Things Musical Theatre Nerds Do (The Musical)

♫ Do you dance when you’re bored ♫ Do you sing in the shower ♫ For your sixth Halloween ♫ Were you dressed as a cat ♫ Will you wake up early ♫ To get a theater discount ♫ Then you’re a musical
nerd by every account Things All Musical Nerds Do ♫ Were you overly open
telling how you feel ♫ With a show-stopping number ♫ The performance you’ll steal ♫ You try to sing with your friends ♫ When you’re out and about ♫ But they pretend they don’t know you ♫ ‘Cause you’re weirding them out ♫ If you don’t think that’s absurd ♫ You’re a musical nerd ♫ Repeating songs from every soundtrack ♫ You’ve ever heard ♫ Reviewing old tap routines in hiding ♫ For musical ideas you
never got to writing ♫ These the things that musical nerds do ♫ Your approach for high notes ♫ Is perfect and pristine ♫ You know every show’s history ♫ And can quote every scene ♫ You still remember every
single one of your cues ♫ And you can’t bring
yourself to throw out ♫ Your high school jazz shoes ♫ You’ll get nude on the stage ♫ You’re a professional star ♫ If the role calls for it ♫ You can wail on guitar ♫ You’ll act out shows with friends ♫ In the car at high speeds ♫ But you’ll never agree ♫ Who takes harmonies and leads ♫ Musical nerds may seem so absurd ♫ Repeating songs from every sountrack ♫ We’ve ever heard ♫ You either love or you
hate the TV show Glee ♫ Depends on how you find its accuracy ♫ These are the things
that musical nerds do ♫ When someone says Sondheim writes scams ♫ That person’s not an
authentic musical fan ♫ When they tell you that Wicked ♫ Is their favorite show ♫ You laugh at how truly little they know ♫ If you live far away
from a coast with a stage ♫ And you secretly yearn
to be an artist assuaged ♫ When your favorite
show is adapted to screen ♫ And they miscast a star ♫ You want to rip out his spleen ♫ Musical nerds may seem so absurd ♫ Repeating songs from every soundtrack ♫ We’ve ever heard ♫ We’d give up everything that we own ♫ To see Bernadette or Patti Lupone ♫ These are the things
that musical nerds do ♫ Musical nerds may seem so absurd ♫ Since Lion King we describe
our friends as a herd ♫ To Les Miserables we know every word ♫ We mentally cast our friends ♫ In every show we go to ♫ These are the things ♫ That musical nerds do Music: Things Musical Nerds Do By Ben Bromfield and Alex Lewis For videos that are totally you, subscribe to BuzzFeed Violet. Subscribe.


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