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(cellphone rings) – Yeah. Got it. (bass filled, rhythmic music) (chattering) (elevator bell rings) (electronic whirling) – You enjoy the party? – Yes, ma’am, Ms. James. It was crazy. – Good. I’m happy to hear that. I wanted to talk to you
about our future together. Is that okay? – Of course it is. – Now, all I ask is that you completely hear me out
without any interruption. I know it’s silly of me
to ask such a thing but it’s of the utmost importance
that you fully understand that I want you to pay close attention. – Cool. – Throughout history, illegal enterprises have funded politics, religion, wars, governments, and communities. The only thing that ever got in crime’s way were the criminals. A criminal isn’t just
defined by one stereotype, but there are two types that I work very diligently to separate myself from. You have those criminals
who rise in societal ranks. They become accepted. They start working with law
makers, even bigger criminals, who find ways to gain by
abolishing the laws that their predecessors and peers
found success in breaking. Now, I’m not a fan of them at all. Even worse are the other type, the criminals who don’t prosper because they’re just
plain stupid or greedy. Mostly we come across those that are bold. And watching and most importantly,
studying this behavior, I’ve learned to balance
the good with the bad. I aim to keep my team
clear of being invested with the wrong breed of participants. We still have some folk
out there with honor, who abide by a code,
are you still with me? – Yes. – With the recession taking its toll, job losses, decline of the middle class, and the unmentionable
impact of gentrification, we face a time of over-saturation
and stagnant revenues. There are too many people fighting over the same dollar in
a steadily sinking ship. Meth is the only upgrade and we can’t have that shit in our communities, can we? – Nah, let them white folks get they due for throwing that crack at us. – Exactly. So with these issues, it needs to be understood that money is tight. Yet, still families have to eat. Are you still with me? Marcel, I want you to consider these things that I have
just shared with you. The choices, sacrifices I have to make just to keep food on
the table of our family. Imagine how I felt when it was brought to my attention that one of my family members
was playing the role of a selfish, stupid, and greedy criminal, the type of criminal I detest. A criminal who chose to back his unsanctioned exploits with money taken from my family, money that had better uses providing
(mutters) for his soul, through these hard times. The future is definitely
uncertain for some. I can’t predict what will come of my organization, my family… I can’t predict the changes
in economic stability, nor can I predict the next new thing that will grant the American people a brief escape from their lives, that think that they will risk their freedom and families
just to get ahead of it. But, what I can predict is my utmost effort to protect my family from the breed of criminal that will jeopardize its security and stability. Were you aware of the
consequences of your actions if and when you were gone? Welcome to your future. (gagging) – Ms. James? It’s time to go. – [Ms. James] Yeah. What? You want some? – No. (smooth R&B music) – Morning! Hey, how you doing? – Are you coming to the practice? – A little tired from work
this morning, little man. I’m gonna have to catch
the next one, okay? All right. You’re not
speaking this morning? Hey Trevon, mommy has a surprise for you. I’m going to let Ms. Nina take
you to your practice today, in her car, so listen, I want you to give ’em
hell out there today, okay? – [Trevon] All right.
– [Ms. James] All right. You got something you want
to get off your chest? – I can drive us, we
don’t need your bodyguard. – I know you can, Trevon
likes riding in Nina’s car. It’s not about you. – You didn’t call. – No, I didn’t. (Tae Kwon Do kihaps) – [Students] Thank you, sir!
