Theevandi Malayalam Movie Official Trailer | August Cinema | Tovino Thomas | Fellini T P

Brother… One packet beedi Not Beedi… Just two cigarettes shh… What did you
tell my father? What?
– Do you want to marry my daughter? Aren’t smokers Indian citizens? What did you do at
that party office? Budget… Budget! He is now roaming around
with Vijith to join politics Won’t you support me
if any issue arises? This guy would end
your political career Whoever wins will
definitely start corruption It’s politics Please don’t
consider me as a kid You just tell an idea Tell your brother-in-law to switch
off that engine for few daysNo one needs himHe is just a lone ‘smoker’Even now, Bineesh is the one
who smokes cigarette not the other way around Are you serious? Why did you challenge him? The record for smoking most
number of cigarettes at a time… Ask the Guiness to give that
credit to Bineesh Damodaran!!


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