Things My Mother Taught Me at The Public Theatre

My name is MarTina Vidmar and I play
Lydia, the Boy’s mother. And my name is Bill Van Horn and I play Wyatt, the
Boy’s father. Donnah Welby, Karen Keegan. Mark S.
Cartier, Carter Keegan. My name is Caroline Portu and I play a
character named Olivia Keegan and she is the kind of feisty leading lady. Yeah,
she just moved in to Chicago with her boyfriend, soon-to-be fiancé, and
yeah, she’s just a firecracker. And I play Gabe, her soon-to-be fiancé. We’re moving into an apartment together. It’s a romantic comedy. An entertaining romantic comedy. And it’s about parents and children. Well the play is about a young couple who moves from New York to Chicago with the intent
of taking the next step in their relationship and by surprise, parents of
the boy and the girl, all four parents, show up to help them move into their
apartment and hilarity and confusion ensue. I think somebody should come and
see this play if they want to A) laugh B) be reminded of their own family dynamics,
and especially if they just . . I think it really does talk to you about and remind
you of things that your mother once taught you and things that you learned
from your family and in that way it’s nostalgic and sweet, yeah. So you should definitely come see it for that reason. My mother taught me to be fearless and always stand up for myself and say what I thought, just the way she did. I think people who don’t believe in love, who don’t believe in happiness, who don’t believe in hope, should come and see this play because by the time they watch it they’ll
believe in all those things again. And I also think that people who love Neil
Simon should come see this play. This was not written by Neil Simon but it was written by a woman and because it’s the “Year of the Woman” I think everyone should come see this. It’s also a play about real people. Yeah, like us. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll “cathart.”

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