– [Master] Good job, guys. (applause)
Good job, guys. – Good job, babe. – [Trevon] Thanks, mom! Can I go with Tony and
his mom to get some pizza? – It’s cool, I can just
drop him off later. – Yeah, that’s fine. Do you
want me to come too, baby? – [Trevon] No mommy,
you need some you time. – Okay. Looks like it’s just us. – Anything you want to do? (bass-filled, rhythmic beat) – [Ms. James] I didn’t order two dicks. – No fireworks this time,
T-baby. We come in peace. – I’m fine. – Neighborhood watch,
motherfucker, excuse yourself. – Please, sit. – I’ll stand. My shooting buddy and I, we’re
looking for the early out. Now, seeing as though– Are you wired? – Why would I be wired in my own office? – [Drake] Lift up your shirt. – I’m not lifting my shirt. You came to me unannounced, remember? – [Drake] Are there any recording
apparatuses in the room? – You’re wasting my time, Drake. And at the moment, my time is our money. – My partner and I are looking to get off these streets before you degenerates get too hungry to think straight. Now, we figure with the well running dry, you fuckers will be
looking for the high road. So, before the lay-offs and all the other bullshit tumbling down
the hill picks up steam, we want to cut ties. – Meaning? – Meaning, you will provide us enough to retire comfortably and to keep our end of the bargain
when we’re long gone. Now, we’ve been in the
steam a long time, T-baby. I still have that casing from your first body, a snot nosed (mutters). I figure it this way, everybody just wants to keep their jobs. DAs, they need cases. The press, they need stories. And jails need inmates. And with your ties and connections, your 15 minutes in the spotlight will pay out some serious job stability. And while you serve
your bullshit sentence, all the righteous people will sleep well at night knowing their
paychecks are coming. – (applause) Wow! (exhales deeply) I have you know that DAs like crooked cops too. And not to mention those ties I have think they’d be a bit interested in knowing about a few crooked cops holding freedom over their heads. – That’s very true indeed. But times are tough right now, T, you can only give them one go around. And we’ve got the government
approved sword and shield to keep delivering their nightly news. And as far as the
politicians are concerned, they’ll just shoot the messenger just a quick as the sender. (footsteps approaching) – All good here, Theresa? – [Ms. James] All good. – Now, I know things have been
a little rough lately, T, but we can make them un-fucking-bearable. First, we can control that little council connection with Stone and make that sad, nasty, little shit side of a real estate deal bury
you deeper in the red. Oh, also, Marcel didn’t answer my text this morning. You seem him? Half a mil, each! That’s 500 large times
two for you geniuses. Now, I know you’ve been coming up a little short lately, T, so, I’m gonna grant you two months. I want to be able to spend the holidays at home, with the family. You know, splurge a little. We’ll see ourselves out. – They were fishing on Marcel. Find out who’s talking
about our work with Stone. (cellphone vibrates) – We have to go. – Why? – Something’s going on,
Theresa needs me to get back. – It’s not another thing
like last night, is it? I’m sorry. (gentle string music) – This your spot? – I like to go where everybody
doesn’t know my name. – Looks about right. – And the drinks are
good, you want a drink? – No thank you, this isn’t a social call. – All business today? – (mutters) business today. – What do you need? – The councilwoman has a leak. – You the plumber? – Not today, Francis. – Funny, this situation is a two-way street. I have the authorization to appeal to your strong suit on
behalf of my employer, your, our, leak has been attempting to cause quite a stain on our interests. It seems a lover’s spat has caused quite a bit of tension and discontent in the heart of the requited party. – (scoffs) That easy, huh? – Seems so. No matter how successful and powerful you become it means nothing compared to being immortal in someone’s heart. The double-edged sword is that no matter how successful and powerful you are, leaving behind that same someone can quite a bit of discontent. – And ample room to be spiteful. – Can’t throw money at emotional pain. – This transaction won’t be monitored. – Perfect! We didn’t even have to ask. – Francis, this conversation
is about your telling. Now, where do your fingers point? Always good to see you, Francis. – Mommy, look at this one. – It’s nice. – Let mommy see, baby. Wow, that’s fantastic! Will you show me how to draw as good as you while we eat breakfast? – [Trevon] Okay. (cellphones rings) – Yeah? End it. (smooth, R&B music) – You should use a bread knife. – This is fine. – I need to talk to you about Trevon. – What’s wrong? – Nothing’s wrong, there’s just some things that could be better. – Money? – No, not money! This is more important. (scoffs) Trevon’s been reaching out to you lately. He’s been wanting you
to come to his matches, see his report card, look at his drawings. – Has he been complaining? – You haven’t been
responsive to him at all! That bothers me. – That bothers you, huh? – Yes, Theresa, that bothers me. – Well look, been handling a lot of things lately and I’ll be sure to set
