theatre-related planning application in England, Scotland or Whales. We offer funding to theatres in need and at risk through our Theatres Protection Fund. We lobby and campaign to secure the future of the UK’s theatre buildings. We help build new theatres like the wonderful new Streatham Space Project. We brought in a Theatre Architect to work with the developer. made sure there was enough money for the fit-out, and helped recruit the people to run it. Now it’s open, we continue to offer ongoing guidance and support. Thank you Theatres Trust! We support theatres during their capital works like the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool. In 2009, it was in a state of disrepair. We helped them with advice on their lease, their business planning, their architectural designs, and much, much more. It’s now a vibrant theatre for the local community. We’d like to thank the Theatres Trust for supporting our youth theatre! Thank you! We save theatres from our Theatres at Risk List, like the Peterborough Broadway. We lobbied the planning authorities and stopped this beautiful building being transformed into flats. But it’s not just these extraordinary buildings, it’s what they enable to happen. Theatres should be right at the centre of communities. You know, we have fewer and fewer opportunities to congregate en masse. A city isn’t a city without a post office, a football ground and a theatre. Theatre buildings contain the history of great performers and great performances. When they go, so does the soul of the city. And it’s the way they help communities come together. I grew up in Liverpool and I spent my formative years at the Everyman Youth Theatre, which was attached to the Everyman Theatre. Without great regional theatres like this, I might not have gone on to make my career in acting at all. The Theatres Trust theatres work closely with both existing theatres and new theatres to make sure they have the right buildings in order to serve their community. The Theatres Trust work is vital, but we know there is so much more that needs to be done. Our grants programmes are over-subscribed and theatres across the UK continue to be threatened with closure or demolition. We hope you’ll join us and help us to secure the UK’s great theatres for future generations to enjoy! Thank you.

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