some time aside so… – That’s not good enough! He doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. He loves you. And no matter what’s been
going on between you and I, he’s done nothing to warrant any heartbreak from either of us. You need to show him you care. – I’ve been handling a lot of things– – Look, I don’t give a damn
about you neglecting me! But Trevon looks to you as a parent. I will not sit by and watch you treat him like the same piece of garbage– – When I found you pregnant, strung out, carrying that seed, dumped in you by the lowest scum fucker
I’ve ever had the pleasure of scraping off this
planet, you understood! You didn’t have to be told
of your place and purpose. I got that shit out your system, that stink off your ass! I gave you and that bastard
a place to call home. You should be forever grateful and honorable, okay? Sweetheart, I’m almost
done making my sandwich. I’m ready to eat, girl! When I’m done, I need you to clean this mess up for me, okay? Thank you, baby. (intense, bass-filled music) (chattering) – You’re looking good tonight. (laughs) You never want to talk. But it would look good if we could look the part of an attractive couple, having a stimulating conversation, before we decide on some
good fucking for the night. Besides, you have so much
more potential than this bullshit, trigger-man detail
you’re so obliged to occupy. It’s just getting way too heavy, Nina. Even got the big boss now
looking for the back door. That’s right, she wants out. Oh, she’s fighting it but they pass a hell of a right hook, and her legs ain’t strong
as they used to be. – Keep talking like that and one day, I’ll be waiting for you. – Oh, no, sweetheart, see I’m patiently awaiting the blessing of the queen. I want my kingdom fair and square. I want to be the next in
line to call you by my side. I got lovely plans for a tasty piece such as yourself. Okay. I didn’t believe it either, till I happened upon her stash. That’s right, she put a little over 500 large in the house, just in case things get too thick and she has to drop it all, make a run for the hills. Don’t seem like much compared to Theresa’s net worth, but guess it’ll set you up in the
right way if all else fails. – [Nina] That’s him. (chattering) (grunting) – I hate you! I fucking hate you! No more. (cellphone rings) Hello? – [Roni] Can I see you?
– [Nina] What’s wrong? – [Roni] Is it safe? What are you thinking about? – Nothing. – Talk to me. – We’re getting too close. – What do you mean? – Why did you call me? I’m not the person you call when your world gets all crazy. – Yes, you are. – No, I’m not. I’m a side fuck to a married woman. – No, Nina, I love you. – You don’t mean that. You know who I am, what I do. – What you do isn’t who you are. Just as much as what
I’ve done isn’t who I am. – It’s all bullshit. I want out of this, all of this. – What do you mean? – This lifestyle. I’m here with you, I work for her. I’m having nightmares. – You feel like it’s
all closing in on you. It’s closing in on me too. Not knowing if something’s
going to happen. Maybe someone will take Trevon– – I wouldn’t let that happen. – Or someone hurts you
will trying to protect him. [Roni] Or her.
– [Nina] It’s my job. – It doesn’t have to be. I would leave all this behind for you. We’re all tied to Theri. – I have money. – But I don’t. – Does Theresa keep money in the house? – There are bonds in her office safe. – No, actual money. [Nina] A stash.
– [Roni] A stash? What stash? Why do you ask? – Lefty says there’s a stash in the house. He says Theresa has a “fuck-all” plan to high tail it if things get too thick. That plans involves a stash of a little over 500 large in the house. – Where in the house? – You live there, Roni, not me. – Well, can we trust Lefty? – I don’t. – Why did he tell you this? – Small talk, I guess,
he wanted to impress me. – If it’s true, we would
be able to disappear. We can start a new life, the three of us. – Theresa would have all our throats slit, including Trevon. – No, she wouldn’t. She has a public persona to look after. Secrets to keep. – Her pride would get the best of her. – So, you want to go on killing people for the rest of your life? Honey, I’m sorry. But this could be the only
way out for the both of us. We can do this. I just need to know that you’ll be there for Trevon and I. I love you. And I want you to be with
me for the rest of my life. (keys jingling)
(smooth, R&B music) (alarm beeps) – Sit down, Lawrence. Put your gun away this
conversation’s going to be civilized. Make yourself at home my
boy. (chuckles) Have a drink. Marcel was a good kid, a hungry kid. I liked them that way. They work hard, they
don’t ask many questions. He was a younger version of you. Imagine my sadness when I learned of his disappearance, relax. This is civilized, remember? I’ve been watching from
the wings for a while. This lull is the perfect time to change the way things are. I’ve been watching you. I’ve seen your hunger. I’ve seen your potential. – I’m not Marcel. – No, no, Mr. Eggleston, I have a much better deal to
offer you than Marcel. I’m here to offer you
the keys to the kingdom, provided you can deliver to
me the head of the queen. – This must be real important. – Take a look. Don’t worry, it wasn’t
because we were following you. – I take it Theresa doesn’t know. So, you must want something. – Of course I do. – [Nina] What?
– [Lawrence] Detective Drake. – Trying to use me to frame Theresa? – Does it matter? – What’s your plan? – [Lawrence] Fuck you.
– [Nina] Tell me. – Why? – So, I can make sure you
didn’t leave anything to chance. – If Drake is hit, Morrison
will believe Theresa called it. So, she didn’t have to pay them off. He’ll also believe he’s next. Naturally, he’ll go to her first. The way I see it, either way, Theresa James will either be headed for the grave, jail, or out of town. – What if I kill you, right here, right now? – Why would you run the risk of letting a power-hungry dyke know you’ve been licking up her
pride and joy, trophy bitch? Do you think I would leave it to chance? What happened with you and
Roni is insignificant to me. I have bigger plans. – I have a condition. – (scoffs) You’re in no
place to have conditions. – As long as I can pull a trigger, I am. I could end you right here, right now. I can take a nice, scenic drive to Theresa’s mansion, end her too. Wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me. It’s what I do, so my condition to play along with your piss-ant
game of bullshit is this, tell me where Theresa’s money is. – Money! (laughs) You want her stash! (laughs) You’re gonna take
her money and her bitch! (laughs) Keep the photos, I have plenty more. You give me a dead, crooked cop, and I’ll give you a dib on the stash. Agreed? (bass-filled music in foreign language) – No, Roni, back seat. – What’s wrong? – Are you serious about leaving Theresa? – Yes. – The money’s in her study. – Lefty told you? I can get the money. – No, Roni, it’s too
dangerous, I’ll do it. – It’ll be easier for me to get it. – If Theresa finds out, she’ll kill you. – No she won’t. – She’ll call you to come and kill me– – I don’t want you and Trevon
getting hurt behind this– – I’ll be careful. Trust me, I have to do my part. – Lefty has pictures of us together. He’s using them to blackmail me. – He wants to take over, doesn’t he? – He does. – So, why did he tell you where the money is if he has leverage? – I convinced him. – Nina, what do you have to do in exchange for knowing where the stash is? – You have to go! (bass-filled, rhythmic music) – I’ll do another, Kris. Shit, Bear, I’m gonna
shot your big ass off one day if you keep sneaking up on me. You got something for me? I’m gonna miss you, Bear. You should of fucked me
when you had the chance. ♫ That’s what A said, shit I don’t know ♫ I get higher and kick
it, just call it dojo ♫ I know some niggas who
continue to blow dough ♫ I know some niggas from out of town ♫ That’s really bad bandana tied (mutters) ♫ A bag full of sticky
peace, love and happiness ♫ That should be, peace, love
and happiness that’s gangster ♫ Roll up, toke up, roll up, toke up ♫ Roll up, toke up, (mutters) ♫ Roll up, toke up, roll up, toke up ♫ Roll up, toke up, (mutters) ♫ Roll up, toke up, roll up, toke up ♫ Roll up, toke up, roll up, smoke up ♫ One time for me, one
time for the weed man ♫ See man now I’m the
weed man, three times ♫ (exhales deeply) (screams) – Would you like a menu? – They found my partner in his car with a hole in the back of his neck. Do you know anything about that? – Nothing. – Like you know nothing about Marcel? – What is it you want from me, Morrison? – You with a hole in
the back of your neck. I’ll see you soon. – Ms. James, is everything okay? – Just get me the fucking check! – [Manager] Yes, ma’am. (knocking) – [Man in Black] Mr. Merchant, it’s Lawrence Eggleston here to see you. – [Mr. Merchant] Send him in. – [Man in Black] Yes, sir. – [Mr. Merchant] Please, sit. And how are we going along? – Morrison approached Ms.
James today in public. Things are running along smoothly. – This is not a relationship
of patience, Mr. Eggleston. I demanded the queen’s head, not the body of some dead crooked cop in an elaborate scheme. – I thought you wanted
her out of the pic– – I want her dead! There are things in play that are far beyond your comprehension, Mr. Eggleston. You had a wish that I
was willing to fulfill. In exchange, I need
swift and direct action. You, like your boss, have a history of violence and trepidation that shows that you clearly can deliver what I ask. I don’t give a fuck how smart you are. Your trickery will win no favor with me. What I want is Theresa James dead. Are you not the man for the job? – I am the man for the job. – Good, just so there
are no misunderstandings, I’ve been very specific about what I want. Do I need to be as specific about the consequences of my
wants being unsatisfied? – No, sir, may I ask something? – [Mr. Merchant] Sure my boy. – May I leave Theresa’s body at the feet of Detective Morrison? That way we’ll have one less crooked cop whose hand in the honey pot. – That’s my boy. (smooth, R&B music) – [Ms. James] Listen, get your
feet off my fucking table. Get your shit and get the
fuck out of here, now! – [Man in Black Suit] Better
sleep with one eye open, bitch! – [Ms. James] Yeah, okay. – [Man in Black Suit] Yeah,
let’s get the fuck out of here. (knocking) – [Ms. James] What! – [Lawrence] It’s me, boss. – [Ms. James] Come in. – [Lawrence] What the
hell was that all about? – Fucking Morrison sending
his buddies to play cop. – Should I be here right now? – It’s unofficial. They just wanted to rattle my cage a bit. Oh man, they don’t want Drake’s stink coming from the grave to hunt them. – We need to talk. – I’m just really not in the mood for no more shit right now. – [Lawrence] This is
something that can’t wait. I had her followed on a hunch. I meant no disrespect in my decision. But my job is to watch your back. If I was wrong, I would have stopped and just let it be done with. Nina and Roni’s betrayal
shocked me to the core. Even more shocking– – What? What Lawrence? What could be more shocking than this? – [Lawrence] They know about your stash. I think they got plans
to steal your money, take Trevon and make a run for it. I believe Nina killed Drake
to get Morrison after you. While you were distracted,
they get the money, take the kid and disappear. They were counting on
Morrison getting to you first. And them, living happily ever after
in a land far, far away. (deeply exhales) – (deeply exhales) Your
loyalty will not go unnoticed. ♫ Hey, hey, what you say ♫ We run and play and waste the day away ♫ That was nice. – Yes, it was. – We should do that more often. – We should. – You know I’ve been
dealing with so much lately and I just, I need to
get back to my family. I’ve missed you. Come on. – What about Trevon? – He’s sleep, come on. (cellphone rings) – What do you want? – Theresa knows everything. – You told! – Does it matter? – Why you telling me? – ‘Cause a woman and
child’s life is at stake. Roni and Trevon are still at the house. I don’t know what Theresa gone do to ’em. You and I know what she’s capable of, knows what she’s done in the past. – I’m not in the mood for games, Lawrence. I’m not falling into your trap. – You don’t believe me, fine. Suit yourself. (smooth R&B music) (rattling) – This is how you show
your gratitude, right? You were a crack whore when I found you! You were pregnant and feigning. All that I’ve done for you, for him. This is what I get? – Please just let him go– – Shut up! I’m going to make sure the two of you get back to where I found you. No… Even better, I’m going to make sure that you get to where you
were naturally headed. But first get the fuck out of my office! – What are you doing! – [Ms. James] Just cause
to revisit old habits. – Okay, okay, Theresa, just let him go. He’s not part of this, I’m sorry. Just point the gun at me instead. Hold on just, point the gun at me! – [Ms. James] I gave you the day off. – Let the boy go, Theresa. – [Ms. James] So, you
now giving me directions? – Just a suggestion. This can all be resolved without an innocent life lost. – Innocent, there’s no
innocence in this room! – Theri, Theri, please, please let him go. – Did you think that I was just gone sit back and watch, while you leave with my woman, my son, and my money? – No, I didn’t. – Get her out of here. – I’m not going anywhere without Trevon. – I said, get her out of here. – I’m not going anywhere without Trevon! (sobbing) – What’s your plan here, Morrison? – You’ve been played. – By who? – Let the kid go, I’ll tell you the story. – I don’t trust you. – Trust, don’t you trust this bullet with your name on it aimed at your temple? – Shoot me and I’ll shoot
him, is that what you want? – A young man, hungry for power lies in bed with the enemy, to take down the queen. – Lefty? – Let the boy go. – Lower yours and I’ll lower mine. – We need to talk, in private. – Go on, get out of here. (rapid footsteps) – They are not coming back. – That’s not for you to say. – Tommy Merchant has crept back into town. He tapped Marcel, then went after Lefty after Marcel um, disappeared. It’s seems Merchant sold Lefty the keys of the castle over your dead body. That deal got Drake killed. And had me sitting on your doorstep. – How do you know this? – Nina’s a lot smarter than she lets on. She kept a tab on Lefty after
he enlisted her to kill Drake. I didn’t think it was in
her character to call me, but I learn something new everyday. – So, what do you want? – Lefty isn’t my kind of teammate, neither is Tommy Merchant. The bone he has to pick with
you is some kind of fierce. I’m not trying to stand
in the blow back of it. What I want is to suss out this fuse and get the upper hand on
a precarious situation. – No more early retirement? – No, not for me. I wouldn’t know what to
do with myself anyway. – What makes you so certain
that I won’t come after you too? – I inherited a little bit of insurance. Consider this a peace offering. I’m here to do business. And from the look of things, you had some recent openings. Let’s handle what’s important first. You need to let your pride
take the backseat on this one. You have a lot more to lose. I’ll be seeing you. – [Lawrence] You’re not sleep? – I’m not sleepy. – I must be losing my touch. I’ll tighten you up in a minute. Give me a couple minutes. – Ooh, what we watching? – Let me check the news. I like to know what’s
going on in our community. (TV blares) (alarm beeps) – What, what was that? – Merchant, needs to learn how to knock. – Who? – Nothing. – Nigga you had a gun in the
bed while we was fucking? – Shut all that noise
up, the safety was on. – It would be a most
unfortunate experience if I were to walk into a room
that had a gun pointed at me. – Fuck you doing, man? – Relax, Lefty, I’m just here to talk. Grab your clothes, sweetheart, go get dressed in the bathroom. (dramatically sighs) Leave the cellphone. (scoffs) – Why y’all bastards keep
breaking in my apartment? – Y’all? – Never mind. – Merchant, he’s back. I figured he’d come to you
to get another shot at her. – What of it? – I am not trying to
end up like my partner. With Theresa James’ clock winding down, you seem to be the heir apparent. – So, what’s your deal, Morrison? – I know you want her gone. Hell, we all do. Question is, how? – No question of how,
death is the only way. – How! – It’s already taken care of. – And what happens with our arrangement? – You get what she gave you. No, better yet, a 10% increase. But if they give you a
partner, and he’s a player, his cut comes from your earnings. – Fair enough. – See, I’m not like Theresa. She don’t know how to treat her people. And that I believe will be her downfall. See, me, I understand completely. Money is the true ingredient
to power and loyalty. The more you have, the more you get. – It most certainly is, boss. Come on sweetheart, we’re out of here. – What? I’m not through with that. – I have someone much better for you. – [Lady in Red] Get off! (alarm beeps) – You want to make a deal too? (gun fires) – [Ms. James] How’s Trevon?
– [Nina] Fine. – How long have you been
sleeping with my wife? That’s half of what the
two of you tried to steal. Morrison convinced me
to grant you a reprieve. Consider that a head start
for you and your new family. I can’t promise how long it’ll last. Watch your back. – You too. (dramatic music) (dramatic drumming music) (bass-filled music in foreign language)

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